Jets won’t pick up the option on Calvin Pryor

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The Jets gave a pretty clear indication of their strategy on draft weekend, when they used their first two picks on safeties.

So it probably shouldn’t be a surprise that they didn’t commit to safety Calvin Pryor.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Jets won’t pick up the 2018 option on their 2014 first-rounder.

After taking Jamal Adams with the sixth overall pick and then coming back with Marcus Maye in the second, the Jets showed they were serious about rebuilding the middle of their secondary.

Pryor’s still under contract for the 2017 season, though the team did try to shop him during the draft.

10 responses to “Jets won’t pick up the option on Calvin Pryor

  1. Pryor has been horribly misused by Todd Bowles. He’s an in-the-box safety and if you’ve ever seen him play, you know he’s arguably THE hardest hitter in the league, hence his nickname “Louisville Slugger.” He has no cover skills, yet has constantly been put in man coverage over the last couple seasons due to the lack of depth on the roster. It’s a horrible case of scapegoating going on here and a real shame if they let his talent go without using it properly for once.

  2. Pryor sucks he takes horrible angles and can’t tackle. He usually just throws his shoulder at a ball carrier who then spins away or bounces off while Pryor is lying on the ground with some sort of injury.

  3. As a close friend of the organization it is only a matter of time until teams like the Jets follow the Browns’ model of rebuilding.

  4. Being the hardest hitter in the league isn’t really a huge benefit when everything is flagged left and right. I’d rather have a player has good tackling fundamentals and isn’t a liability in coverage.

  5. If Pryor was misused it was only because of the lack of talent and injuries Bowles had on the back end last year. Pryor still has to produce. Can’t fault the Jets for grabbing two solid NFL ready guys that can also tackle (go figure) in the draft and bringing in Claiborne to shore up a huge need.

    Pryor still has a year to prove himself with valid talent back there or if he feels slighted by the Jets he can now go elsewhere next summer. A win/win for both sides.

    Now that the draft is over the Jets should go out and talk to St. Louis about a Richardson/Johnson swap if both guys will agree to reasonable sign and trades on longer term deals. The back end would go from one of the weakest to a complete non-issue in one offseason without any horrible contracts

  6. OK, so I said St. Louis instead of L.A. Rams. Can’t keep up with the relocation musical chairs anymore 🙂

  7. If he remains on the Jets roster. Pryor is probably going to assume the role of nickel linebacker/box safety. Similar to the way, Deonne Buchanan was used in Arizona by Bowles. Pryor is a good tackler but is better as a free lancing type player. He is not smart or disciplined enough to have any command of a secondary. It’s why the Jets drafted Adams and Maye.

  8. This will be a completely different team next year after letting go so many household (well, not my household) names…only they will have even less wins.

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