Most amazing NFL Draft stat: Zero arrests in Philadelphia

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Even with a quarter of a million people rolling through, even with plenty of officially sponsored beverages flowing and even with the commissioner trying to incite a riot, Philadelphia truly was a city of brotherly love last weekend.

According to Chris Palmer of the Philadelphia Inquirer, there were exactly zero arrests last weekend during the NFL Draft.

The Philadelphia police said there weren’t even any citations handed out, which is startling considering the size of the crowd.

Compared to other big crowds in Philadelphia, it’s a record low. When Pope Francis came to town in 2015, there were three arrests, and the Democratic National Convention in 2016 included 106 citations.

During last year’s NFL Draft in Chicago, 17 arrests were made, for people protesting and blocking traffic.

But this year, things were peaceful, which may only serve to ruin Philadelphia’s reputation.

31 responses to “Most amazing NFL Draft stat: Zero arrests in Philadelphia

  1. In my book that right there is reason enough to give them it back again next year.

  2. Excellent job Philly. Draft was a joy to watch this year. As a vikings fan I will say I wouldn’t mind the draft back in Philly again soon. East coast fans are intense but good fans had the draft been on the west coast like San Francisco there woulda been stabbings or tons of fights just like at their games.

  3. Maybe because there were more than one opposing teams’ jerseys in the crowd? 😀

    Nicely done nonetheless Philly.
    I think you’ve earned another one if desired –

  4. Philly fans can be tough to deal with ,even on this site. They sure had a good time this past draft and I would love to see it there again. Very entertaining!!

  5. We’re not as bad as everyone seems to think. We’re just passionate about our teams.

  6. ..because, when you think of tough guys likely to mix it up, you think of the average male attendee of the NFL draft and it’s surroundings.

  7. We keep in real in Chicago.
    What do we want? Shootings and killings!
    When do we want them? Now!

  8. Well heck. I say good for philly then. Kudos guys. Im still gonna go back to trolling your team and fans when the season comes because thats a time honored sports tradition, but the city deserves a tip of the hat for pulling this off.

  9. Doesn’t necessarily mean everything was peacefull. The police departments may have been instructed to be extra lenient. Zero arrests and citations makes the city look like a perfect spot to host the draft again in future years.

  10. Go Philly. They may be known for being rude but not stupid. It’s only the draft, nothing worth fighting about.

  11. While it’s nice to see Philly fans didn’t act like Philly fans. People not being arrested shouldn’t be viewed as an accomplishment.

  12. The only arrests that should have happened in Philly, was of Chicago Bear personnel for “indecent exposure” in response to an offer by the 49ers.

  13. This doesn’t mean nothing happened, it means law enforcement didn’t catch anyone. As a former Philadelphian, I can guarantee there was plenty of bad stuff happening—and plenty of Philly cops anywhere but there.

  14. Philly did an awesome job. That crowd was awesome. Too bad the NFL had to screw it up by making picks from the zoo.

  15. I am Proud that the rest of the league got to see the Real Philadelphia not the one they like to make us out to be . thank you for the Kudos, it was a great experience , we would love to have it back here again in 2 or 3 yrs.

    Go E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES !!!

  16. They took batteries off the shelves 2 weeks in advance…there was no ammo available…

  17. As a Birds fan, proud to see it not only went off without a hitch, but there was a level of excitement brought to it which really is unheard of considering it was just the draft – which by most estimations can be as exciting as watching paint dry.

    I’d like to see it come back to Philly, but not next year. Lets give some other cities a shot and continue to spread it around. It went well enough that it will be back, no worries.

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