Report: Mike Glennon feels “cheated on” after Mitchell Trubisky pick

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Bears quarterback Mike Glennon was at a team draft party at Soldier Field last Thursday night and the event probably stopped feeling like a festive occasion for him when the draft progressed to the second pick.

That’s when the Bears traded up with the 49ers and took Mitchell Trubisky to add a name to the quarterback depth chart that wouldn’t be there if the team thought Glennon was going to lock down the starting job for years to come. Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune reports that the team’s choice left Glennon feeling like he was “cheated on” less than two months after signing with the Bears.

Can you be cheated on in an open marriage, though? Glennon signed a deal with the Bears that guarantees him $2.5 million next year and the size of that guarantee makes it clear that the Bears weren’t locking themselves into anything beyond the 2017 season with Glennon. He may not have wanted the Bears to take a quarterback early and may not have expected it, but it shouldn’t have blindsided him given the structure of the deal.

Glennon’s future with the Bears may be cloudy with Trubisky in the picture, but the equation for him is the same. If he plays well in 2017, he will be starting and making good money somewhere in 2018. That place may not be Chicago, but being the one who got away is preferable to feeling like the quarterback scorned.

64 responses to “Report: Mike Glennon feels “cheated on” after Mitchell Trubisky pick

  1. You are being overly simplistic. Yeah, we all know Trubisky isn’t ready to start day 1, but you don’t draft someone with the second pick that you don’t expect to start day 1, unless you’re a complete fool (which is certainly a possibility here). It is easy to understand Glennon’s point of view.

  2. all he can do now is just go out and play well. someone else will want him if the bears don’t.

  3. Having a situation where a qb has to compete for his job is ‘cheating’? Thats certainly a new wrinkle in all this.

  4. He can play this just as well as Cousins has… year to year just keep working and cashing those big ass pay checks… keep your head on straight Mike and you will be just fine… but you have to play well… Trubisky is NO threat to you this year….

  5. My buddy who’s a Bears can said to me: “Anybody is better than Napoleon and Pedro.” (Glennon and Sanchez). When they drafted Trubisky he said: “Great, now we got someone who is as delirious as Uncle Rico.” A little off the topic. I just thought the Napoleon Dynamite reference was awesome and would soften the blow for you Bears fans.

  6. Glennon should consider himself thankful. Chicago is a mess of an organization and he can land a starting job somewhere else next year with a solid 2017

  7. Everyone but him saw this coming. (Not the dumb trade, maybe, but the pick of a QB in Round 1.)

  8. Mike Glennon should feel lucky that he has had an NFL career to begin with. I don’t know about anyone else, but it shocks me to think that he made it to the league.

  9. 1. thought Glennon signedd for 18 mill.
    2. Ryan Pace appeared to be in the dark for the whole draft.
    3. Does anyone blogger, columnist, or reporter have anything good to say about the slim draft list of the Bears? Strange list of schools and players they focused on?
    4. Will MT attend any future Bull’s games before his release?

  10. Is Glennon a franchise QB? No, he has not proven himself to be capable of that level of play so far in his career. Can you win a few games with him? Yes.

    Therefore you definitely draft a QB behind him to develop. That is smart. As for trading up to take a player that might have been available even if you traded down 5 spots, that was dumb.

  11. NFL players fought for the right so that a player hit a point in their career when they have the freedom to sign with another team that shows interest. But that comes with the reality that the team may find other options. Freedom is really not free from this reality.

  12. Well, Mike, if you were the man, you wouldn’t have been replaced by Jameis and you’d still be in Tampa. Being replaced by a rook should be nothing new to you.

  13. That linked article is funny.
    Glennon needs to grow up and do his best.
    There is no guarantee that Trubisky is any good.
    What if he’s the next … Mark Sanchez?

    Control what you can and soldier on.
    Stop moping with 18.5 in income over the next year.

  14. Bears> Here is 18.5MM for 1-2 years of your service.

    All of us here> Yes sir! Show me where to sign.
    (we are privately thinking the Bears are nuts, but the money is green)


    several weeks later


    Bears> You still get paid, but you might not start all those games.

    All of us here> That’s ok Sir. We are here to help out the team, and to help the new future QB.

    I’m rooting against Glennon, I hope he stinks and gets yanked quickly for Trubisky.

  15. Similar to how I wonder the rest of the league feels when the patriots constantly cheat and get away with it.

  16. For 2.5 million a year you can cheat on me all 365 days.
    Give me your best shot I can “bear” it.

  17. Why would any player go to a “team draft party” when the team might pick someone who would be after your job? And someone who the team is, by picking him, encouraging him to go after your job?

  18. I’m guessing the Bucs fans feel cheated that you weren’t their franchise QB.
    Here’s a tissue.

  19. Dude. You win at the check deposit window. Meanwhile, three hundred million of us trudge to the job every day. You’ll be alright Mike. Ice up

  20. I dunno, I get the ‘feeling’ and it sucks, but you’re still set for life whether you play or not. So why be angry? Why not laugh at the bears for giving you (at a minimum) $2.5M and then essentially telling you ‘meh, we’d rather not play you’?

    Glennon should be saying ‘Wait, so you want to make me rich and you also DON’T want me to get my brains beat in behind your garbage O-Line? Heck yeah! Sign me up!’

  21. He feels “Cheated on” JOIN THE CLUB!
    Bears fans felt cheated when Glennons 3/45M contract was announced, then cheated again when Pace traded a fortune for Trubisky.

    At least Glennon can cry into his millions.

  22. For Da Bears sake, I hope Trubisky becomes their Franchise QB….but I doubt it.

  23. Mitch wont be ready to start for 2+ years if ready at all. Dude has bust written all over him and is one of the worst draft picks ever.

    The move by the Bears to get him will go down as one of the dumbest moves ever.

    Just my not so bold prediction.

  24. Memo to Glennon. This is a cut throat business and you’ve been around long enough to know that. You’ve also been around long enough to know that you are, at best, an average journeyman QB who should be thanking his lucky star that some team guaranteed you 18.5 mil this year. If you feel so “cheated on”, ask Chicago to void your contract and let you become a free agent. Good luck finding another taker at that price.

  25. I can’t say that I blame him, but he is getting an opportunity to showcase his talents. All eyes will be watching, including teams with aging QBs (like New England). Who knows, he might end up playing for a team with a better organization than the Bears. Easy for me to say, but all Glennon can do is continue to play. Maybe Trubisky ends up with the job, but there are 31 other teams and all you have to do is convince one of them that you’re better than their starter.

  26. Glennon can play…when Lovie and Schiano are your coaches and you still put up good passing numbers for a rookie, there is some talent in you.

    This kid is like a Matt Hasselbeck…he is good enough to keep you competitive and may get you to the dance floor.

    We failed in surrounding this kid with good talent. We will not make the same mistake with Jameis.

    In the NFC North, either Stafford or Rodgers gets injured, a window is clearly open. Both are the type to try and do too much and are approaching the wrong side of 30.

  27. Remember all of that crap about Jay Cutler and how he would not be good for a young QB while Mike Glennon is such a sweetheart?
    Josh McCown said that Cutler was nothing but helpful and supportive to him while he was with the Bears.

    They should have kept Cutler until your new QB was ready.
    He knew the system, knew the players and coaches and he was going to make $5 million less than Glennon this year.
    That $5 million was more than enough to sign both Alshon Jeffery AND A.J. Bouye or Stephon Gilmore.

  28. clearly you people aren’t as smart as glennon. not only did they draft his replacement months after signing him but they wasted A LOT of draft resources to do it. Picks that he expected to be used to get him weapons and support. he had options and took the one where he could finally be the starter only for that to happen.

  29. Glennon should look at this as an opportunity; if he plays well, he’ll eventually be able to sign with a real NFL team.

  30. After reading all these stories about qb’s, it seems there are too darn many of them. Getting t be a dime a dozen.
    Ted T trying to peddle​ Hundley when Cutler, the dink, Maziel et others with experience are just sitting in wait.
    Browns, Jets have three competing for job while the rst have three but not in compettion mode yet.
    Ya not a good market right now.

  31. this is the nfl mike glennon. everybody cheats on their qb. coaches think they know who is good and sign them when in actuality it is 90% system that matters

  32. Starting from scratch with QBs and leaving one sitting (“developing”) is how a front office suite suit like Pace tries to keep his job. There was nothing wrong with Cutler. But Cutler’s talents exposed that fact that the QB was the least of the Chicago organization’s problems. We can’t have that, Billy Hoyle!!

  33. The guy should be mad everyone saying go play well get real he has no fricken chance to do that. Their draft almost looked like they were setting him up to fail as the sacrificial lamb and get the 1st pick next year.

    Glennon should pray to whatever higher power he rolls with that a starter gets hurt so he can suffer the same fate Sam Bradford. This is not a fair audition for any player looking to break through. He is still getting 19 million though….

  34. I feel bad for Glennon, but surely he had to have known that the Bears were drafting a QB. Sure, maybe the trading up thing hurts a bit more than normal. I’m glad Glennon is pissed off. Maybe he’ll work even harder to win the starting job. I know for sure I’d want Glennon on the Cards.

    I mean, long term, Glennon is just going to be in trouble, period. Great QB draft class coming up. He might be a forever back up. And that’s okay. Back ups make tons. Glennon has a future in the league, even though I do think he is starter material.

  35. What part of his future is cloudy? Can you think of a scenario where he’s on the roster at the start of next season? Outside of him having a Pro Bowl season, I sure can’t.

  36. Regardless, there is always be QB competition, to see who will be the starter. Get over it.

  37. Really dude? Unless you have the position locked down due to your ability/prowess, you have to compete for your job every year. News flash, you don’t have the Bears QB job locked down. It’s in front of you for the taking, but you have to actually earn it over anyone else they bring in. Whining about it just makes you look soft.

  38. That was an old school Cleveland Browns move if anything which is why that team has had 26 starters. Pay a free agent a ton of money then tell him he’s the guy for a whole couple of months till the draft then draft an overhyped QB out of college. When the season starts play musical QB’s till the free agent leaves and the rookie is ruined because he doesn’t have time to develop and then start the process over again. The Browns old ownership should sue for gimmick infringement.

  39. I understand why Glennon feels the way he does, however, the best thing he could have done was take a moment to process before speaking. That being said, it is pretty crappy to be invited to a team draft party and get blindsided by your own team when they told you that you are “the guy” and then your team drafts a qb in the first round. All of a sudden, mikes are in your face asking the obvious question, “How do you feel?” So what happens if he pulls a Jay Cutler and says “I want out… now”? Mike is not in the same position that Jay was in Denver, but still…

  40. If Belichick can draft Garropolo with Brady insisting he has 10 more years of playing in him, who is Mike Glennon to whine about the Bears drafting Trubisky?

  41. Let’s face it…this was no surprise. With the way his contract was structured and only 2017 was guaranteed he was basically being told up front that he was a “bridge” quarterback. Everybody and their brother knew the Bears were coming out of this draft with a quarterback at some point. Glennon was never signed to be the future for the Bears at QB and he should have known that by the contract he signed. He has to suck it up and be a professional, go out and have the best year he can and sign elsewhere for 2018 and make more money.

  42. Did he really think the Bears were counting on him to get to the playoffs and beyond? He was signed to hold down the position until the team could find a franchise QB, that is all and everyone knew it.
    I’m just surprised that the Bears gave him such a large contract.

  43. So the Bears have Connor Shaw (USC), Glennon (NC State), and Trubisky (UNC) on the roster at QB.

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