Reports: Cardinals interested in Blaine Gabbert

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After electing not to add a quarterback during the NFL Draft this past weekend, the Arizona Cardinals are looking into more veteran help at the position.

According to multiple reports, the team is interested in former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert.

Gabbert started 13 games over the last two season with the 49ers. He threw for 2,956 yards with 15 touchdowns and 13 interceptions in 14 games played over that span. He also added 358 rushing yards and three touchdowns.

The Cardinals did sign Texas A&M quarterback Trevor Knight in the undrafted free agency process. He joins Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton and Zac Dysert on Arizona’s roster. Gabbert would make five quarterbacks under contract should he reach a deal with the Cardinals.

16 responses to “Reports: Cardinals interested in Blaine Gabbert

  1. This is a report from some dude on twitter. Hopefully Blaine’s agent is the source and he’s trying to drum up interest in his client.

  2. Arians gone fix em!!! Chip Kelly couldnt, Tomsula actually like Blaine, so did Harbaugh and Terry Shea! For some reason QB minds like em!! Defensive minds not so much.

  3. theres no way stanton is the backup. Dystert looked good in 2016 pre season in Miami too so itll be blaine vs dystert with Trevor Knight getting released due to throwing like Brady Quinn. (Knight is just too buff to throw well)

  4. Can Arians and Moore bring out the talent that made him a top-10 pick? You’d think that if anybody could, it’s them.

    I think he’s probably better than any of the QB’s in this draft after the first three, and possibly one or two of those.

  5. Cardinals get a lot of ink and attention every year for the last 5 years it seems, yet what have they done to warrant it? Because Arians was interesting for a minute? Because Larry Fitzgerald is such a good guy? It can’t be for their postseason record.

  6. It’s not that Gabbert’s a bad player or even a terrible QB. It’s that he simply will not throw beyond the first down marker if challenged at all in coverage. Captain Checkdown converted 37.8% of his third downs for a reason.

    If I were Arizona, I’d rather have Stanton and Dysert honestly.

  7. If Glaine Babbert gets signed by a team before Kaepernick , then the league needs to just put the out the statement: “Obey”

  8. The Cardinals do not have a history of developing their own long-term QBs. Starting with Kurt Warner, now Carson Palmer. So this makes move total sense. If Colin Kaepernick did not have the baggage, I’d expect he’d also be a candidate for signing in the desert.

  9. The VHS tape the Cardinals had been using to train on Fire Safety is woefully outdated. Gabbert will be brought in to demonstrate his elite skills in the “stop, drop and roll” technique

  10. Seems Arizona is looking to upgrade their #2 Back-up QB position if they can sign Blaine Gabbert to a much cheaper deal than Drew Stanton is currently on. If AZ can pick Gabbert up for say 1 to 2 Million Dollars per season they will save A LOT of money on their Back-up #2QB !!!!

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