Ron Wolf respects Ryan Pace’s “intestinal fortitude” for deal

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As it turns out, not everybody thinks Bears General Manager Ryan Pace got fleeced.

In fact, he got an endorsement of his bold move for a quarterback from a Hall of Famer — provided the move works.

Former Packers G.M. Ron Wolf said he respected Pace’s decision to trade third- and fourth-round picks and next year’s third-rounder to the 49ers to move up one spot to select Mitchell Trubisky.

I admire anyone with the gumption to [do that],” Wolf said, via Mark Potash of the Chicago Sun-Times. “If you have the conviction, which they obviously do, that this is their savior . . . you go and get him. It takes intestinal fortitude and he displayed that. He has a belief in the player. And not only Pace, but the other people must be in line with that, too. If that’s your guy, you go do it.

“You’ve got to give credit where credit is due. They thought enough of [Trubisky] and got him. Lord knows they needed a quarterback, so they got one.”

Of course, there is the small matter of whether Trubisky turns out to be any good. But Wolf knows about being criticized on the front end of moves that looked much better in hindsight.

In 1992, he sent the Falcons a first-round pick for their unwanted backup quarterback, a move which might have earned the long-time personnel man a ticket to Canton. He initially offered the Falcons a third, then a second, but was willing to part ways with the first for Brett Favre.

“I thought [Favre] was the best player in the 1991 draft — no question about that,” Wolf said. “For me to have an opportunity the next year to get that player, I had to do it. So I did it and it worked out.”

The only thing more costly than paying too much for a quarterback is not having one. So if Trubisky turns into half the player Favre was — or even a solid and stable starter — the cost of three mid-round picks will quickly be forgotten.

12 responses to “Ron Wolf respects Ryan Pace’s “intestinal fortitude” for deal

  1. I admire people who go over Niagara falls in a barrel…that doesn’t mean I think it’s a good idea.

  2. Ron Wolf apparently thought Vinnie Clark was better than Favre in the ’91 draft because that’s who he drafted with Favre still on the board.

  3. Yes but the “very high first round pick” they gave up was for a slightly higher “very high first round pick” Even though the 49ers may not wanted Trubisky, no one knows what other offer were made to trade up with them, not even Peter King.
    I hope he works out, because I miss the Green Bay / Chicago rivalry. The rivalry with the Vikings is just annoying troll chatter on the internet.

  4. “Ron Wolf apparently thought Vinnie Clark was better than Favre in the ’91 draft because that’s who he drafted with Favre still on the board.”

    Wolf was with the Jets when Favre was drafted. The Jets had the next pick after Atlanta selected Favre. He regretted not moving up, so when he got to GB, he didn’t let it happen again.

  5. Of course he loves it. His former team will own their division for another 10 years if Trubisky is a flop.

  6. yeah, but trading a first for favre is one thing, but this reminds me of when the bears traded a first for rick mirer. doesn’t always quite work out

  7. If the 49ers really thought Mitchell Trubisky was the QB answer they need, they would not have swapped places for a few mid round picks (they got the next pick, so it truly is a few mid round picks)) The bears paid an insurance premium to make sure they got their guy. I think they paid too much.

  8. I guess you give him credit for making a huge gamble, but it’s not like overpaying requires skill.

    I’d rather my team not be in position to have to throw a ‘Hail Mary’ in the first place.

  9. If he had any security about next year, he would not have done this.

    There are 3 elite QBs coming out of next years draft.

    He was trying to save his job, but it’s not gonna work

  10. I’m still trying to figure out how Pace got hired when the internet is so ripe with bright football minds and connected insiders who could do that job so much better. Internet GM talent… I’m telling you, NFL teams, that’s your ticket to future greatness!!

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