Sashi Brown: No pressure for DeShone Kizer to play right away

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After the Browns selected quarterback DeShone Kizer in the second round of the draft, coach Hue Jackson said that Kizer will come in and compete with the team’s other quarterbacks for the starting job.

That’s what you would expect when the other options are Cody Kessler, Brock Osweiler and Kevin Hogan, but the team is also trying to make sure that Kizer isn’t coming in with the presumption that he’ll wind up as the starter. During an interview on 92.3 The Fan with Ken Carman and Anthony Lima, executive vice president of football operations Sashi Brown said the team would “ideally” give Kizer some time to acclimate to the NFL and not “feel that pressure” to move right into the No. 1 job.

“He’s a young man and he’s going to have a long time that he’s with us and in this league and if things go the way I’m sure he’s planning on it and the way we hope it goes, we don’t have to rush it,” Brown said.

As the Browns know as well as anyone in the NFL, ideal situations don’t always present themselves when it comes to quarterbacks. Kizer’s timeline is ultimately going to be based on how he develops, how the team’s other quarterbacks fare and other factors including injuries, any of which may lead the Browns to rethink their plans at quarterback.

10 responses to “Sashi Brown: No pressure for DeShone Kizer to play right away

  1. He just turned 21 in January. He has time, even though the Browns may not.

    I hope it works out for them: it’s a solid gamble to take him at round 2 given their situation.

  2. Kizer’s a wide eyed kid two years out of high school. Osweiler will be a massive improvement over what the Browns have had in years. I’m in the minority but I think that’s going to happen. Hue has got to get the team to support Osweiler early in the year to make it happen. Keeping him “on the fence” in a “fake” competition won’t work. Name him the starter early on.

  3. Kizer needed to be drafted by a team like Pittsburgh or Arizona. Where he could sit for a year or two and learn in systems that fit his skill set. My guess is that he sees the field at some point this year for Cleveland. Kessler is actually halfway decent and can manage a game better than Kizer but he lacks the physical tools to be a long term success. Kessler is probably an ideal #2 qb. Kizer has the physical tools but doesn’t know how to play his position. He needs serious work.

  4. It’ll be interesting to see how this kid develops in Cleveland. Right now, it seems like he has a mind like Cam Newton’s in a body like Tom Brady’s, but only time will tell if he can grow out of that.

  5. If this upcoming season is anything like the past couple, he could playing (starting) by the 8th game. Hopefully the O-line will be able to protect the QB better this year and that won’t happen.

  6. I think they could do a lot worse than 1. Osweiller 2. Kessler 3. Kizer for this year, with the expectation that Osweiller will move on next year and eventually having 1. Kizer 2. Kessler (or possibly a can’t miss guy from 2018 leapfrogging both)

  7. The one silver lining is that even if Kizer ends up rushed onto the field, he’ll at least have a completely rebuilt offensive line to protect him. That will (hopefully) prevent him from being chewed up and spit out by opposing defenses, like virtually every Browns’ QB was last season.

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