Bob Quinn says early negotiations have begun on new Matthew Stafford contract


Quarterback Matthew Stafford is set to enter the final year of his contract with the Detroit Lions this fall. And while becoming a free agent is highly unlikely with the Lions’ ability to use the franchise tag, General Manager Bob Quinn is hoping it won’t come to do that.

In an interview with Alex Marvez and Gil Brandt on Sirius XM NFL Radio, Quinn said the team has already begun early discussions on a new deal with Stafford’s representatives.

“We’re in the early stages,” Quinn said Wednesday. “It’s really too early to kind of give any update but we’re going through the process. These things don’t happen overnight.

“I feel confident we can get something done.”

Stafford is scheduled to make $16.5 million with the Lions this season. It’s the final year of a five-year deal he signed with Detroit in 2013.

The franchise tag value for quarterbacks this offseason was over $21 million, which will likely provide some sort of a baseline for negotiations between the two sides.


3 responses to “Bob Quinn says early negotiations have begun on new Matthew Stafford contract

  1. Once Aaron Rodgers tails off Stafford will be the best QB in his division by a lot and he will re-sign with the Lions for ridiculous money. He’s not elite but he’s better than most, which these days means $30M a year plus.

  2. Give Stafford the big bucks. He seems like the kind of guy that would respond well to that kind of commitment by his team. He’s got all the talent he needs to be a great QB, just hasn’t quite put it together yet. One of these seasons, the Lions will have a magical year like the Panthers did two years ago. I also predict they will not win the Super Bowl, but I see an MVP campaign in the near future for Stafford.

    We’re all getting sick of waiting for the Vikings to dethrone the Packers. Will be a lot easier for everyone if the Lions just step up and get it done.

  3. I have been a Lions season ticket holder for 28 years and I have seen Rodney Pete and Scott Mitchell and Eric Kramer and Andre Ware and Charlie Batch and Joey Harrington and so on. Only one of those QBS ever won a playoff game, my problem with Stafford is that he has had 3 chances to win a playoff and all 3 times he has failed. Stafford has also been involved in 2 season ending crucial games in the last 3 years. Win and the division was ours. I don’t think the Lions should pay him the
    highest salary. Playout this year’s contract and franchise him next year. No playoff wins and they should let him go in 2019. Great QBS win critical games and sometimes they do it on their own. Stafford still has a lot to prove to me…

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