Gary Barnidge visiting the Bills today

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The Bills don’t have a General Manager at the moment, but they’ve managed to line up a visit with a guy coach Sean McDermott knows already.

According to Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network, former Browns tight end Gary Barnidge is visiting the Bills today.

Barnidge’s last two years in Carolina coincided with McDermott’s first two there, so there’s some familiarity. (And for what it’s worth, Bills G.M. candidate Brandon Beane goes back even farther with Barnidge, having been with the Panthers when he was drafted in 2008.)

The 31-year-old Barnidge been a good option in the passing game, but once the Browns traded up to take Miami’s David Njoku with their third first-round pick last week, he became obsolete.

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  1. cowboys should take a look…he can buy us a few yrs, witten may be done after this season

  2. Hey, just going to throw this out there — but the Clowns just drafted Njoku in the first round – and sent Barnidge walking.

    I realize Barnidge had a down 2016, but so did the Clowns – and their NFL-worst record is (of course) why they picked first in the draft.

    My point is – Barnidge is low risk with decent upside (and we have a glaring need at the position). James hasn’t shown he can be the guy; Grimble is not the answer; and Ladarius – who has done NOTHING in his entire NFL career in Pittsburgh or in San Diego when Gates was injured – shows no passion to play football.

    And Barnidge, who is also a high character guy (who is widely respected by his NFL peers) — goes about 6’6″ and 250 pounds – and Ben loves big targets.

    If he can return to his 2015 form where he legitimately earned a Pro Bowl berth – when he caught something like 80 balls for over 1,000 yards and 10 TDs.

    Oh, and one another possible added benefit might also be he could spill intel on the Clowns.

    Zero risk: good upside at a need position. I say we kick the tires on Barnidge, and further, I think we’d be derelict in our duty to NOT bring in Barnidge for a look — BEFORE one of the other 31 teams in the NFL beats us to the punch on this one.

  3. I’m not sure why the Browns dumped Barnidge? Njoku is a talent, but is a rookie who lacks experience, and by all accounts is rather raw and needs some development. You might think that having a solid, productive veteran like Barnidge would help Njoku break in behind him while playing in certain situations,and keeping the pressure off of him, along minimizing rookie mistakes?
    In addition, with the Browns likely playing with a young, inexperienced QB, Barnidge would be an excellent ‘security blanket’ for him. It looks like Cleveland’s mistake could be Buffalo (or another team’s) gain.

  4. Barnidge is the missing link in the Bills passing game.

    #1- Sammy Watkins
    #2- Andre Holmes
    Slot- Zay Jones
    TE1- Charles Clay
    TE2- Gary Barnidge

    That would be an awesome pickup!

  5. It does bother me that the Browns brass think having 2 good players at a position is redundant. Even if Njoku lights it up, and I hope he does, wouldn’t it have been nice to have 2 te sets with 2 talented TEs to throw the ball to? Especially given the current talent at qb.

  6. Not sure why he would want to go back to work for McDermott, who failed to use him properly. Remember, Barnidge was an unknown until the Browns made him into a star TE in 2015. He would have had a good 2016 if the Browns weren’t intentionally tanking their season, as was evidenced by their pulling of a somewhat successful QB mid-game.

  7. The Browns have two young talented TE’s now, Njoku and DeValve! They will not be competing for playoff spot next year! At this stage of the game they seem to believe that letting the kids play is more important than having a vet show them how, as they rely on the coaching staff for those duties.

  8. So what do we call that city by Niagara Falls – Charlotte, New York or Buffalo, North Carolina?

  9. I was mad my Browns sent him packing but upon reflection I have to think there’s some kind of injury issue they’re not talking about. It’s the only thing that ales sense. I’ll be interested if he passes a physical for whatever team picks him up.

  10. This shows bad planning with the Browns, instead of adding a rookie to team up with “Big Play Gare” the cut Gary so the net is nothing if the kid can play and if he busts a hole at T.E.

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