Heap family honors daughter with #HugsFromHollyDay

Tragedy struck the family of former NFL tight end Todd Heap last month, when three-year-old Holly died after accidentally being struck by her father’s truck at their home. The Heap family has dedicated Wednesday, May 3 to her memory.

It’s known as #HugsFromHollyDay, and the family has three requests. First, wear pink in Holly’s honor. Second, share hugs and spread joy and love through “random acts of heartfelt kindness” for those in your community.

Smile more,” the Heap family urges. “Compliment somebody. Write a kind note. Share treats (or chicken nuggets). Do a free lemonade stand. Leave a bigger tip than usual. Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru. Donate a book in Holly’s honor. Turn up the music and dance… the list is endless. Be creative!”

Third, capture images of the acts of spreading joy and post them with the #HugsFromHollyDay hashtag.

If you’re not specifically sure what you can or should do, consider making a donation to the Baltimore Community Foundation’s Holly Heap Memorial Fund.

We continue to keep the Heap family in our thoughts and prayers as they struggle to adjust without Holly.

19 responses to “Heap family honors daughter with #HugsFromHollyDay

  1. Glad he’s trying to make something positive come out of this terrible tragedy. Probably the only way to live with that kind of pain.

  2. FYI the Heaps funded a pediatric wing in a Baltimore hospital several years ago- class act and good people – our arch rival Steelers were among the first to tweet out support – for all the trash talk much respect

  3. This is just a horrible story that as a parent just breaks your heart. If anything is to be learned here, is that small children always need to be accounted for. I know a guy that ran his young son over with his tractor. The boy ran out of the house to see his dad, who had no idea the son was right behind him. Luckily in this case the boy did not die but spent several weeks in the hospital. So everyone please be aware of small children, even if you think they are safe inside, just take the time and make sure to check.

  4. Today would have been Holly’s 4th birthday, they didn’t just “designate” today as “Hugs From Holly” Day. Continuing to pray for their family ❤

  5. This is cute but ultimately a lot of meaningless fluff.

    If you really want to address the tragedy, you raise awareness of how to make your kids safer from the kinds of accident that took her life.

  6. Let’s not pretend that Heap has ZERO accountability in his daughter’s death. Maybe they should have included: Don’t be in such a rush and keep an eye on toddler. Let’s not pretend this accidental tragedy could have been totally avoided if Heap were more competent.

  7. I don’t know of any parent (myself included) who has successfully maintained complete control of their toddler at all times. In the name of giving them independence, you also put them at risk. Most parents end up in the emergency room with their kid at some time as a result. Little kids are quick and they run right into harm’s way all the time. Anyone suggesting the Heaps did something wrong just because most accidents aren’t this tragic has either never had kids themselves or else is lacking some serious empathy.

  8. Kudos to PFT for spreading awareness of this campaign. Everyone spread the word and be kind to each other.

  9. My heart is so broken for this family. My granddaughter is the same age as Holly. I tear up when I look at her and think of the Heap’s. I can’t even imagine their pain. Love, prayers and hugs to your whole family.

  10. Just goes to show that the most important thing we have on this earth is “time”. Tell someone how much they mean to you today.

  11. The best way to honor this little girl and her devastated family is to ALWAYS check around (especially behind) your vehicle before you move it.

    If you have the rear-view camera, ALWAYS look at it, but don’t absolutely rely on it. If you don’t have a camera, either get one or check around your car and make sure your kids are accounted for before you go.

    All the niceties suggested in the article are good, but the most meaningful action is to help make sure her death helps everyone else be protected a little better. We can all do that.

  12. Anyone suggesting it was the 3 year old’s fault rather than Todd Heap’s is disgusting. There’s a reason children require adult supervision. To say Heap did nothing wrong is therapeutic bs. If he did nothing wrong, he wouldn’t need to change his behavior. I will bet you anything that Heap is much more cautious and less reckless now about backing up his truck. Make no mistake, there’s is only one person responsible for her death. He didn’t do it on purpose and it’s a tragedy but it doesn’t erase the fact that she died because of him. Put it another way, let’s say she died by a gun or hunting accident. Much more blame would be placed at his feet. The fact that it was a truck instead of a gun doesn’t make a difference. His lack of caution caused his daughter’s death period.

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