Jamaal Charles’ role in Denver? “Come in and compete”

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New Broncos running back Jamaal Charles had plenty of things to say during his introductory conference call with the Denver media. On the most important topic — what will your role be with the team? — he had no insight.

“They just told me to come in and compete,” Charles said. “I really don’t know until the game comes. I’m just happy to be on the team.”

Charles nevertheless provided a glimpse into what he believes he’ll be doing, based on his strengths.

“I just want to use my abilities to help and catch it out the backfield,” Charles said. “I run screens really well, being patient, running routes out the backfield. That’s kind of been a part of my game the last couple years. I like [Mike] McCoy, the offensive coordinator, and what he did in San Diego and now being back with the Broncos. I’ve seen what his vision is and I see what my vision is — to help the team out of the backfield and catch the ball. That is what my job is. I’m out here to help the team out.”

Whether he can help the team depends on his health and his ability to play like he used to. If Charles can, the Chiefs may have their hands full on October 30 and then on December 31, when they face the Broncos and the former Chief.

9 responses to “Jamaal Charles’ role in Denver? “Come in and compete”

  1. I love Jamal Charles, though I hate to see him go to a division rival. I think we are going to see the Charles of old, and he’ll have a monster year for Denver. Enough so that the Broncos will edge out the Raiders for second in the West and grab a wild card.

    Charles real revenge would be knocking KC out of the playoffs in the divisional round. That’s a potential nightmare.

  2. Some people took him in the first round of FF last season and he barely hit the field. I wonder if he passed a physical?

  3. Not going to matter unless the offensive line is upgraded. Signing Charles just shows how desperate Elway has become.

  4. The Chiefs orthopedic surgeons told Charles he should retire, that’s how shaky his knees are. All this is, is Elway trying to rent space inside the Chiefs players and fans head. KC and 30 other NFL teams knew he wasn’t worth a roster spot, this just shows how desperate Elway is trying to get the Donkeys back to being relevant again. I have to admit he did get the media to talk about the Broncos again, come Oct. 30th when the Chiefs and Donks meet Charles won’t even be in uniform.

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