Jed York: Draft was perfect example of how Lynch/Shanahan work together


Over the course of their first draft since hiring General Manager John Lynch and coach Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers traded down, traded up and stood pat on their way to constructing a 10-player class that they hope will help set the foundation for better records in the future.

A great look at the machinations that went on behind those moves was provided by Peter King of King was in the 49ers’ draft room and reported on how the two men worked with the rest of the personnel staff to identify the players they wanted and do what was necessary to bring them to the roster.

It all came off very symbiotic, which hasn’t always been the case around the 49ers in recent years. During an appearance on NFL Network Wednesday, 49ers CEO Jed York said that the three days of the draft illustrated the way things have gone since the two men joined the organization.

“I don’t know that there’s enough data to assess where are they and where do they stack against everybody else,” York said, via NBC Sports Bay Area. “What I’ll say is, I think the draft was a perfect example of how they work together. And watching John and Kyle work together, and watching how the scouts and the coaches work together. I have no idea whether it was a good draft or not — we’ll find out three years from now — but it certainly worked out the way we wanted it to because we planned for it. We were ready. And we executed because we were all on the same page.”

It’s tough to win when there’s dysfunction among the people charged with building a winning team, so it seems the 49ers have taken a step in the right direction on that front. It’s also tough to win without talented players playing at a high level, but, as York said, the jury will remain out a little longer as far as that’s concerned.

40 responses to “Jed York: Draft was perfect example of how Lynch/Shanahan work together

  1. It’s all roses now, Jed. “Look, Chip’s going to be here for a long time, period.”

  2. Considering the fact you have a first year GM and coach it’s easy to work together . Come back in a year or two when personalities , politics and York’s meddling have a chance to take hold and see if the relationship is still symbiotic then .

  3. Man, if doing well in the draft is this much of an accomplishment….. I mean they haven’t even fielded a team yet. These guys have been patting each other on the back for a week. SMH,

    2017 Offseason Champs

  4. These guys have worked together for 5 minutes. Let’s pump the brakes a bit. Let’s see how well they work together after an 0-3 start.

  5. After a full scientific analysis it was determined that teams picking early and having extra selections did better than teams picking late with fewer ones. Brilliant.

  6. This franchise has been reduced to winning “perception” instead of actual football games.

  7. Lets hold off on the back slapping until they preform up to par. Heck even a bogey performance would be worth a round of applause.

  8. Well then Jed, you can’t really call it a “perfect” example of symbiosis right now, if we can’t know for some time on whether it turns out perfect or increasingly dysfunctional outcomes.

  9. you had a ton of picks, a Chicago team that over payed to move up a spot and need every position possible. What was so great ?

  10. It also makes you look good when you are able to hose the Bears, who wanted their backup (in 2 years when he’s ready) QB so badly, that they gave you 3 additional picks…

  11. I think York is as much of a boob as anyone, but you do have to admit that no one figured Lynch would be the draft day fleecer, we all figured he’d be the fleecee.

  12. paul82461, you’re absolutely right, but I’m willing to give the new 49er brain trust credit simply for not screwing it up. We’ve seen a front office or two screw up a can’t-miss like that. At least one might have even been in Santa Clara.

  13. I still do not forgive Jed for running Harbaugh off. But, I will give him credit for for firing Chip and making the right hire with Shanahan and Lynch. Hopefully he learned his lesson and stays out of the way and let the football guys take care of business.

  14. Shut up, Jed. Just have mommy and daddy warbucks keep the purse strings open for the team and go back to skiing trips. In fact, the best thing you could do, Jed, is to convince mommy to sell the team back to the rightful owner, her brother Eddie DeBartolo.

  15. It sounds like a happy mother commenting on the newly married couple while they’re still on their honeymoon. Of course they’re madly in love with each other. They just got married.

  16. It may take York 3 years to know how a draft should be graded, but “draft experts” can issue grades on Seattle trading their number 1 draft pick and C Max Unger to New Orleans for Jimmy Graham the day the trade was made. Many draft experts gave the Sea Dogs an A for trading away their number 1 pick. Three years later, it looks like a bust. Jimmy Graham is not even half as productive as he was in New Orleans, and the Seattle O line is horrible without Unger and their other starters.

  17. Seattle has not reached the Super Bowl since they traded Unger away. They went to 2 straight Super Bowls when Midget Wilson was putting his hand on Unger’s butt.

  18. Is he the most clueless owner out there? Irsay? nah, it’s got to be York. He fired Harbaugh and hired Tomsula and now he’s judging his coach and GM based on the draft. What happens when they finish 5-11?

  19. I’m still trying to figure out how the 49ers “fleeced” the Bears when Pace recouped the picks he traded later in the draft and actually drafted a QB…Who’s throwing the ball Jed ???

  20. Hey Jed, kinda hard to screw up the draft when you are choosing near first every time. Although, nice move with the Bears. Classic power play over the senseless Cubbies.

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