Josh McCown wants to start, “give away what I can” to younger QBs

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The Jets are planning a three-man competition for the starting quarterback job this year with Josh McCown, Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg in the mix for the job.

Pitting McCown against a couple of younger players with a job on the line wouldn’t seem to offer the veteran much opportunity or cause to play mentor, but McCown doesn’t see things the same way. McCown said he wants to be the starter, but that he’s also looking forward to sharing what he knows and what he’s experienced with his new teammates.

“You don’t really know something until you have to teach it,” McCown said, via “I want to give away what I can because, ultimately, it will help me be a better player, and it will also help Hack and Bryce.”

McCown added that he believes “you’ll have a different sense of peace” when you try to “make someone else’s journey” a better one by sharing whatever you can.

Hearing that makes it easy to understand why Browns coach Hue Jackson said McCown could have a place on his coaching staff if he decided to end his playing career this year. McCown didn’t make that choice, but the work he does in 2017 should come in handy if he opts to go that route in the future.

15 responses to “Josh McCown wants to start, “give away what I can” to younger QBs

  1. McCown is a great backup, good locker room presence, and a solid mentor. His play has slipped and hes always been injury prone. Hes not a bad backup to have to plug in for a few games but hes too old and hasnt adjusted his playing style for his age. He still slings the ball around like hes in his early 20s and plays like hes invincible. Hes neither of those. The only downside is McCown is hands down the best QB on the Jets roster so he has to be under center Week 1. Its not close between the 3.

  2. Career stats aside, the dude has always had a good attitude. Of course, it helps to keep a positive mindset when you realize that you are not the most talented guy on the field but are still getting paid like a Wall St. banker!

  3. At a certain point veterans shouldnt be competing for a starting job, especially veterans who clearly have seen their better days.

  4. McCown has always had a lot of character and a good perspective on things. I could see him coaching after what has actually been a pretty good NFL career.

  5. Josh McCown 79 TD to 69 INT for career. He should have been out of league for good after 2009, Went to UFL in 2010, signed to Bears in 2011 and all of a suddent beginning in 2014 at the age of 34 or so he is a Veteran Hot Commodity? LOL??

  6. So, Josh wants to start as a Quarterback…how is this news exactly?

    Doesn’t every player want to be a starter?

  7. Josh is a great guy and even greater teammate. But, he’s also the greatest example of a guy who’s made millions over the years by being a good guy with very little talent. Sorry to say, but he’ll be injured by the third game.

  8. stevejjones says:

    McCown is getting old? Have you seen the videos of him dunking a basketball a couple years ago. He ain’t that old.

    He’s 6 foot 4. He doesn’t have to jump that high, man.

  9. Gotta love all the people who are making “knowledgeable” judgments abotu McCown- Meanwhile, you know they haven’t actually watched him play a game in years.

    Here are the facts and what the Jets should be considering: The only knock, or bad thing you can really say about McCown at this point, is that he is absolutely made of glass. That’s it. I wouldn’t worry about his abilities, accuracy, etc. I would only worry about whether he can stay on the field- and he won’t be able to.

    McCown has had the two best years of his career at 33 and 36 years old. In 2015, he set a few records for the Browns. had a pretty good handful of over-300-yard games, including 3 in a row. If he had been playing on a team with some talent surrounding him, instead of the Browns, he could have killed. Especially is he was somewhere with a good O-line.

    Anyway, people who think he’s washed up are plain wrong- he absolutely has the skills and the brains to get the job done. The problem is that he can’t take the beating, so his time has passed and he probably shouldn’t be starting… But again, it’s not because he’s a bad QB.

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