Justin Forsett calls it a career

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One of the more intriguing stories of recent years and one of the nicest guys in the NFL has decided to walk away from the game. Running back Justin Forsett has announced his retirement.

It’s time,” Forsett said. “I’m officially announcing my retirement from the game I love. It’s been an amazing ride and I’m grateful for every moment. My career has brought so many great people into my life, and I asked some of them to join me in saying goodbye.”

Forsett, 31, entered the league as a seventh-round pick of the Seahawks in 2008. He had 619 yards rushing in 2009 with the Seahawks, and 523 in 2010. A stint with the Texans (and coach Gary Kubiak) in 2012 set the stage for what later would be Forsett’s career year.

In 2014, when Kubiak served as offensive coordinator of the Ravens, Kubiak stumped for Forsett, who joined the team and rushed for 1,266 yards, an average of 5.4 yards per carry.

“Against all odds, critics, and naysayers, I accomplished something great,” Forsett said. “Scouts measured my height and said I was too short. They measured my 40-yard dash and said I was too slow. They looked at my build and said I wouldn’t last. But they couldn’t measure my heart, my faith, and my perseverance.

“I am living proof that dreams come true and God answers prayers, and I thank God everyday for the opportunity to live out my dream.”

Forsett finishes with 3,890 rushing yards with the Seahawks, Colts, Texans, Jaguars, Ravens, Lions, and Broncos. He scored 20 total touchdowns, and he racked up 1,351 receiving yards.

There’s also a chance he’s not truly finished, given that injuries are inevitable for running backs.

19 responses to “Justin Forsett calls it a career

  1. Fun fact. Forsett was all set to sign with Notre Dame but they pulled the scholarship offer like a day before national Letter of Intent Day because they got someone bigger, leaving him high and dry. He signed with CAL a couple months later. Even with Lynch and JJ Arrington on the roster ahead of him, Forsett STILL saw playing time as a true freshman.

    No one thought he’d have a lengthy NFL career but him, let alone last beyond training camps. Forsett may be small, but he has the heart of a lion. You can’t measure that at the combine. Well done and enjoy the well-deserved retirement.

  2. Why do Hawks fans feel the needs to tell us they are Hawks fans? Do you really think your opinion matters more because you follow the Seahawks?

  3. After reading his interview last year on how tough it was moving to play on so many teams in such a small time period, I’m glad he can finally relax in one place. Wish we had more players like him to root for!

  4. mushroommike says:
    Why do Hawks fans feel the needs to tell us they are Hawks fans? Do you really think your opinion matters more because you follow the Seahawks?

    He played first for the Seahawks, and their fans are saying thanks. Did that logic escape you, or did you just get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and decide to be pissy and immature?

  5. It goes to show you what the right opportunity can do for you. Justin was ready when the bell sounded, but it’s real easy to get lost in the shuffle.

  6. Forsett showed how patience and perseverance can succeed in life and on the field. I was always a fan of him when he was with the Seahawks. Not so much with Ravens, as I am diehard black and gold. Nonetheless, his running style, waiting for holes to open then slashing through, is similar to what Bell is finding to be so successful the last two years.

  7. One of the best stories I’ve ever heard. Great guy, great ambassador surely a great mentor for young guys to emulate. He is whats RIGHT in our country!

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