No decision yet on whether Caleb Brantley will be charged

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The stock of Browns defensive lineman Caleb Brantley dropped dramatically after he found himself accused of assault only days before the draft. Cleveland took a conditional flyer on his in round six, making it clear that the team may rescind its rights to him.

As the Browns continue to investigate the matter, so do the authorities. Via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the powers-that-be Gainesville, Florida have yet to decide whether to prosecute the former Gator.

He has not been charged,” Darry Lloyd, spokesman for the State Attorney, told Cabot. “A sworn complaint was received from [the Gainesville police] alleging that he committed the [crime]. The agency is not sure, and it’s our job to review the information they submitted and make a formal charging decision.”

Lloyd added that, while there’s no specific time frame for a decision, it typically takes 45 days to reach a conclusion.

Brantley allegedly punched Florida student Chelsea Austin in the face, rendering her unconscious and “displacing” a tooth. To be repaired, a root canal will be needed.

Brantley’s attorneys contend that the player was “the victim,” and that one of multiple women who were verbally abusing Brantley punched him in the face.

“Mr. Brantley, in reaction to that sudden occurrence, put out his right arm in an attempt to push away his attacker. His hand made contact with her face due to his reflex reaction,” the lawyers claim.

Chelsea Austin’s lawyers disagree.

“Ms. Chelsea Austin was and is the victim of this incident,” they contend. “The initial police report indicated that she struck Mr. Brantley, but that is simply not true.”

The Browns launch a rookie minicamp next week. Even if Brantley isn’t given a contract, he’ll have a letter of protection that will guarantee him both his normal signing bonus and salary in the event he suffers a serious injury during the offseason workouts. If he suffers an injury, then, the Browns will be stuck with paying him for at least this year — even if they later choose to let him go.

It’s possible the Browns left the door open to cutting the cord on Brantley in the event that public reaction was sufficiently intense to require a separation from the player. To date, there has been no significant outcry.

9 responses to “No decision yet on whether Caleb Brantley will be charged

  1. If he is charged it is only because they dropped the ball on the Hernandez murders. Otherwise, they would just write it off as “Florida kids just being kids and having fun”. The whole program should be under reorganisation if the charges have any validity- similar to Baylor. These kids should not get free passes for what amounts to felonies for the gen pop.

  2. omg if anything the lady should he charged not him she was the one assaulting HIM and he just pushed her out of the way trying to avoid it

  3. If Joe Mixon ended up getting drafted, then I’d think this punk will also end up on a team.
    At least they lost out on a lot of money by falling in the draft.

    While I’ve met nasty women, I have never found my self where a whole bunch of nasty women attack me.
    Maybe, just maybe, this guy did some dumb things too?

    I’d rather be “the victim” than the one knocked out, losing a tooth.

  4. The original police report states he was struck first. And the security guard backs him. I’d say no charges are warranted as the case against him is a sure loser. Unless there is video of the incident I’d say there are is not evidence to charge.

  5. Now I am against violence against women, but in my day women were demure and feminine…. Today they seem more aggressive and violent……

    Interesting thing about this and Mixon’s “assault” ……
    As see n in Mixon’s video and from what the woman said in Brantley’s case, The women were the 1st to commit an assault. If you substitute a man in each case there would be no charges as it was clearly self defense.

    Women want equality in all things except violence.

  6. Does there need to be a video to be outcry? Simply rewatch the Ray Rice and Joe Mixon videos to realize exactly what most likely happen.

    115 pound girl put her hand on Brantley. Brantley retaliates by punching young woman and knocking her unconscious

    It’s ridiculous you need a video nowadays to have outrage over a domestic violence incident.

  7. There’s video by the Florida paper of her supposedly walking away calmly. If she lost a tooth or was knocked unconscious like she filed in the report, wouldn’t there be more witnesses, medical help, or a call to 911? She filed her report 4 days later, not at the scene when police arrived.

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