Phil Simms claims he’s “very happy” with CBS

Getty Images

Phil Simms has been demoted from lead commentator to studio co-host at CBS, but he’s not going to complain about his employer. At least not publicly.

TMZ caught up with Simms and he said he’s happy working on The NFL Today this season.

“I’m very happy with it, yes. I mean, I get to sit next to Boomer Esiason. That’s a great thing, right? You hear the fans cheering they’re so excited about it,” Simms said, with perhaps a bit of sarcasm in his voice.

Simms’ son, Chris Simms, said Phil was blindsided by the news that he had been replaced in the booth by Tony Romo, but Phil says that’s not the case.

“I’m not gonna re-hash the story. It’s all good. Of course I knew. I didn’t tell him so it’s probably my fault,” Simms said. “I already knew.”

Simms said he thinks Romo will be successful.

“He’ll learn the TV business fast,” Simms said. “The view you get from being a broadcaster up in that booth in most stadiums is so great because you see everything. For a quarterback it’s like watching film.”

So Simms will say the right things as a loyal employee of CBS, even if it’s hard to believe he’s happy with the way things went down.