Damien Williams hasn’t signed RFA tender from Dolphins

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Restricted free agents can no longer sign offer sheets with new teams, which is why most of them have signed their tender offers and returned to offseason programs around the league.

Dolphins running back Damien Williams is an exception. Williams visited with the Patriots, but they opted to sign Mike Gillislee and Williams didn’t get an offer sheet from anyone else. The lack of options hasn’t led him to sign his tender, which would leave him set to make just under $1.8 million for the 2017 season.

Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that Williams was hoping to get an offer sheet to boost that money and is now asking the Dolphins to pay him more to return to the team.

Williams has been a useful piece for the Dolphins and scored six touchdowns, but the tender is three times his previous salary and the Dolphins have 2016 third-round pick Kenyan Drake on hand as an alternative to Jay Ajayi. Those things along with the lack of other avenues to NFL work in 2017 would seem to work against Williams’ chances of getting a bigger offer from the Dolphins this offseason.

9 responses to “Damien Williams hasn’t signed RFA tender from Dolphins

  1. No other offers and triple his pay from last year…and somehow he still has a problem with it. I understand it is business for him but at this point he has seen his best offer. If he continues to stay away and mope then I would view that as evidence the guy does not want to play or is not a team guy. Regardless of which, a player with that kind of attitude is not a player I would want. I hope he comes to his senses soon.

  2. Hope they can work it out to keep him. He was valuable last year but—-Drake is expected to have his role expanded. Thus the conflict. Fins up!

  3. Just elongating his vacation till mandatory mini-camp on June 13th.

    But as far as more money goes, does he know LeGarrette Blount and Rashad Jennings are still available?

    Either way, that’s a lot of noise to be coming from the 3rd RB on the depth chart.

  4. You call 6 TDs valuable?. I say he’s replaceable… specially with that 3.4 rushing avg.

    Wait until he sees De’Veon Smith practicing… then he’s going to think about his demands..

    Trade him and keep De’Veon Smith!

  5. he must have not gotten a memo that he’s a third string running back they come a dime a dozen he had all offseason and 31 teams to prove his value and he got no offers getting camp or move on

  6. Some people have leverage in contract negotiations, this guy clearly does not. Sign the one year then let the market decided next year as a free agent. Who knows, the way college rbs get drafted he could be out of the league.

  7. 35 attempts, 115 yards rushing
    23 receptions, 249 yards receiving

    And he wants more than a 300% raise???
    $1.8 million for a guy that touches the ball about 4 times a game is more than fair.

    And I’m a Dolphins fan.

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