Steve Keim: We need a QB for the future, but don’t want to force it

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The Cardinals weren’t shy about discussing quarterbacks in the weeks leading up to the draft and they spent time with the top prospects while outlining their hopes of finding a player to groom behind Carson Palmer.

The draft came and went without a quarterback landing in the desert, though. The Chiefs and Texans traded up ahead of the Cardinals, who had the 13th overall pick, to draft Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, leaving Arizona to take linebacker Haason Reddick and table the quarterback talks for another time.

During an appearance on Mad Dog Sports Radio with Adam Schein, General Manager Steve Keim raved about what Reddick brings to the defense and explained why he is OK with moving on without a new quarterback.

“The one thing I’ve been adamant about since I’ve become General Manager here is not forcing that pick,” Keim said. “There’s no doubt that it’s a quarterback-driven league and you have to identify a young quarterback for our future. But at the same time, I think you can get in trouble by forcing that pick. If your instinct and your gut doesn’t tell you this is the guy, it has a chance of setting you back three or four years.”

Keim said the team has “an idea of the four or five guys” that could fill the quarterback need in next year’s draft, although it might take some creativity to move up high enough to take the best of them if the Cardinals’ decision to look elsewhere this year pays off with a winning season.

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  1. It turns out AZ was never planning on a QB in round 1 the entire time, AZ wanted people to trade in front of them and QBs to come off the board so Elite Blue Chip Defensive Prospects would fall to them !!!!

    Both Ian Rapoport & Daniel Jeremiah reported they knew pre-draft AZ wasn’t taking QB in round 1, Jeremiah said AZ Keim texted him morning of the draft asking about 3 defensive players asking if he though one could be available at 13th when AZ picked and Daniel Jeremiah told him not a chance!!!! Hasson Reddick was the #1 player AZ asked about/wanted.
    Turned out when AZ came on the board all 3 were still available including who they wanted all along, ILB/OLB 6″2/239pd Hasson Reddick!!! Hasson Reddick has the ability to be an elite 3 down ILB able to stop run n shut down TEs in coverage but he is very rare in that he can both rush from inside & also lineup outside at OLB n get after the QB destroying OTs 1 on 1 !!!! Scouts have compared Hasson Reddick as a pass rusher to Von Miller as they are very comparable in that Reddick has that caliber of athleticism/speed & natural bend around the corner!!!!!!!!!

    As for QB, QB Carson Palmer is under contract thru 2018 and Keim has said Palmer is coming back to finish out his contract, which is why AZ felt ok passing on a QB because next year with 12-13 picks in the draft n multiple 3rd rounders, Arizona can put a package of picks together and move up into the top 5-10 to draft a QB !!!!!!
    Next off-season AZ will also have 95 MILLION DOLLARS in CAP SPACE, So they can sign a top QB on the market like Kirk Cousins or just draft one, they can sign the best WR on the market etc & whomever they replace Palmer with will be coming to a roster LOADED W/ ELITE TALENT. Keim has built a young roster filled with talent ready to win for years n years going forward.

  2. He’s exactly right. How many teams have talked themselves into picks due to need that have left their roster in shambles? The Jags have done it twice in the last decade (Gabbert, Bortles) and where are they now?

  3. A winning season? Don’t worry Cards fans, you’ll be in excellent position to draft one of next years top QBs. You’ve got a 6 win roster.

  4. In the haters’ heads already, and it’s May. Cards will go 11-5 this year, and Palmer will have another solid year. Arians has won more than 60% of his games as a head coach, it would be naive to think that will change.

  5. Translation: Let’s suck this year for a high draft pick in 2018 when the QB prospects are supposed to be better.

  6. The Statue is 37 and took one heck of a beating last year. He contemplated retirement. While I agree with the notion of not forcing or reaching for a player, the level of urgency the Cardinals should be feeling is summed up in my first 2 sentences. What is the plan for next year – Zac Dysert or Drew Stanton?

  7. shooter28 must be smoking crack if he thinks Arizona is stocked with elite talent for years to come. You just lost half your defense…your quarterback is on his final year because, well, he’s not what he used to be (which was never much anyway), you have nothing at wide receiver except for Fitz (who’s also retiring after this year)…dude, you’re the Cleveland Browns after this season. Dream on man, dream on.

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