Verizon reaches deal to stream Ravens-Jags from London

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The NFL struck a deal with Amazon to stream 10 Thursday night games during the 2017 season and they’ve found another partner to stream one of this year’s London games.

Verizon won the rights to stream the September 24 game between the Ravens and Jaguars that kicks off at 9:30 a.m. ET. Financial terms weren’t announced, but the Wall Street Journal reports that the price for the rights is $21 million. Yahoo paid $15 million to stream one of the London games during the 2016 season.

NFL senior vice president of digital media business development Vishal Shah said that the league hopes to learn about differences in the streaming audience with different distributors.

“Are we reaching incremental audiences? Are we reaching the millennial demo? What we want to continue to learn is who is consuming the live games,” Shah said.

Verizon plans to stream the game on its AOL platform, its mobile video service go90, and It may also stream on Yahoo if its acquisition of the company closes in time. Verizon, which will sell the national advertising for the Ravens-Jags game, also has an exclusive mobile distribution deal with the league that is coming to an end this year.

27 responses to “Verizon reaches deal to stream Ravens-Jags from London

  1. Meanwhile, YouTube is available on multiple hardware devices & on multiple carriers.

    How is this good for all NFL fans in America?

    Slippery slope NFL.

  2. I dont know who would watch this but die hard fans of either team. Nobody else, unless they are in UK where the gen pop loves our football.

    But to watch it here in USA…why? We dont watch the games anymore, just RedZone etc.

    Too many commercials, time outs, penalties and NoFunLeague rules.

    Oh, pats cheat.

  3. Ah, yes, another deal where you can only get the product from one provider. The US descent into Communism continues.

    Thanks, Comrade Roger.

  4. Who watches football at 9:30 in the morning? What kind of food do I put out for my friends? Do I ask them to sleep over the night before? Do I serve mimosas and bloody maries? Why is the NFL messing with my game day rituals? WHY???

  5. Couldn’t the NFL just cut out all of these businesses and make a mobile app and a smart TV app to stream the games live? I’d pay anything to get out of DirecTv.

  6. Who the hell wants to watch the games on a cell phone or notepad? I guess if that is your only option, it is better than nothing. I prefer my flat wide screen TV with Bose sound, cold beer in the fridge, food on the stove and good friends over. Sorry Rog, you have priced me out of going to the games and I really don’t miss the experience. Been there, done that.

    Home sweet home is where I watch my team. I got tired of paying $120 for a tix, $50 for oarking, and $12 bucks for a beer. That is BS!

  7. I’m pretty sure this will not produce a bandwidth consumption issue for Verizon.

  8. I don’t know how one early regular season game between the Ravens and Jags is valued at more than 21 mil… they plan on profiting money off that deal?

  9. 400marios says:
    May 3, 2017 5:09 PM
    I’m pretty sure this will not produce a bandwidth consumption issue for Verizon.


    considering no one will watch this game, that is

  10. I didn’t know Verizon had streaming capabilities and other than AOL I’ve never before heard of their platforms before.

    Thus I believe the idea the NFL wants to learn different streaming audiences is load of crap. If you wanted to reach mainstream audiences and millennials go to the platforms they use.

    I’m a Ravens fan but I don’t plan on signing up for Verizon’s streaming services to watch the game.

  11. Two teams with no shot at the playoffs shunted off to London? And I’m supposed to watch this?

  12. Based on how well they have been doing the last couple of years, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Ravens start playing a game in London each season for the foreseeable future.

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