Anthony Lynn: Philip Rivers looks rejuvenated

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After the draft passed without the Chargers taking a quarterback who they would groom as a potential successor to Philip Rivers, Rivers said that he was happy the team made moves that would help the team win right now.

The Chargers discussed the possibility of adding a young quarterback several times leading up to the draft and coach Anthony Lynn said on “The Jim Rome Show” that they considered one, but that there wasn’t one high enough on their board to avoid reaching. He also said that Rivers has shown them he can “continue to play at a high level.”

“He’s in great shape. He’s lost nine or 10 pounds,” Lynn said. “Watching him run around on the field with the younger guys, he looks rejuvenated and he’s got a little zip on the ball. He can have three or four more productive years easily in my mind.”

Adding wide receiver Mike Williams and guard Forrest Lamp with their first two picks should help the Chargers put Rivers in position to put up a strong season in 2017. They may have a different approach in next year’s draft if that doesn’t happen, but Rivers remains their present and future at quarterback for the time being.

11 responses to “Anthony Lynn: Philip Rivers looks rejuvenated

  1. Of course he’s feeling rejuvenated: the team has made moves to bolster the Oline and get him targets down field. If Lynn can get the running game going then PR can finally enjoy the luxury of having more than 2 seconds after the snap to throw.

  2. He’s excited about the fact that only half as many people will be first hand witnesses to his failures this season.

    Seriously…does anyone in LA give 2 sharts about this team?

  3. Too bad his audience is dwindling when it comes to watching him play and few people care about his team anymore.

  4. There was nothing wrong with San Diego’s stadium. The location was fine, near freeways, hotels, and restaurants. The cheapo greedy owner just wanted a shiny new toy with the taxpayers having to pay for it.

    We here in LA don’t need or want the Chargers. They belong in San Diego.

  5. Philip Rivers is still the best QB in the AFC West, if he can stay upright the Chargers have about as good a chance as anyone else to lose the Patriots in the playoffs.

    San Diego’s stadium is a total dump and Spanos is a lousy owner.

  6. Really hope Phil gets to play deep in the playoffs one more time.
    Maybe the afcc in fox borough next year. Would be more intriguing than the regular roundabout of streeers or Texans, who inadvertently act like they won a massive spot in the playoff race, when actually it’s just how the bad cards fall in the AFC.

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