Jack Del Rio says Raiders still haven’t adequately addressed middle linebacker


The Oakland Raiders made nine additions to their roster through last weekend’s NFL Draft. However, head coach Jack Del Rio still sees one hole looming large on their roster.

In an interview on the NFL Network Thursday, Del Rio pointed to the middle linebacker position as one that is still concerning to the team at this point in the offseason.

I don’t know that we’ve adequately addressed our middle linebacker position, to be honest,” Del Rio said, via NBC Bay Area. “I think we have some work to do there. The rest of our roster is pretty well situated, but we’ll be looking for a linebacker and we’ll continue to look, whether it’s the waiver wire, trades or available guys out there, veterans on the street. We’ll continue to look.

“The guys that are here, we’re going to develop and grow and hope we can take them to a higher level.”

With teams across the league filling out their rosters with undrafted free agents and making room by cutting veterans, the Raiders could find potential solutions throughout the offseason. Perry Riley, who started 11 games at middle linebacker for the Raiders last season, remains a free agent as well.

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  1. Yeah, that’s why I was rooting for them to take Foster until I read about his lingering shoulder injuries and a possible torn rotator cuff. Now their best option is probably bringing Riley back, and it’s not like other teams are banging on his door which says a LOT about their options…

  2. Jesus man! Perry Riley did an excellent job last year. Is he the greatest? No, but at 31 you can get him on the cheap and he’s better than anyone else available and anything currently on the roster. At the very least he’s a stop gap until you find your MLB of the future. I don’t understand what the hold up is…

  3. He & McKenzie should talk to the Cardinals.

    When the dust settles, I bet they could get Daryl Washington for a 2018 late round pick.

    Write up a contract full of contingencies and BAM.

    They could get him cheap too.

  4. Well, that’s some vote of confidence for whoever’s on their roster at MLB right now. Riley never lived up to his billing in DC, and I guess the Raiders didn’t get much out of him either.

  5. Levy was a stud a MLB for the Lions before he was hurt. He hasn’t played a full season for 2 years, but was very good when on the field. The Lions cut him and filled his position with a 1st round pick.

    If he is healed, he would make perfect sense…

  6. I thought Riley did a great job as well last year, and was surprised he was no re-signed. (Stacey McGee as well) Must be a number thing. All raiders fans know we have been vulnerable with our MLB inabilities to cover the TE over the seam. I think Lee who we just drafted will be good a 2 down LB…and on 3rd downs or games with guys like Gronk, and Kelce, etc….i think you will see more of a 4-2 -5 alignment with Obi playing more of a hybrid position filling in with covering the seam and roaming the middle. With that said I would not mind signing Riley again…..

    Really what I want to know is what is going on with Aldon Smith, and the commish….can he quit talking about the dangers of marijuana while he is sipping on his martini, and reinstate Aldon already….c’mon man!

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