Jed York says he’d like to have dinner with Jim Harbaugh

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The 49ers haven’t been able to replicate the success they had when Jim Harbaugh was the coach, and owner Jed York wouldn’t go so far as to say he regretted letting Harbaugh go, but he did hope for a better relationship in the future.

York told’s Peter King on his podcast that Ravens coach John Harbaugh broached the topic with him at the recent owners meeting in Arizona, saying the two should get dinner and clear the air.

“I said, ‘I’d love to do that.’ I’d love to get together,” York said. “And I think enough time has kind of passed where you can let whatever issues were there be buried and just truly be thankful for three great years when nobody expected us, certainly in 2011, to beat the Saints the way we did, to get close and, you know, be two muffed punts away from going to a Super Bowl in ‘11.

“And Just all the things that happened, and I’d love to sit down with Jim. Not in front of cameras, not in front of anybody else, but just share an evening with him and truly say ‘Thank you,’ and wish him the best of luck. Not obviously when he plays Notre Dame, but for the rest of the season, wish him the best of luck.”

Of course, York is a wealthy man. If he really wanted to dine with his former coach, he could easily go to Ann Arbor and do so. And he could have hashed this out away from cameras, and he wouldn’t have had to talk about it, either.

But he hasn’t, and it’s reasonable to wonder if he ever will, or whether it’s just the kind of thing you say to someone to make it seem you’re magnanimous, after making such a mess of the “mutual parting” and the seasons that followed.

“I don’t know if ‘regret’ is the right word,” York said. “We had a lot of success together. We tried several times to get an extension done with Jim and, for whatever reason, those didn’t culminate. And ultimately, as successful as it was here, I think Jim is very happy and he’s doing an unbelievable job at Michigan.

“We obviously didn’t have success after Jim left. I don’t know that we’d be sitting here with John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan if something happened. And I don’t know that it would have worked in the long-term if we did get something done. I regret how we performed the last two years. I regret that the relationship was frayed between me and a coach that, you know, did a lot of great things for this franchise.”

Again, York has the ability to make this happen, if he wants to. Just as he had the ability to put personality issues aside, and hang onto the franchise’s most successful coach in decades.

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  1. If he was serious he wouldn’t use the media to announce it . Sounds more like a weak attempt to show 49ers fans he’s a changed man . Showing my age here but I can actually remember a time when Peter King was actually a respected journalist , not the lazy joke he is now .

  2. For the first time since Harbs, bounced I am a little excited about the up coming season. And no trolls not saying superbowl. Just a solid improvement, a step in the right direction.

    I do not know what actually went down between Harbs and the team, I will say I held it agianst the team, York should make it happen. There is no way that all went down and one party was without fault. York, step up say you are sorry for how things went, and let him know he will always be a 9er. I always thought of him as a bear, until he was a 9er, now he will always be a 9er to me.

    Go 9ers and go Michigan…

    Forever greatful Jim, you are a special talent as a head coach. Thank you

  3. Second coming of Eddie D, nephew Jed York is not. He is his father’s son, John York…or Doctor York as he prefers to be called, and cares more about making a profit than winning championships. Both have fired successful head coaches when things were still good. When the Yorks finally got their new stadium with a move to Santa Clara on the back of Harbaugh’s success, they traded a faithful fanbase in for stadium seats meant to entertain and impress clients of their corporate customer base. But hey, Jed promised to bring a Superbowl home and he did…it just had the Panthers and the Broncos in it. Also he got outdoor hockey games…yeah outdoor Sharks games!, Taylor Swift concerts, and Wrestlemania in his new Levi’s Stadium. Spend as little on the team, collect the money from collective bargaining and the pretty new stadium.

  4. frk49rs says:
    May 4, 2017 9:33 AM
    For the first time since Harbs, bounced I am a little excited about the up coming season. And no trolls not saying superbowl. Just a solid improvement, a step in the right direction.
    Good for you. \You have realistic expectations but it’s 1000000% OK to dream. That’s what pro sports are all about for us fans. Hope.

    Escapism and hope are what Pro Sports provide for us fans.

  5. Yeah, just like that time he invited that reporter to French Laundry, then didn’t pay…


    As I recall Jed won a bet about the stadium and the winner got dinner at F.L. Jed did the classy thing of inviting his wife and ordering $2,600 worth of wine.

  6. Everytime I hear about Jed York SPEAKING I get nervous and think he’s about to mess up what little good the niners do have going on.

    Here’s to hoping he stays far the hell away from Lynch and Shannie.

  7. nobody expected us, certainly in 2011, to beat the Saints the way we did
    As I recall both teams had zero defense in that divisional game and the last team (9ers) with possession won the game.

  8. In fairness to Jed, if Jim Harbaugh doesn’t want to do it, there’s not much that he can do. He’s still a clown, though.

  9. That ship sailed long ago.

    I think, “I’m sorry” is just as appropriate as “thank you”.

    The 49ers and York are getting smug again after everyone has told them what a great draft they had. That’s loser talk. They are going into the season with a first time head coach who absolutely choked a Super Bowl and a broadcaster turned GM. I’d take Harbaugh over the lot of them in a minute.

  10. hate to tell ya Jed but Shannahn has more in common from a personality standpoint with Chip and Jim than you think… time will tell! key cog in this thing is John Lynch with his positive and elite personality

  11. But no mention of the insecure, crybaby GM who kept stomping his feet and yelling, “I’m the boss! I’m more important than the head coach! I’m more important than the players! PAY ATTENTION TO ME!”

    I think that’s who you needed to have dinner with, Jed.

  12. York is a dummy; He thinks the public is that stupid to go for the stuff he’s saying?

    49ers are not winning anything as long as York is the owner.

  13. I’m no fan of Jed York, but it’s not like he called a press conference to announce that he wants to have dinner with Jim Harbaugh. He was asked a question by a reporter and he answered it. Big difference.

  14. Jed has got to be the dumbest owner in the NFL if you excluded the felony charges for fraud that the Viking owners incurred, ok, Jed isn’t as dumb as that but still, near the top of the class.

  15. Jed might want to have dinner with Jim Harbaugh, but why would Harbaugh want to have dinner with Jed? Ewwwww.

  16. BraceForImpact says:
    May 4, 2017 10:54 AM
    I know just the kind of sandwich Harbaugh would order for lil’ Jed.

    Yeah, the one where he was the prime-cause of drafting Kaepernick, LaMichael James and AJ Jenkins while signing that worthless tackle bullied out of Miami…,

    If it weren’t for Fangio at Stanford, we’d have never hired Harbaugh who was 17-20 without him. And now he’s winning with defense at Michigan with someone else’s recruits.

    He ain’t as special as you think. And that goal-to-go in the Superbowl:

    1st — Hand off to LaMichael James. Not Frank Gore, future HOFer, but LaMichael “laughable failure” James.

    2nd, 3rd & 4th — Kaepernick, 2012’s worst redzone QB with a completion rate under 50% in the redzone to throw three fades to the corner. Passes that require timing and touch, two skills he didn’t have.

    Yeah, a ****ing genius…

    We won on defense. Stanford won on defense. Michigan is winning on defense. Some ‘great coach’ considering he’s supposed to the Offense & QB Guru….

  17. He probably wants a job. I can’t speak for Harbaugh but given the circumstances I’d politely (or impolitely) decline. Under my breath I’d say when hell freezes over. That guy is a complete tool and to think he deserves any civility after what he did in SF just shows how dumb he is.

  18. “If it weren’t for Fangio at Stanford, we’d have never hired Harbaugh”

    Let’s see, SD State winner, Stanford winner, 49ers winner and now Michigan winner…yep that sounds like terrible coaching.

    How is Fangio doing in Chicago? These unhappy people would of fired Vince Lombardi in his day.

  19. For those of you trying to rain on the little parade that a 49er fan has had since Harbaugh…give it a break and let us be happy for once. I am not saying that I would want Shanahan over Harbaugh and I am not saying he is going to do anything but ignorance is bliss. Not knowing Lynch/Shanahan is actually a good thing because I am happy with the draft because I have no idea of their scouting. The bigger point is this though, I am ecstatic that Baalke is no longer involved.

    We will find out in a few years how good the new GM/coach combo is when we all can evaluate this years draft with evidence. I for one only have one problem so far with the combination and that is communication…there is no way Lynch should of found out after day 2 of the draft, that his head coach liked a RB and would be sick if he missed out on him. Shanahan has always been rumored to be perceived as arrogant and unapproachable, and this scares me with him not communicating.

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