Jose Baez reiterates vow to investigate Aaron Hernandez’s death


The Massachusetts State Police have issued the formal report confirming the prior finding that former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez committed suicide in prison last month. Many of the details previously had been reported.

The report rules out, based on a toxicology study, synthetic marijuana or any other substances; published reports had suggested that Hernandez smoked the substance the evening before the suicide.

In response to the State Police report, lawyer Jose Baez has issued a statement reiterating his vow to investigate the situation on his own.

“Now that the state authorities have completed and closed their investigation into the death of Aaron, we owe it Aaron and his family to conduct a thorough and independent investigation into this tragic death,” Baez said in a statement. “The total lack of professionalism exhibited by government officials and their employees during this entire process is unprecedented.  The majority of information contained in these reports was leaked to the press during the course of the investigation.  The family was never advised during the investigation or before the report was released today as to any of the specifics of the investigation.

“They unfortunately learned through the numerous press reports, citing unnamed government sources or those close to the investigation, of the details of Aaron’s death.  The family members were victims in this matter and deserved better treatment by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

“The unprofessional behavior of those entrusted to impartially and professionally conduct an investigation into Aaron’s death has caused grave concern as to the validity and thoroughness of the investigation. Accordingly, we intend to fully, completely and impartially review all of the evidence in this matter.  We will not speculate as to the conclusions of our investigation.  We can only promise the best investigators and forensic experts available will conduct a thorough analysis.

“Any official who attempts to interfere or inhibit our investigation by refusing to allow access to the evidence surrounding this matter will not be tolerated.  We will use any and all of the legal tools at our disposal to expose and prevent any such interference.”

In the immediate aftermath of the news of Hernandez’s death and the preliminary indication that he had committed suicide, Baez and Hernandez’s agent, Brian Murphy, hinted at foul play. A separate question lingers as to whether the prison authorities took sufficient steps to protect Hernandez from himself, including whether protocols requiring the cell to be checked on a regular basis were followed and whether guards knew or should have known that Hernandez had become suicidal.

20 responses to “Jose Baez reiterates vow to investigate Aaron Hernandez’s death

  1. Way to keep taking his money. I imagine the lawyer will want to fight endlessly for years.

  2. It’s what happens to convicted felons. You belong to the government. You get and deserve the least humanly possible.

  3. Hey Jose, your client is dead. His estate is broke. Give it up man. We know you want your name in the headlines but this is pathetic and gives others of your profession a bad look.

  4. Give me a break. Hernandez did everyone a favor, including himself. He was a waste of oxygen.
    Next we’ll have all these conspiracy theorists coming out of the walls and the rags in the super market check out racks will have stories saying Hernandez is alive on an island in the south Pacific.
    Remember this — lawyers go to law school to learn to be better liars than other lawyers. They also learn a new language the rest of us don’t understand — legalese.
    Why not just say one of the UFO survivors hidden away at Area 51 escaped and met up with Bigfoot, and they beamed themselves into the prison and hanged Hernandez? That would satisfy many people.

  5. He’ll employ (or buy) a medical examiner who will dispute the findings of the state investigator. And find (or buy) witnesses who will support the foul play angle. He will then sell his story to the networks……it will be everyone’s fault but Hernandez’s.

  6. “The family members were victims in this matter and deserved better treatment by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

    Lawyering 101 – He wants State Money now…they are just the lowest…

  7. As long as no money that would go to the mother of his son is used, so be it. This tramp lawyer has no right or authority to more money, especially if it affects his son’s life.

  8. stew48 says:
    May 5, 2017 8:32 AM
    As long as no money that would go to the mother of his son is used, so be it. This tramp lawyer has no right or authority to more money, especially if it affects his son’s life.

    Who’s son? Hernandez had a daughter. If you’re going to comment at least keep up. This is about Baez keeping his name in the press and trying to shake the state’s and Kraft’s money trees. If he can make the state and county uncomfortable enough they might cut a deal and quit fighting the abatement of his conviction. With that done Kraft would be more likely to quietly settle out to make this go away.

  9. Baez does know that there are “zero dollars” left in Hernandez’ estate, doesn’t he? If the house does sell, the money should be split between his daughter (put it in a trust and give nothing to her mother),and his victim’s families. It won’t be much, but it’s something. And no one owes Aaron Hernandez anything. He did this to himself.

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