Michael Oher cited for misdemeanor assault

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Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher has been cited for misdemeanor assault after an incident with an Uber driver.

Oher, who is one of the NFL’s most famous players because his life story was made into The Blind Side, was cited by Nashville police, according to WKRN.

WSOC reports that an Uber driver claimed he and Oher got into an argument during a ride on April 14. The driver says he put his hand on Oher’s face and Oher knocked him to the ground. Oher is set to appear for booking on Monday.

The Panthers confirmed they are aware of the incident but said nothing further.

“We are aware an incident occurred involving Michael. We have no further comment at this time,” the team said in a statement.

Oher suffered a concussion in Week Three of last season, missed the rest of the year and still hasn’t been medically cleared to return, although the Panthers said in March that Oher is working out and feels great.

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  1. One of those ticky-tack stories where the guy shouldn’t have put his hand in his face and Oher shouldn’t have pushed him. Ultimately, I expect nothing to come of this. Just a minor bad look for Oher, who will likely have to hear this from fans for the rest of his life.

  2. It takes a pretty brave Uber driver put his hand on Oher’s face. That said now Ill sit back and wait for all the bad blindside jokes

  3. ok so what is he suppose to do when someone puts their hand on your face during a heated argument…

  4. I have no clue what an uber is, but if the driver put his hand on my face during an argument, I’d knock him down, too.

    I hope they throw this one in the garbage where it belongs.

  5. Um, the Uber driver said he put his hands on Oher’s face? I question why Oher was cited. You lay hands on me I might have an issue too. So we can shoot someone in Florida because we suspect and issue but you actually assault me in Nashville and I can’t respond? Something seems a little…off about that logic.

  6. I think most people would slap someones hand off them if it got put on their face. A not unreasonable reaction.

  7. nyneal says:
    May 4, 2017 6:25 PM
    I have no clue what an uber is, but if the driver put his hand on my face during an argument, I’d knock him down, too.

    I hope they throw this one in the garbage where it belongs.

    Actually you’d probably try to knock him down but end up being the one who got knocked down

  8. Sounds like a bravo sierra screen by the Panthers to me. If he is not going to play, then cut him and move on.

  9. “The driver says he put his hand on Oher’s face and Oher knocked him to the ground. ”


    If you’re arguing with a man that size, it’s probably not wise to put your hand ON his face. That could be construed as a slap or a punch. I’d shove you too.

  10. Why would you ever argue with an Uber driver. Ask to be let out and get another car then rate the guy a zero and complain about the ride. Uber would refund the ride.
    Arguing serves no purpose.

  11. “Oher knocked him to the ground”


    Was he driving the Flintstone’s car with the hole in the floor for Fred’s swollen feet?

    Anyhow, placing your hands on an NFL lineman’s face usually means the argument ended early for you.

  12. The guy can barley stop a pass rusher. I am guessing the uber driver won the battle

  13. You don’t pay cash for Uber. You download the App and give them a credit card when you initially sign up. I can’t believe some do nit know what Uber is. That’s funnier then this article

  14. Sounds to me like that case will be dismissed. It doesn’t sound like he went Joe Mixon on the guy. His lawyer will have a good case for the other guy starting it and Oher didn’t use excessive force to get him away.

  15. You mean Bengals players aren’t the only ones that get arrested occasionally? No way…

  16. And here I thought Bengals players were the only ones that get arrested.

  17. There could be a connection between his season-ending concussion and his aggressiveness. That said, I don’t like hands to the face, either.

  18. misdemeanor assault? how does he expect to be a patriot if he keeps refusing to kill people?

  19. 1. If Oher punched the guy they’d probably have said it. “Knocks a guy to the ground” sounds like an ambiguous way to make a shove seem more relevant but whatever.

    2. Though I’m not a fan of any player on my team getting in trouble this seems relatively minor and nothing should come of this. There’s a lot of players that are prone to off the field issues and I don’t see Oher as one of them. I don’t pretend to know the situation or what the argument was about or precisely what happened, but it doesn’t seem like much.

  20. best believe that court system will get its money one way or another police are really starting to over prescribe citations make it about the crime and not just to collect money no reason why something like this needs to end up in court

  21. end up in court these days for accidently bumping into somebody while your walking absolute joke of a justice system

  22. This is ridiculous! The guy admitted he put his hands on Oher. Oher had every right to knock him down.
    I am all for NFL players behaving themselves off the field, but this has gone too far.
    It reminds me of the late Alex Karras, great DT for the Lions. He said he couldn’t go to a bar to have a drink when he was still playing because some 5′ 10″ 175 lb guy would have a few drinks, and suddenly turn into a 6’4″ 250 lb guy who’d want to fight Karras.
    If they bring this to trial and the NFL ends up disciplining Oher, it’ll be a travesty. Think about it. We’ve all had arguments with someone. If during the argument they put their hands on your face, how many of you would react in a similar fashion to what Oher did? You could take me to jail right now because you put your hands on my face during an argument, I’d try to knock you down, too.
    The only way that Oher should be charged with anything is if there is more to the story than what this article says. Otherwise, not guilty!

  23. One reason comes to mind why Oher might be riding Uber – maybe he’d been drinking and didn’t want to drive. Responsible and all. Or not, but if that was the case, it was an even dumber move to touch the face of a drunken NFL lineman.

  24. In what world can you put your hands on another man’s face and not get ko’d? He deserved whatever he got for that move. Why are you touching his face anyway? Was it in the heat of things you realized you wanted to give him a smooch and moved in?

  25. Oher could have killed that guy if he wanted. Charges will be dropped, what the Uber driver did ( placing his hand on Oher’s face ) could be classified as assault as well and Oher has the right to defend himself.

  26. “The driver says he put his hand on Oher’s face and Oher knocked him to the ground. Oher is set to appear for booking on Monday.”
    If this is true, Oher is the one who should file charges and the driver, got what he deserved.

  27. Somehow I am getting the feeling that Oher is not the guy that was
    portrayed in the movie. However I always wonder about an arresting
    officers ” disgresson ” regarding arresting or citing one person in a
    two person fight. I’m guessing the driver was the first to call in the complaint …or make the complaint. I always tell clients it pays to be
    first to call the police. ( see Revis case) . So if you do get in a bar fight,or a physical confrontation, make sure you are first in the door.

  28. My question is how does the Uber driver walk? This guy must have balls the size of basketballs to put his hand in the face of guys that’s 6’4″ 315.

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