Patriots find a trick-shot kicker in Nebraska, of course

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The Patriots have long looked outside the margins for talented football players, and their latest experiment is with a trick-shot kicker who never played college football.

According to Mike Reiss of, the Patriots are bringing on Josh Gable for a tryout.

Gable’s been playing for something called the Nebraska Danger of something called the Indoor Football League, and also did a turn in the Spring League in West Virginia earlier this year.

He played international soccer (signing with an Italian team after high school), and has knocked around the fringes of various indoor leagues since coming home. In his spare time, he’s produced a number of trick-shot videos, including one of him nailing the goalpost while kicking from the goal line.

The Patriots are well-covered on special teams with Stephen Gostkowski, but Gable obviously got their attention with his unique skills, and as other players have shown, sometimes the gimmick can be the foot in the door, as quarterback Alex Tanney’s still hanging around with the Titans.

Or maybe Bill Belichick has something up his sleeve, and is thinking about bringing back the drop kick.

40 responses to “Patriots find a trick-shot kicker in Nebraska, of course

  1. Gostowski needs a reminder that the way to stay on the team is to make field goals and extra points, not just come pretty close and then shrug and walk back to the sideline.

  2. Those videos are amazing. I’d like to see if he can do that under game conditions. More important than the trick kicks is his accuracy in hitting poles and the 70-yard distance. This guy could be a great kicker or maybe just the Uncle Rico of placekicking.

  3. ….um I love Gostowski..but he’s been straddling the border of “well covered” the past few years.

  4. Whatever the reasoning, they are doing this guy a favor by exposing him to the rest of the league.

    The Pats are not only run by winners, but great people.

  5. NO WAY they win the SB again this year…I mean, NO WAY…right??? right??? please??!?!?! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  6. Bill sure knows how to keep summer camp intresting. Hope the kid entertains everyone. BTW, the Bengals grabbed Jake Elliot and the Patriots were very high on him….if he had dropped, Gostkowski would have had a real challenge in camp.

  7. We know of course that should Belichick both sign and use him for some kind of legal kick that butt hurts coaches like John Harbaugh. The result would be lots of screaming to the NFL and the press, ESPN will be calling the Patriots cheaters and all of the resident trolls will be licking their lips. The following year the Ravens, Colts ,Steelers, Giants and others will try to get the practice outlawed. Typical Belichick he plays chess while the other coaches play checkers or tic tack toe should they find checkers too challenging.

  8. Here, let me save you the trouble….
    There, don’t you feel better now??!!
    Quest for #6 coming to you soon starting at the RAZOR!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  9. Do we need to change the rules again to prevent the Pats from finding another loophole in the rule book. It’s not fair to the other kids on the playground. We need to bring Bellichick down to their level. Or just let him do it and then call him a cheater so they feel better and give em orange slices

  10. BB is good at identifying core skill sets, transferrable to playing in the NFL.

    has brought in wrestling, rugby, soccer and other athletes with success.

  11. Speaking of drop kicks (one of the few remaining direct links with rugby), I’m surprised more NFL teams don’t scout rugby pros – at the top level they can kick 50yds or so but at an angle to the posts (so the posts are narrower) which is quite a feat.

    Speaking of such angles, I kinda wish the NFL could do something like this, positioning the k-ball back from the point where the ball was caught or broke the plane like in rugby (this is done to reward a team that can force a ball down the D’s throat) – rather than just allowing an easy straight-ahead kick regardless but messing with the distance to make it tougher (and messing with formation/leaping rules to make it easier again).

  12. He wants to show him off in the pre-season and use him as fodder for a trade. The dude can kick but I don’t see him replacing Gostkowski. He would be handy if they had to make a field goal from the sideliness or the 1 yard line from the corner post.

  13. I believe the drop kick was banned and Flutie was the last one to do it while playing with the Patriots incidentally.

  14. As we speak, Goodell is already writing a new rule to ban trick shot kickers from the NFL. But since the Patriots have already violated the rule that Goodell hasn’t even written yet, he already is planning to ban Brady 4 games for being generally aware that Goodell might write this rule.

  15. I believe the drop kick was banned and Flutie was the last one to do it while playing with the Patriots incidentally



    click on the last link in the article…..Patriots tried one in 2015 (Nate Ebner).

    and from the 2016 rulebook:

    Rule 6 Free Kicks
    ARTICLE 1.
    (a) A kickoff puts the ball in play at the start of each half, after a try, and after a successful field goal. A dropkick or placekick may be used for a kickoff.

    (b) A safety kick puts the ball in play after a safety. A dropkick, placekick, or punt may be used for a safety kick. A tee cannot be used for a safety kick.

    Rule 9 Scrimmage Kick
    ARTICLE 1. KICK ON OR BEHIND LINE OF SCRIMMAGE. Team A may attempt a punt, drop kick, or placekick from on or behind the line of scrimmage

  16. Not much, the guys kicking in Aussie rules FB can make some kicks from angles you can’t even see. Plus go quickly if need by and get the ball up very, very high as well. Fun to watch.

  17. No there hehateme2 (original name by the way), it’s just the way haters who find excuses for their ineptitude of their own team. When you finally realize you have to play football instead of conspiracy theories and pointing fingers to win the game, you actually practice and improve week to week. Then maybe, just maybe you can can change your handle to, HelearnedMe2day.

    hehateme2 says:
    May 4, 2017 7:00 AM
    “outside the margins” is one way to put it…cheating is another.

  18. There’s an additional rule wrinkle that I’m sure has Belichick intrigued — if a punt is received as a fair catch, then the receiving team may choose a free kick from the point of the catch — and if the kicker can get the ball through the uprights, it’s a genuine field goal! Real rule.

    This was debated after SB LI when Edelman fair caught the Falcon’s punt toward the end of regulation — instead of running a trick play with Lewis (which injured him), BB could have had Ghostman try a free kick/field goal — which cannot be contested or blocked, it’s the same as a kickoff, the Kicker can dropkick or use a tee — so a trick kicker would be perfect match for it. Only problem is, if the guy isn’t good enough for other things, you’re taking a roster spot for a situation which only is worth the risk with seconds left on the clock at the end of the half, or needing a tie breaking or winning shot with almost no time left in the 4th.

    But imagine the league office if the Pats win a game with a free kick field goal from their own 40 with time running out. Bwahahahahahaha!

  19. Well if he’s planning to do something new, that no other teams are doing, and there’s no explicit rule against it, isn’t that cheating?

    El oh El!!! Snuck snuck snuk snuk!

  20. After watching Chris Boswell and that feeble onside kick against the Ravens last November, I think the Steelers should give this guy a look.

    If I remember correctly, Boswell tried to be fancy and missed the ball.

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