Texans deny shunning Jay Cutler

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A strange report emerged in recent days regarding the Texans and quarterback Jay Cutler. Specifically, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reported that the Texans ignored multiple phone calls from Cutler.

Making the report more unusual than usual was the image of Cutler dialing and dialing and dialing and waiting and waiting and waiting and the Texans ignoring and ignoring and ignoring. That’s not how it works; agent Bus Cook would have been the one calling the Texans on Cook’s behalf. And, surely, the Texans would have talked to Cook.

Why wouldn’t they? Even if they don’t want Cutler, they will be dealing with Cook on other clients. They need to have a good relationship with Cook. Ignoring his calls isn’t conducive to that.

Apart from the fact that the image of Cutler calling the Texans and the Texans consistently ignoring him isn’t practical, the Texans have denied it. Via FOXSports.com, G.M. Rick Smith said on ESPN Radio that the report of a Cutler shunning simply aren’t true.

I don’t know why that was reported,” Smith said. “That’s just not true. I will tell you that that is not true.”

Besides, it’s a matter of semantics. The Texans obviously weren’t interested in Cutler, who presumably wants a guaranteed starting job and a commensurate salary. If Cutler were willing to take the veteran minimum and a chance to compete, maybe things would have been different.

Regardless, the Texans have Deshaun Watson and Tom Savage and Brandon Weeden, and they simply don’t have a need for Cutler.

19 responses to “Texans deny shunning Jay Cutler

  1. I thought the most interesting part of this article was that Bus Cook is still around. I thought he faded away with Lord Favre.

  2. While as a Packers fan I found the idea of this amusing, I didn’t believe it. Jay isn’t a great QB, but for someone like the Texans he’d be at least worth talking to.

  3. looks like coach killer cutler has killed his last coach

    jeez he isn’t even worthy to occupy the lowly position on the QB spectrum of guys like charlie clipboard jesus whitehurst and chase daniel…

  4. I find it interesting that Jay cutler who was a starter for years can’t find a job, yet his old backup Brian Hoyer who was destroyed in playoff game, keeps finding them. Jay is stirred by the media.

  5. As illustrated in the article Rappaport’s ‘report’ makes no sense, Cutler wouldn’t make his own calls and no team would fail to at least return a call from an established agent. Can’t help but wonder about the supposed source and what their agenda was. It would be great if it turns out it came about because Cutler was twisting somebody’s tail.

  6. Jay was blackballed, from a black guy, hope you feel better! Understanding what you comment on helps you not hate the truth

  7. tdshouldbeinthehall says:
    May 4, 2017 12:00 PM
    Why no stink about Jay being blackballed? He has more on field talent than your boy CK. Guess it only counts if your black


    Trump football.

    Cutler is a bum. He’s old, he has an injury history and he’s a bum. So look at the fact that he’s a washed up, beat up bum before letting the tiny trumps loose.

  8. “That’s not how it works; agent Bus Cook would have been the one calling the Texans on Cook’s behalf. ”

    On Cook’s behalf? Shouldn’t that be on Cutlers’ behalf?

  9. Why would they deny it? If I were a Texans fan, I’d want them to shout from the roof tops that they want nothing what so ever to do with him in a Texans uniform and that the only way he’s getting into the stadium is by purchasing a ticket.

  10. I think a lot of people are thinking Cutler has more desire to keep playing football than he actually does. He’s got a hot wife, a bajillion dollars in the bank and kids that he’s young and healthy enough to enjoy, and a cause he’s committed to outside of football. I think if it turns out he never plays another down he’d actually be OK with that. He’s certainly not going to put himself through any more pain for a loser team (he did that long enough), or sign a lowball deal.

  11. Florio, the only part about your story I don’t get is “That’s not how it works; agent Bus Cook would have been the one calling the Texans on Cook’s behalf. “.

    Other than that…

  12. It’s Rapoport. Things tend to become a lot more dramatic than they really are when he reports things.

    Similar to Florio being able to make a minor event into something much more impactfull.

  13. Teams aren’t looking at him because he just had rotator cuff surgery. He can’t even throw the ball yet. He may not be able to throw it again. The surgery is at best 50% effective.
    Other than that, why would he want to play again. As someone stated above. Hot wife, enough money, brains aren’t scrambled yet, kids, a great guy for the face of a great foundation in JDRF. Enjoy retirement.

  14. Jay isn’t the worlds best QB, but at least he is a league average starter. Some of these teams without a QB are nuts for not going after this guy. He is better than what the Texans had last year and what they’ll have this year.

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