How many yards will Adrian Peterson have in Week One?

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Former Vikings running back Adrian Peterson will be facing the Vikings on the first Monday night of the season. And Peterson is looking forward to showing the Vikings defense what he can do against them, after years of boasting that “I’ll hit you guys for 150 or 200 yards.”

So how will Peterson do in that game? It’s the PFT Live question of the day.

Pick an outcome below, argue it out in the comments, and then check out Friday’s show, which includes visits from Jets quarterback Josh McCown, Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman, and Hall of Fame receiver Tim Brown.

15 responses to “How many yards will Adrian Peterson have in Week One?

  1. Has he made his annual announcement of how many yards he’ll rush for yet? Last year it was 2500. I’ll have to wait to cast my vote till then.
    AD =Always Dylusion

  2. I’d say 37 yds on 13 carries. Now if this was 5 years ago I’d have said 100 yds was reasonable.

  3. I think 50-75 because he’s one of 3 guys in the backfield and Breeze is going to throw for 300 like usual. So not much of an opportunity for him.

  4. Brings me back to all the Chris Johnson C2k posts. Just so excited to read about washed up running backs making a new start.
    Arizona Cardinal Emmit Smith

  5. Part of me would like to see him torch the Vikings and part of me would love to see him shut down like my Seahawks usually shut him down.

  6. I think his odds are better of getting a goal line touchdown. Mark Ingram will do most of the dirty work between the 20s and get messed over again at the goal line like usual.

  7. Better yet, you need to post a poll for ~ How many fumbles will Adrian get ~ Thank you!

  8. My guess is that the majority of people who come to this site are knowledgeable football fans. Having said that, I can’t believe people voted AP will go >150 yards.

    Maybe AP has multiple screen names.

  9. I can’t believe so many NFL fans voted AD will rush for under 50 yards. Also strange is the way they think AD is done based largely to a few bad games last year behind a historically bad O-line. They probably thought the same of Favre in 2009.

  10. I hope he knows not to complain if he doesn’t get the ball enough. You have to be a team player to remain on Sean Payton’s team. Just ask the former Saints that were traded.

  11. He can beat alot of things…some with tree branches… But I don’t think he can beat the Vikings defense. Having said that, I wish AP nothing but the best.

  12. I don’t know, that Vikings line is pretty good against the run, and Max Unger isn’t going to be playing the first game for sure. That plus Adrian’s age and the multiple backs with the Saints, and I can’t see over 5o rushing yards.

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