Jay Cutler: I don’t know if retirement is the right word

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Jay Cutler became the second quarterback this offseason to make the move from the field to the broadcast when FOX announced on Friday that he’ll be doing commentary on games for the network this season.

Cutler released a statement after the announcement on Friday thanking his family, coaches and others for their support during his playing career. Cutler also touched on whether or not he considers himself retired.

“I don’t know if retirement is the right word; I don’t feel that anyone ever really retires from the NFL,” Cutler said. “You are either forced to leave, or you lose the desire to do what’s required to keep going. I’m in between those situations at this point in my life. … I recently read a quote that struck a chord with me at the time. It was attributed to Henry Rollins (but with the internet these days, you can never be too sure who really said it). ‘I did that, I gave everything I had to give to that. Now, if I returned to that it would be repetition – it might be fun repetition, but it wouldn’t be meaningful repetition.'”

Cutler reportedly had talks with the Jets and Texans before deciding to take the FOX job with the Jets conversations deemed the more “real” of the two. Other teams may gauge his interest down the road should injury strike and Cutler will have another chance to decide if retirement is the right word when and if that moment comes.

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  1. I don’t feel that anyone ever really retires from the NFL,” Cutler said.

    Actually, anyone who was playing in the NFL and now isn’t is considered retired from the NFL. It’s those kinds of insights we can look forward to hearing from Jay in the broadcast booth. Gosh, I hope my team isn’t the worst in the NFL so I don’t have to listen to that analyst team.

  2. If not the word “retirement”, here’s a few words/phrases to use to describe why he’s not signed yet, if ever:

    Interception Machine
    New Jeff George
    Bad ROI

  3. My guess is he’d like to play, but the teams interested have garbage O-lines and aren’t willing to pay him enough to get his butt kicked for another season when they have no chance of winning in the playoffs anyway.

  4. I think he did the best he could, and that he has a GREAT agent.

    I can’t blame a guy for wanting a job and wanting to play in the NFL and making it happen for himself. Playing professional sports with Type 1 diabetes adds a whole other level of difficulty that most people don’t have to face, and his coaching staff wasn’t the greatest either.

    He won just as many Superbowls as Romo, Matty Ice and a lot of other quarterbacks.

  5. Man, I still think the Texans are going to regret not bringing this guy in, rather than banking their hopes on Tom Savage and/or rookie Watson.

    How about Jacksonville as a backup/potential replacement for Bortles?

    Anyway, him becoming a commentator is the most boring of the possible outcomes.

  6. I really wish people on here would rip that arrogant SOB Erin Rodgers like Cutler gets ripped all the time. He is true to himself and does not need to act or look the way everyone thinks he should. I have never held athletes or anyone on TV to standard as a role model or anything like that. I go to work everyday and am who I am. If people don’t like my facial expressions or my body language then so be it. He went to work everyday and have to give him credit for going to work for that clown of an organization ( I am a huge Bears fan by the way) everyday and doing his best. If the best was not good enough so beit. The Bears should have gotten someone better. Cutler does not have to apologize to anyone for anything. I cannot wait to hear and see his broadcasts. I hope every game the Bears have on Fox this crew is doing it.

  7. Jacksonville seems like it should have been a good fit for him. Florida sucks, but I bet he’d enjoy the sunshine after 8 winters in Chicago. Team could use him, amd they have some great young offensive talent to offer.

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