Jay Cutler to retire from playing, work as FOX commentator

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Jay Cutler is done playing football and ready to start talking about football.

Cutler has joined FOX, where he will work as an analyst in a three-man booth with Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis, according to FOX sideline reporter Peter Schrager.

The move comes after Cutler’s agent had previously said the former Broncos and Bears quarterback would play this season. But perhaps the offer Cutler got from FOX was better than any offer he received from any NFL team.

A 2006 first-round pick of the Broncos, Cutler spent three years in Denver before he was traded to Chicago. In 11 NFL seasons he passed for 32,467 yards, with 208 touchdowns and 146 interceptions.

105 responses to “Jay Cutler to retire from playing, work as FOX commentator

  1. Very similar to Jeff George, killer arm, lightning release, rubs people the wrong way and results on field never lived up to natural talent.

  2. Anything from Fox is probably better than the zero he seems to have been offered elsewhere.

  3. Now the big question is, will he go to the back of the booth and pout like a child when he doesnt get equal air time as his two booth mates. I can hear them now,jay,what do you think of that call? jay? jay?

  4. People here are going to dis this hire but thinking back to his quotes on Marshall’s rants and some others it may be refreshing to have someone a little less robotic in the booth. If Fox doesn’t clamp down on in this could be entertaining.

  5. Because he’s always been riveting as a player.

    I remember how much his teammates loved his energy. I’m sure that’ll translate wonderfully into the booth.

  6. His dynamic personality and sparkling eyes will serve him very well in the broadcast booth.

  7. Football announcers need to be a little more crusty and critical. Not like Gruden’s “Everything is awesome” routine. Hope when Cutler sees a bad play, he’ll call it as such.

    Also, I hope he’s the type to call out a WR/TE for running bad routes. More often than not, tv analysts simply take the lazy way and blame the QB for an interception or incompletion without actually analyzing the play.

  8. If I were Jay Cutler I would probably take my $114 million in career earnings and go on tropical vacations with my gorgeous wife.

  9. The real question that needs to be asked is why no network has offered Colin Kaepernick a job in broadcasting…I’m just kidding, good riddance to that scrub.

  10. Smart, talented player who had the potential to be great had his bad attitude not gotten in the way ..instead he had a mostly mediocre, forgettable career ..why Fox would want him in the broadcast booth is anyone’s guess..

  11. I always thought that a commentator needed to be likeable and show an interest in the game?

  12. Pittsburgh or Arizona should get him in the fold ASAP because when their qb’s go down – and they always do – their SuperBowl hopes go do as well.

    Landry Jones and Drew Stanton? C’mon man!

  13. So Cutler is calling it quits after 11 ho-hum seasons. What a disappointment. I lived in Nashville when he was at Vandy and enjoyed watching him play in person. Remember how amazing that 2006 QB class was supposed to be? Rock stars: Matt Leinart, Vince Young and Cutler. I mean, just … wow.

  14. Good for him.
    The people that keep repeating the same nonsense about Cutler obviously do not know anything about him or what he was really doing.
    Just little girl gossip circles and losers dumping on someone more successful than they are.

    Now you can find a new make-believe villain like good little sheep.

  15. If he had played in New England with those defenses and that protection, he would’ve won five Super Bowls.

  16. ‘CBS our morons for hiring a QB that had 2 playoff wins his entire career. Has to be the worst hire ever’

    Fox: ‘Somebody hold my drink’

  17. For his sake, I hope his TV personality is better than what his football personality appears to be…when I would catch a bit of his games, he always looked like he was pouting to me…

  18. Putting Cutler in a three-man booth is an experiment. If he stinks, it’s easy enough to jettison him after a year or two. OTOH, Jay might just surprise everyone.

  19. Uh, Jay? People who do well in TV are generally LIKEABLE on screen. You fail miserably in that regard. You are thoroughly unlikeable and have come off as a spoiled brat at every single opportunity that you are thrust in front of a camera.

    I don’t see this lasting long.

  20. akira1971 says:

    Also, I hope he’s the type to call out a WR/TE for running bad routes. More often than not, tv analysts simply take the lazy way and blame the QB for an interception or incompletion without actually analyzing the play.

    Case in point: Kirk Cousin’s game against NYG. Two interceptions where they blamed Cousins, even after replay clearly showed WR Garcon FELL on the route after Cousins already released the ball.

    Same with the earlier interception – WR Maurice Harris ran a really sloppy out pattern. A normal, sharp cut would’ve got the ball squarely in his hands instead of an INT.

  21. I see his stats are posted, but what’s not posted is the incredible amount of money this guy stole from owners. Call him what you will, but he was successful at that.

  22. Breaking News!

    NFL Network just hired a chunk of dry wall to work Thursday football.

    Once again why are they hiring football players who have already had their moment? Give the job to some random guy who has worked to become a sports broadcaster.

    This guy is the opposite of Romo and way worse. Who would want to hear his opinions?

  23. Cutler had a cannon for an arm. When his line gave him some time to throw he was as a very good QB. Most of the time he was on his back or running for his life.
    I really like what he told Mike Martz during a game.

    google “jay cutler mike marts” hear it.

  24. Hopefully he doesn’t freak out and start yelling at an assistant on-air because the food spread didn’t have any lemon poppyseed muffins left…

  25. Cutler would have been a great bridge quarterback for a rebuilding team. 2-3 years.. He is disliked but lets be honest hes been on a horrendous bears team for years!

  26. Announcer: “Unbelievable! What a play! Jay, how did you see it?!!”

    Jay: “I don’t care.”

  27. He’s always seemed like a slack jawed idiot with no personality to me, and the IQ of a piece of wood. Can’t imagine he’ll be very successful at this job.

  28. He’s still better than the following without even calling a game:

    Phil Simms
    Emmitt Smith
    (insert any other former players who couldn’t cut it as commentators)

  29. Prediction: He will be much better at it than Romo and will be the go-to football commentator in 3 years because he will have a DGAF attitude that should allow him to give the public what it craves about what they are seeing — the TRUTH!

  30. I am in the minority because I like Jay Cutler. I think he was a good QB who could have been lots better had he had the right coach to work with him. I think he got a bad rap lots of times because he played on teams which were not real good.
    To me, he’s this era’s version of Jeff George. Both of them possessed rare ability that few QB’s have, yet neither of them ever reached their potential.
    I am interested to see how Cutler does as an analyst. I think he’ll do just fine.

  31. My guess he won’t last 1 season. He has got a personality of a mud fence. Fox must be really desperate to think people are going to want to listen to non-expertise. They should not ever let him do a Playoff game……….that’s for sure..

  32. wow this is shocking to me considering he sounds like an unintelligent mono-toned stoner when he talks and he is pretty much universally hated by all football fans.

    From what i’ve read he was never really considered to be “football smart” so when you combine that with his lack of personality it becomes a recipe for failure.

    Get your popcorn ready

  33. The dude has never been very good at communication or demonstrating any personality skills that would make him fit for TV. Must a shortage of talent for any network to want hire Mr. Charming.

  34. I wonder if he’ll get frustrated with his poor performance and just ride an exercise bike on the sidelines while someone else finishes the broadcast for him………..

  35. I hope with all my heart that Cutler’s inability to land a job will finally once and for all shut the mouths of the bleeding heart liberals who claim that Kaep has been blackballed.

    Cutler, for all his weaknesses was a far better quarterback than Kaep and could assimilate to a number of different schemes unlike Kaep. That’s an axiom that no one can deny.

    So, please, please, please all of you out there that are trying to stir the racial pot of iniquity–let it go. It was never about race or demonstrations or lack of patriotism. It was about performance.

  36. ^ Do people not understand any of this! Of course there are Much better qualified options out there but they are not Tony Romo or Jay Cutler in terms of celebrity, football knowledge insight to game etc. Listen to Cutlers interviews with Bears Radio a few years ago he had a weekly Jay Cutler Show. He is value because he has a different style and personality and he is NOT like everyone else! but then again he is talking to the masses but ultimately it will come down to how he can talk about the game

  37. Do people in broadcasting understand that no one wants to hear what Cutler, Rex Ryan, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, Chirs Collinsworth, Warren Sapp or Ray Lewis have to say? TV people can’t figure out why ratings decline and their revenues are down? Talk to your viewers, morons!

  38. joetoronto says:
    May 5, 2017 9:32 AM

    He’s been retired his whole career, no heart at all.
    Sounds just like you, except he actually worked for a living, you never had in your life.

  39. I do hope they’ll always assign Jay to cover Bears games — because there is such a loving fan base there!

  40. Jay is a crybaby of a player who never lived up to his physical talents. That being said, I have a feeling he’ll be a pretty good analyst. I felt the same way about Donovan McNabb. He was much more accomplished than Cutler and was so utterly annoying as a player. However, as long as the topic wasn’t about him, he was actually a really good analyst and commentator. Every time the topic became him or the Eagles, he got so defensive.

  41. There are a lot of actual sportscasters in this country that would love a chance at a network gig. Why give these choice positions to untrained QBs like Romo and Cutler?

  42. kneedragr says:
    May 5, 2017 9:01 AM

    Very similar to Jeff George, killer arm, lightning release, rubs people the wrong way and results on field never lived up to natural talent.
    Cutler was a Hall of Famer compared to Jeff George!

  43. Looks like Fox iNTERCEPTED his attempt to play this year! ba dummmmm bumm chhh

  44. When I think of Jay I don’t think of a guy who is very descriptive with his words…bland, boring, short answers come to mind….and Jeff George was nothing like Jay, Jay is just weird, Jeff was a FAhole….

  45. thegloriousone says:
    May 5, 2017 9:29 AM

    If he had played in New England with those defenses and that protection, he would’ve won five Super Bowls.
    Yep, and even worse, we’d have to listen to all of the Patriot fans – “Cutler! GOAT!”

  46. It takes more than a big arm to play QB. Montana had a fairly average arm and Peyton threw wounded ducks.

  47. niners816 says:
    May 5, 2017 8:58 AM

    Good for Jay. I’ll enjoy his commentary. Underrated and underappreciated. Enjoy retirement, Jay!


    Never would have guess Jay’s mom is a Niners fan.

  48. thegloriousone says:
    May 5, 2017 9:29 AM
    If he had played in New England with those defenses and that protection, he would’ve won five Super Bowls.
    Five? Try 11!!!!!

  49. FOX tends to hire people with no personality whatsoever. Troy Aikman is a perfect example. He’s knowledgeable but speaks with a monotone that puts you to sleep. The only time he perked up broadcasting the Super Bowl was the Edelman catch. Cutler will fit right in. At least CBS hires people that seem excited to be there.

  50. irkjames says:
    May 5, 2017 9:10 AM
    Don’t caaaaaaaaaaare.
    Then don’t cliiiiiiiiiiiiiick and don’t poooooooooooost.

  51. This is a guy that made a ton of money in the NFL, is married to a hot wife, a father of 3, is heavily involved in charity ( look it up ), never caused any trouble, and is walking away from the game with his physical & mental health.

    I’ll agree that he didn’t appear to show the passion for the game, and perhaps that is the reason he is viewed as not a great leader, or why he didn’t win a Superbowl…but the guy is a huge success.

    Best of luck on your TV career Cutler.

  52. winningisabrees says:
    May 5, 2017 10:16 AM
    Not a great stat line

    His career numbers are pretty much identical to Carson Palmer and Jim Kelly.
    Kelly is in the Hall of Fame and how many Super Bowels did he win?

    The Texans are making a huge mistake by not bringing in Cutler.
    Those windows do not stay open for very long.

  53. QB Film Room says:
    May 5, 2017 10:26 AM

    Stop Ripping on Cutler! He never had a great team and never was Brady Like with anticipation


    Matt Forte RB, Martellus Bennett TE, Brandon Marshall WR1, Alashon Jeffery WR2……..Nope he never had a team to work with……

  54. Very intelligent fellow but don’t think he will be very entertaining. Very few in the booth besides Madden could have both insight and be funny at the same time. Not sure why all the negative posts as I don’t think he ever hit any females or used a switch on his kids.

    Where are the modern Howard Cosells?

  55. Yeah people act like announcing is going to be easy for Romo and Cutler. Its like someone leaving the nfl and 5 months later star in a co lead role in some big name play in a sense.

  56. Let me get this straight:

    jay quiter, “mr. personality” – possibly the most unpopular athlete in decades,
    the new millennium Jeff George …

    is going into BROADCASTING?

    What next? Mike Tyson doing family counselling?

    What a friggin’ joke.

    This will not end well.

  57. Interesting hire. Guy has the personality of the floor.
    I will never forget the playoff game he came out with tweaked
    knee. Not gonna question the injury or his toughness but
    why wasn’t he wearing headphones and holding a clipboard
    for the rest of that game instead of moping under his hoodie?? Smh

  58. Once again why are they hiring football players who have already had their moment? Give the job to some random guy who has worked to become a sports broadcaster.

    why those guys suck, but jay got hosed in Chicago by the front office crappy offensive lines, bad receivers for years then no defense after Lovie left

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