Jay Cutler’s first game for FOX will feature Bears

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Jay Cutler won’t have to wait long for an opportunity to use his new post in a FOX broadcast booth to share his thoughts about his former team.

Cutler will be joining Kevin Burkhardt and Charles Davis in a three-man crew and, during an appearance on Mad Dog Sports Radio with Adam Schein, Burkhardt revealed when they’ll work together for the first time. Burkhardt said that the team’s first game together will come in the third week of the preseason when the Bears travel to Nashville to take on the Titans.

Burkhardt also shared some of his thoughts on Cutler’s audition for the job. He said Cutler was “so into the preparation” and that Cutler’s performance left him feeling confident that Cutler’s “sarcastic humor” will help him be a good fit for the job.

That humor could be put to good use when Cutler, who Burkhardt said is “excited” about working that game, is given a chance to discuss his former team. We’ll see how it all works out come August 27.

38 responses to “Jay Cutler’s first game for FOX will feature Bears

  1. “… And now for an ambivalent, half-assed and grumpy read we go Jay Cutler standing by in the studio. Jay, give us your thoughts…”

  2. Beautiful opportunity to absolutely bury John Fox for being one of the biggest clowns and frauds in all of sports! I hope there are four days worth of headlines after the game picking it all apart too.

    You go Jay, all of Detroit is behind you!!!

  3. Cutter had a rocket for an arm and good height, if he had half the heart of a Russell Wilson, he may of won twice as many games as he did…so now, I’m supposed to tune in to hear insight from an ex-player I had no respect for while they were in the league? Swing and a miss Fox–I guess you’re sexual harassment education for your employees wasn’t the worst thing you’ve done thus far.

  4. What’s worse…the JETS wouldn’t touch him..or that fox sports did?! 🙄😳. As a patriots fan from mass living in Chicago and my wife is a Chicagoan and bears fan, we won’t watch ANY game Jay calls. He might stop caring by kickoff.

  5. It’s crazy to think this guy played as many years as he did in the NFL.

  6. All of you that continue to express such a fervent dislike for the man know very little about him and probably rarely watched him play. He’s about as tough as they come and, although maddening at times, I liked watching him reset the Bears record book.

    All I can say is, not bad for a kid from Santa Claus, Indiana.

    Best wishes in all you do, Jay!

  7. Best thing for Kevin and Charles to do is mention every couple of minutes that they’re “running a little low on coffee, Jay.”

    He is the new guy after all.

  8. I sure am going to miss those classic Jay Cutler plays, like the one where he’s being chased out of the pocket carrying the ball like a loaf of bread with some D-lineman is on his tail and you just know another fumble is in his immediate future.

  9. Guy has the personality of old wallpaper. Me thinks this experiment will not last long…

  10. Can’t wait! I thought you needed to have a little “personality” for those jobs? Guess not. Can my “pet” rock apply for one of those gigs?

  11. Not sure why FOX would make his first game with the Bears. He’s already proven that he is not good in games involving the Bears.

  12. Great integrity test: If he doesn’t say the Bears stink and have been mismanaged he’s not truthful, but if he does his star will sky-rocket.

    The people want the TRUTH from the media, not bias or shilling. Try it!

  13. I’d like to hear what he’s got to say about the McDaniels/Tebow fiasco in Denver.
    A little different sequence of events and that Super Bowl would have been his instead of Manning’s.

  14. Few things in the world are as beautiful as a well-thrown, expertly-timed Jay Cutler interception. He will be missed by the NFC North.

    I picture him doing broadcasts on a stationary bike with a grumpy look on his face, much like in the 2011 NFC Championship Game.

  15. It is unethical and unprofessional to have a former player or coach for a team to cover it as an announcer; I’d say that after 20 years pass, there is no problem – but this is just as outrageous as having Troy Barkman’s pro-cowpie coverage of his former team, and that disgusting yutz and mirror admirer, Phillie Sims to cover the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate team and to gush all over it (literally).

  16. I couldn’t care less about who is in the booth, just get the names, numbers and teams right and I’m good.

    I do love Chris Spielman though.

  17. More proof of the media developing stories and selling the narrative for the masses to buy. Here’s a novel idea, maybe think for yourselves, gather your own information and form your own opinions. Jay is a stand up guy, always took the high road when called out by everyone. Was he the best QB ever, no, hardly, but these comments are just laughable. I’ve listened to his radio show weekly, and loved his personality. He’s going to be pretty damn good at this, but there will still be the awful people that dump on him because he’s Jay Cutler and they have been “programmed” to do so. . Good luck Jay, wish things would have turned out better being a Bears fan, but you’re okay in my book!!!

  18. I think Cutler will be very entertaining. He’s intelligent, witty, and he knows the game. Who cares if he wasn’t the greatest QB of all time?

  19. It has become painful listening to guys like Phil Sims and Dan Fouts–I look forward to hear the perspective that someone different who has recently played will bring.

  20. Well, in that game, the Bears are playing the Falcons so given his history with the Bears and the Super Bowl collapse by the Falcons, there’s more than enough material to be discussed for three hours.

  21. Can’t wait to see a tight game, late in the 4th quarter and Cutler throws it to the wrong sideline reporter. It’s gotta happen. True to form.

  22. stexan says:
    May 5, 2017 3:41 PM
    I’d like to hear what he’s got to say about the McDaniels/Tebow fiasco in Denver.
    A little different sequence of events and that Super Bowl would have been his instead of Manning’s.


    career NFL playoff wins: Tebow 1, Jay Cutler 1

  23. I can’t wait until the first time when someone on Jay’s broadcast team says; “now, let’s TURN IT OVER to you, Jay”

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