Marvin Lewis says there will be no football vs. baseball race

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Perhaps the only thing faster in Cincinnati than either John Ross or Billy Hamilton was Marvin Lewis pulling the plug on any thoughts of them racing each other.

The Bengals coach said he didn’t approve of the suggestion of his first-round wide receiver (and all-time Scouting Combine speed king) staging an exhibition race against the Cincinnati Reds center fielder/base-stealer.

John is not a circus act or anything. John is a football player, ” Lewis said, via Katherine Terrell of “I don’t think either one of them needs to risk their careers in some kind of race.”

Hamilton brought the idea up, and it’s always fascinating to see how the varying definitions of speed (Hamilton’s one of, if not the fastest players in baseball) stack up.

But Lewis also pointed out that Ross wouldn’t be medically cleared for minicamp in June because of his recovery from labrum surgery, and Lewis said he needed to work himself into shape for his day job.

26 responses to “Marvin Lewis says there will be no football vs. baseball race

  1. Oh, good! Now, the media can whine like crazy. While it does sound interesting on the surface, a simple act could ruin a
    career, so got get ’em Marvin.

  2. good safe conservative comment –

    Conservative NEVER wins the Superbowl

  3. Now a face punching contest, that’s something Mr Lewis can get behind.

  4. In football, you march downfield, penetrate enemy territory, and get into the end zone.

    In baseball, the object is to go home.

    “I’m going home!”

  5. Angry Orange Man says: “now a face punching contest, that’s something Mr Lewis can get behind”.

    …….so says someone called ‘angry orange man’…….

  6. Well considering his stance on players respecting his disciplinary measures…when and where will the race take place? Probably at Paul Brown Stadium…BOOK IT!!

  7. A simple sprint can endanger your career? What happens when he actually plays football? This type of fearful, timid thinking is why the Bengals crumble in tough situations.

  8. I find it egregiously hypocritical that Marvin Lewis says that John Ross is “not a circus act” and that neither one of these athletes need to “risk their careers in some kind of race.” While it might not be a sound idea for a professional athlete to exert his body in an unnecessary capacity, it was a neat idea to raise some money for charity.

    Meanwhile, a prospective players 40 time is meticulously looked at to predict and ensure a players greatness. But let’s be honest: we all know how many careers the 40 has ended. This needs to be put to a stop…

    I full expect Marvin Lewis to boycott the circus every February when it comes to Indianapolis.

  9. Why risk injury? I recall a number of years ago that a young running back named Robert Edwards blew out his knee participating in some worthless rookie flag football game during Pro Bowl (speaking of worthlessness) week .

    Edwards had rushed for 1100 plus yards in his rookie season for the Patriots and after the knee injury he was never the same.

  10. As a fan of both teams I’d love to see the race, on the other hand as a fan of both teams I agree with Marvin 100%

  11. justandrews says:
    May 6, 2017 6:30 AM
    They’re not running a circus, they’re running a correctional facility.

    And they are just about as successful as one when it comes to rehabilitating the ‘inmates’

  12. Very smart move by Marvin. Stop that type thinking early . Both have better things to do with their teams.

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