Todd Bowles: Calvin Pryor had better not be afraid of competition

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The Jets used their first two draft picks on safeties, which coupled with the decision not to pick up his fifth-year option puts 2014 first-rounder Calvin Pryor on notice. And it also forces him to compete.

On that point, coach Todd Bowles had a pointed message for Pryor: “If you’re afraid of competition, you don’t need to be here.”

As noted by Connor Hughes of, Pryor has invited the extra competition because he hasn’t performed very well in three NFL seasons. So now Pryor will have to contend with Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye.

The only good news for Pryor is that, with the team not picking up his option, Pryor can hit the open market and cash in, if he can have a big year in 2017.

14 responses to “Todd Bowles: Calvin Pryor had better not be afraid of competition

  1. Translation: Calvin Pryor is an under achieving 1st round pick from the Rex Ryan/John Idzik era.
    Dead man walking.

  2. Well, his rookie season he was a Strong Safety that had to play Free Safety because the team was ill-put together.

    And, nobody seemed to realize he would have been better off playing his natural position, and then just suck at free safety. Instead they put him at free safety and they sucked anyway.

    His next year, he was a lot better, but hurt a lot.

    Last year…he was not good. It did not help that Revis was also terrible, but the Jets secondary was really bad. Its one thing to not have talent, but the confusion and blown coverages were also a common problem.

    So is this a defensive coordinator issue or players that are simply not getting it? We’ll find out soon.

    Of course, If Jets have Maye and Adams and THEY can’t figure out the defensive system, Jets will have new coaches for 2018

  3. I had hopes for the kid but he struggles in communication, tackling, and coverage. Not to mention I can’t even count the amount of times I watched him chase down a wide receiver, or running back and just give up.

  4. I remember when this guy was drafted and the Jets’ fans were saying the Patriots reign was over.

  5. walker1191 says:
    May 6, 2017 5:57 PM
    I remember when this guy was drafted and the Jets’ fans were saying the Patriots reign was over.

    Insert another draftee and team and that could be a lot of different team’s fans. Rinsed and repeated annually over the past 15 years.

  6. Jets could have taken him or Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix.

    Dix is playing for a much, much better team, but he got his option picked up and either the packers or somebody will pay him $$

    Pryor? I don’t know.

  7. >>hamlet423 says:
    May 6, 2017 7:42 PM
    Jets could have taken him or Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix.

    Look at all the defensive draft picks made while Rex Ryan was with the Jets. In 6 years only *ONE* of them panned out, Mohamed Wilkerson.
    The Jets could have taken a lot of players over the years, but they took bust after bust. Rex Ryan was a poisonous influence on the drafting.

  8. It makes no difference if Pryor is there or not. Even if the Jets had Norman and Sherman back in the secondary the results will be the same as usual. I was a Jets fan for 31 years, but the owner and management beat me in to not being a fan of the Jets.
    It’s the same story every year. For some reason they can’t get it through their thick heads that the New York Jets will not win squat unless they get a above average or great QB. Defense wins championships, but management can’t even get that side of the ball right. Their whole way thinking is off. Spend crazy amounts of cash on past their prime players, totally go cheap on the QB position year after year, and see a wild card game as a major accomplishment. The Jets had a chance in this years draft and what did they do? Didn’t even think about a QB. Same Jets different season. How many times…Vinny…Farve…after the Pats Revis…ect ECT ect…
    In the end it really doesn’t matter who the Jets run out on that field, eventual failure is imminent. Good luck, but everybody knows that the Jets will be looking up at the Dolphins and Pats once again. Heck, the Bills will probably be ahead of them in the standings too.

  9. Dedxx

    I’m a die hard Jets fan. I know exactly what your talking about, but if your a true fan, your a fan for life. Do u really think one of the quarterbacks in this years draft or 2nd rate free agents were a better option? I rather think about the ’10 playoff game when the Jets beat the Patriots in Foxboro. That’s the closest feeling I got to the Jets winning the superbowl. No disrespect to Pats fans. That’s how much I value your franchise. Can’t imagine as a fan, my team winning 5 superbowls in a 15 year period. I only hope to experience that. I’ll just be happy with my Jets destroying the Colts wildcard ’02 memories

  10. Right here is the problem with the Jets . Bowles acting like a tough guy running his mouth to the media . A good coach would sit Pryor down to deliver this message not use the media . Already knew Bowles was a terrible coach , this just adds to the ever growing list of mistakes that prove it .

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