49ers dump K.D. Cannon after rookie minicamp

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The 49ers thought well enough of undrafted receiver K.D. Cannon a week ago to give him a $5,000 signing bonus and a $40,000 guaranteed salary. After the team’s rookie minicamp, they thought poorly enough of Cannon to cut him.

PFT has confirmed that Cannon has been waived after only a weekend of non-contact practices with other rookies and tryout players.

He’ll be subject to waivers, but it’s unlikely anyone will claim the contract and step into San Francisco’s shoes as to the $40,000 in guaranteed base salary. If someone signs Cannon as a free agent and he makes a regular-season roster, the 49ers can make back the $40,000, if the contract contains offset language on the guarantee. (It would be a shock if it didn’t.)

Regarded as a fourth-or-fifth-round prospect coming out of Baylor, the biggest knock on Cannon is that he has a slender frame.

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  1. Give the niners credit for admitting a small mistake and moving on. A lot of other teams probably would have kept him on the 90 man and quietly waived him in the first week of camp

  2. I don’t believe it’s his frame. His knock was being able to learn a playbook in the NFL after coming from the Baylor system. Purely speculation here, he probably didn’t take it seriously and they let him go. The emphasis this year seems to be about players who WANT to play football, so it makes sense.

  3. It will be interesting to find out why he was cut so soon following rookie camp. Was it injury, attitude or some other reason?

  4. Education isn’t free. John Lynch is learning on the job. Veteran GMs make tons of mistakes too. Lynch has a six year contract, so he has plenty of time to figure it out. Jed York would never eat a contract.

  5. It’s not his frame, they haven’t seen anything from him yet. He definitely ruined his own situation somehow.

  6. I prefer people who have the guts to admit they made a mistake over those who are afraid to do that.
    The Niners did the right thing. If they thought this kid was a mistake, better to cut your losses now.

  7. On a team that is likely to carry over fewer than half it’s previous year’s starters, and almost none of its WR corps, there was a lot of opportunity. Unfortunately he squandered his as the local beat writers say that he didn’t play with any sort of urgency.

    And since Shanahan and Lynch are looking for hard-chargers who play hard every down and every practice…

    Well, there you have it.

  8. tonebones says:
    May 7, 2017 10:11 PM
    Education isn’t free. John Lynch is learning on the job. Veteran GMs make tons of mistakes too. Lynch has a six year contract, so he has plenty of time to figure it out. Jed York would never eat a contract.

    lol. You mean besides Nolan, Singletary, McCloughan, Baalke, Tomsula & Kelly…

    I swear in the old days, 49er fans were pretty decent about the general operations of the team. But over the years they’ve become more and more ‘low information’ to the point of that silly post.

    As of right now we owe as much as $69 million to just Tomsula and Kelly from that group of clowns if they don’t get coaching jobs somewhere else. So when 2017 kicks off the 49ers will be in the dock for nearly $100 million in current and past coaching salaries.

  9. Hey, the kid made 40K for basically doing nothing. That’ll get him a decent used car to get back and forth to McD’s for steady employment.

  10. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone getting cut afte the first minicamp like this guy. I’m guessing it’s a combination of everything that people mentioned–he probably didn’t bother to study the playbook, he probably wasn’t in shape, he probably had an attitude and probably didn’t put forth effort. Whatever it was, it had to be pretty bad to get dumped after they took one look at him.

    This guy had his shot and blew it. He likely won’t get another one anywhere. Maybe he was excited about getting a $40k contract and decided he had it made. He’ll find out real soon how far that $40k goes.

  11. Parked in the coaches spot? Showed up late? Either way, $40k made fast….wish I could make $40k in 2 days….shoot maybe he’s the one writing all over the internet, ‘make $40k in 2 days….click here.’

  12. 49ers haven’t been relevant in 20 years.

    Only small window was when they had that college coach on payroll.

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