Clyde Christensen expects “gigantic year” from DeVante Parker

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Many in the league believe receivers break out if at all in their third NFL seasons. For Dolphins receiver DeVante Parker, a first-round pick in 2015, Year Three has arrived. The team now expects Parker to do the same. In a big way.

Offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen set the bar very high for Parker during Saturday comments to reporters.

“The great thing is we’re seeing what we were hoping to see, and that’s, A, a healthy DeVante Parker – he is running probably better than I’ve seen him run since I’ve been here — and a hungry DeVante Parker. I think he has been around a lot more than last year. He is practicing hard. He’s queued in on this thing — zeroed in I guess is our word this year — zeroed in. So, we are seeing what we wanted to see out of him.”

And here’s what Clyde expects from Parker: “We need him to be a big play, No. 1 receiver. That’s what he has the potential to be. That’s what he has to be, and to play at a high level week after week after week after week in a consistent manner. It’s not easy to do, but he has the skills to do it, which not many guys do have. Now he’s applying himself. He has always worked, but he struggled with that hamstring. He has gotten himself healthy. I really think that maybe lifestyle — for lack of a better term — but just his routine is better. Sometimes those young guys, as they come into this thing, it takes them a while to fall into the routine of what it takes to put your body in position, in shape, sleep — all the above — eating, practicing, all those things to be able to make it through a 16-game season, especially for a receiver, where you just are running so much. There’s so much running involved in the thing. I think probably all those things have gotten better for him. I think they’ll all combine to him having a great year this year.

And here’s where the bar gets sets maybe too high for Parker: “I really think he’ll have a great, big year — a gigantic year for us,” Christensen said. “That would be huge. That takes a ton of pressure. . . . It helps with everything. It helps with the quarterback position. It helps with your running game. It helps everything. If you can get some chunks of yardage and you get a big-play guy who can jump over, it helps with some jumps balls, 50-50 balls and all of a sudden you come down with a few of those. Those are important chunks. It’s hard to go four yards and a cloud of dust.”

Yes, it is. But it’s not as if the Dolphins don’t have other quality receivers, in both Jarvis Landry and Kenny Stills. Although Christensen was focused on Parker, the expectations thrust upon him could make both Landry and Stills think that Christensen doesn’t believe they can do the things he wants Parker to do.

Parker will definitely help make the receiving corps better, if he can become what Landry and Stills already are. But Landry and Stills already are pretty good, and the Dolphins offense will be far more than “four yards and a cloud of dust” if Parker ultimately is a bust.

15 responses to “Clyde Christensen expects “gigantic year” from DeVante Parker

  1. There might be things he can do that Stills can’t but unless Parker can levitate there’s nothing he could do that Landry can’t do.

  2. Although Christensen was focused on Parker, the expectations thrust upon him could make both Landry and Stills think that Christensen doesn’t believe they can do the things he wants Parker to do.
    Wow. That is an absurd way to look at this. Parker and Stills can both be deep threats. Parker and Landry can both be targets on 3rd down. Parker has better athletic ability than either of them when it comes to the jump balls and he will be an end zone target along with Thomas once the red zone is reached. Parker has the skills. What he has lacked is the drive.

  3. If Dolphin fans are hinging their hopes on ANYTHING Clyde Christiansen has to do or say with their offense…I hope they enjoyed their playoff loss last season, since their won’t be many if any Dolphin playoff games in the foreseeable future.

  4. maust1013 says:
    May 7, 2017 10:40 AM
    ‘Another way’ because the having his boys lie their butts off way didn’t do it.

    Apologies to all, posted to the wrong thread.

  5. “And here’s where the bar gets sets maybe too high for Parker:”

    It is possible for him to have a big year without mind-blowing stats. If he can just be that player where the defense has to focus on him, this would free up others like stills, Landry and Thomas to make big plays. Or keep the defense from stacking the box to open up the run game and when the defense doesn’t focus on Parker they can recognize the matchup and he wins it more often than not.

  6. Way to take the negative spin on these comments Florio. Although I’m used to that on PFT, especially with the trolling comments left on most Phins articles.

    I think Stills and Landry are big enough boys to not have their feelings hurt by CC trying to pump up DVP. That said, any improvement, gigantic or not will serve to further strengthen the receiver core as a whole, and open bigger holes for everyone in both facets of the offense.

  7. Why is Kenny Stills being mentioned? Absolute Garbage.

  8. “Although Christensen was focused on Parker, the expectations thrust upon him could make both Landry and Stills think that Christensen doesn’t believe they can do the things he wants Parker to do.”


    Or, it could signal that Christian already knows that Landry and Stills know what to expect from him as the pros they’ve proven themselves to be.

    Parker has work to do to prove himself the 1st round pick (14th overall) of 2015. I think he can do it if that nagging injury has healed. Key word, if.

    Fins up!

  9. I agree Parker can be a legitimate #1 WR if he is healthy but the dude has been banged up for 3 years straight including his last year of college. Last year he looked healthy for 2 or 3 weeks and played most of the season injured. Therefore, I’m more than a bit skeptical that he will remain healthy for the season, as he has never shown in the past that he can. At this point, almost have to expect that he will get injured. However, if he goes down we have Leonte Caroo to step into that position and he is also a big physical WR with potential. I think we’ll be fine at WR as long as Landry and Stills are healthy. More worried about TE as Julius Thomas is super injury prone as well.

  10. The Dolphins have a nice receiving corp, but the offense won’t be able to compete with the better defenses in the league if their offensive line can’t stay healthy.

  11. Parker was drafted number 14 overall in the first round of the 2015 draft. He is a disappointment as a number one receiver and the Dolphins know that. So let’s see what happens this season now that there are less excuses.

  12. We have already seen in short spurts what he can do against the best cover corners, the problem is the nagging injuries. Foot surgery recovery, blown hammies. Then comes the lack of practice reps from said setbacks. This receiving corp is as good as any team. I would like to see what Caroo can do and don’t sleep on the 7th rounder Ford fron VATech. The bottom line is guys like Rishad Matthews looked good and moved on to be be a decent player. The Dolphins always raise good talent, but never know how to take them to the next level. This has to happen or Tannehill will face non-stop blitzing against a still questionable line.

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