Jets players don’t see it as a rebuilding year

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Recent comments from Jets owner Woody Johnson created the impression that he regards 2017 as a rebuilding year. The veteran quarterback Johnson hired this offseason brings a much different perspective.

“In an organization, you have different facets,” Josh McCown said on Friday’s PFT Live. “And obviously the owner kind of sets the tone and the pace in which he wants the organization to go, because he’s the owner. And then you have management and the coaches and the players.

“From a player level, once they set that vision in regards to how they view things, when you’re in it in the locker room, your mindset’s never like, ‘Hey, this is a rebuilding year, so let’s not work as hard or let’s not do this or let’s not do that.’ As competitors, your mindset is to go win every game and go play as hard as you can. So you don’t really look at it that way, and so how they view it as they take a wider vision and wider view of the future for them, that’s how they view it. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But for us as players, our job, what we get paid to do is to go out and play as hard as we can, prepare ourselves and go compete to win every football game. So that’s the mindset, and the vibe has been great so far these first three weeks. . . . Very positive, very upbeat.”

That’s the right view for the players to take, because their own careers ride on their ability to perform at an acceptable level, regardless of what the team achieves. And it doesn’t hurt to have low expectations. With that comes reduced pressure, a chip on their shoulders, and the absence of a target on their backs.

So they can focus on trying to become a team that will get off to a decent start, build some momentum, and maybe do something more than rebuild. Every year, there’s a team or two that surprises everyone with that kind of a showing. Regardless of what ownership thinks, that’s what the players are striving for.

For more from McCown, including whether he expected the team to draft a quarterback, what he does to stay healthy and in shape late in his career, and whether coaching is in his future, check out the full video.

32 responses to “Jets players don’t see it as a rebuilding year

  1. what are players supposed to say, “yeah we are probably gonna suck this year, and half of us are just placeholders until this team finds a franchise qb, but we are getting paid, so… there’s that.”

  2. This year isn’t a rebuild but they know if they turn in another season like last year there might be a rebuild in 2018.

  3. I know they’re not rebuilding, they’re tanking. Who are they going after in the top of the draft next year?

  4. Huh? They ‘don’t see this as a rebuilding year’? What else could they see it as?

    I guess they see themselves as a inept, dysfunctional team that will continue to be inept and dysfunctional through out the season.

  5. what are players supposed to say, “yeah we are probably gonna suck this year, and half of us are just placeholders until this team finds a franchise qb, but we are getting paid, so… there’s that.”


    how about don’t say anything that makes you
    sound like a low iq moron?

    is it that difficult?

  6. That makes sense, they thought last year was a playoff year.
    unless Miami (U), West Virginia, Boston College and Syracuse are in the division, this is a rebuilding year!

  7. Rebuild? With what exactly? I like Josh but it’s hard to see any solid foundations being put down on which to rebuild for the future! – Oh wait, that does typify past Jet so-called “rebuilds” so maybe they are doing what Woody considers to be another one – which, if so, does not bode well.

  8. They’ll have to keep the teevee camera shots low, so as not to show all the empty seats in Mets/Nets/whatever Radon Swamp Stadium.

  9. I am not a Jets fan and I don’t expect anything good from them in 2017. But, in the NFL, teams regularly go up and down in one year.

    Just look at the NFC East. For the past 5 seasons in a row, the last place team one year won the division the next year. On the other hand, the Panthers went from NFC champions to last place in the NFC South in one year, while the Broncos when from Super Bowl champions to 3rd place in the AFC West and no playoff berth in one year.

  10. It’s funny diehard Jet fans want either a bottomed out year with 3 wins or less, or a shocking 11 win campaign that nets them a playoff berth. Anything in between will be seen as a meaningless year. A 7 and 9 year with no long term answer at qb would tick the fans off more than a 3 win season. There will be the exception, non realistic jet fans and phony hype media members would call for Bowles and Maccagnan’s heads, if the team has 6 wins or less.

  11. Look how expensive it is to move up in the draft to get a highly regarded QB prospect.

    The Jets are really bad, but if they win an extra 1-2 meaningless games (i.e. go 5-11 instea dof 2-14) they will either miss out on the best QB prospects or have to give up many picks to move up.

    The Jets really need to go 2-14 and secure the #1 pick, and hopefully finally get a decent QB. Otherwise, they are just wasting years, getting yet another mediocre QB.

  12. To REbuild something you have to have already have built something. This team hasn’t been good while most of us here have been alive. Let’s try building something first, then when that crashes and burns, they can talk rebuild.

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