Panthers hope infusion of speed on offense makes them more dangerous


The Panthers held their rookie minicamp this weekend and that gave them their first chance to see Christian McCaffrey and Curtis Samuel on the field since drafting them in the first two rounds.

It also gave them a chance to do some more thinking about how to integrate the two college stars into an offense that was short on explosiveness last season. Offensive coordinator Mike Shula didn’t get into too much detail about how the team plans to use the new arrivals to remedy that shortcoming, but made it clear that is exactly what the plan is for the coming season.

“Anytime you get guys that are talented and have speed and are instinctive and good guys with the ball in their hands and make people miss and find ways to make yards and get the ball in the end zone, that’s going to help your quarterback,” Shula said, via the Charlotte Observer. “We’ve got guys in place now. We’re just going to add these guys and hopefully that’ll make us more dangerous. … You can’t coach speed. These guys have really good instincts and that’s going to help any quarterback.”

The Panthers will have to wait a bit longer to see the rookies on the field with the quarterback they are expected to help because Cam Newton will miss OTAs after having shoulder surgery, but they’ll likely have a better idea about how everything fits together when it is time to reintroduce Newton to the mix.

10 responses to “Panthers hope infusion of speed on offense makes them more dangerous

  1. “You can’t coach speed.”

    Sounds like Shula’s operating on a faulty premise.

    If “you can’t coach speed,” why do track athletes need/have coaches?

    Just another b******t example of a coach spouting b******t cliches for so long he starts to believe they’re true and then builds his philosophy around said b******t.

    It’s impossible to reach a healthy conclusion when you start with a faulty premise.

    The Panthers offense is going to bear a strong resemblance to a train wreck in this coming season!

  2. With two guys who get open from the backfield or the slot lurking underneath on every play, linebackers are not going to be able cheat up on Newton to stop him from running. Plus his ability to keep plays alive with his feet means will mean defenses will have to keep these two small fast guys covered for much longer.

    Properly executed, this offense could spell trouble next year.

  3. Newton has to learn patience. It’s hard to teach an old dog, new tricks. He’s a flame thrower. He likes throwing bombs. The checkdown and outlet receiver has made Brady a G.O.A.T. candidate. Cam has to re-taught taking what a defense gives you. Hopefully McCaffrey help in that regard.

  4. square peg in a round hole. Newton will be overthrowing these guys also and interceptions will follow. at least when he overthrows the deep guys there are less guys to intercept.Run and catch depends on accuracy. Newton and accuracy are mutually exclusive.

  5. They’re already dangerous; Kelvin Benjamin might fall over on somebody, and it’s hard to think of something more dangerous than that these days.

  6. The speed may look impressive at first. But if the speedsters don’t have the hands to go with it, then you’d be better off with slower guys who can actually catch the ball.

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