Who’ll do better in the booth,Tony Romo or Jay Cutler?

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FOX wanted Tony Romo to replace John Lynch on the network’s No. 2 team. Romo ended up at CBS, and Jay Cutler ended up in the spot FOX had earmarked for Romo.

So which guy will do better in their post-football football employment? That’s the PFT Live question of the day for Monday.

The easy answer is Romo. He got the better gig on the bigger platform with the greater opportunities to work before major audiences. Also, people don’t seem to like Cutler, based in large part on the perception that he doesn’t care.

If that perception is reality, or if he separately doesn’t care whether people dislike him because they already do,  Cutler could actually be great. He’ll say things without worrying who might not like it or what they might say about him for saying it.

Romo, on the other hand, could be paralyzed by fear of criticism from fans and media and worry that he’ll be setting the stage for awkward production meetings. By getting arguably the best gig right out of the gates, Romo has nowhere to go but down. Cutler, who also ended up with a pretty good gig, nevertheless enters with low expectations, fueled by the consequences of his rebel-without-a-clue demeanor.

Cutler already is saying interesting things, arguing for example that the Bears shouldn’t rush Mitchell Trubisky onto the field. Romo, faced with an opportunity to advise the Texans on what they should do at quarterback during his conference call with CBS, punted.

And, frankly, neither Romo’s opening conference call nor his extended interview on a Dallas radio station included anything particularly compelling or interesting or humorous.

So it’s perhaps not as much of a no-brainer as many would think. Think it through on your own before checking a box, and then join us on Monday morning for three hours of football-only (or maybe football-mostly) talk on NBC Sports Radio (6:00 a.m. ET) and NBCSN (7:00 a.m. ET).

53 responses to “Who’ll do better in the booth,Tony Romo or Jay Cutler?

  1. Tony Romo is gonna be super cookie cutter by the book PC boring. The kinda stuff everyone is sick of hearing in 2017. Let’s hope Cutler has an edge to him.

  2. I think its funny how Cutler hated talking to the media as a player, and now he is one of them. Prolly no chance for success because no players will want to talk to him.

  3. Cutler. He’s seems more opinionated and more apt to speak his true thoughts and feelings.

    I get the feeling Romo will be one of those overly optimistic, “everything is great!”, type of announcer. He seems tight with Jerry Jones and a lot of players around he league. On the other hand, Cutler has played for three teams and seems to have worn out welcomes and had issues with other players.

    Cutler won’t be gun-shy about expressing his true opinions.

  4. When Eli replaces Romo next year on CBS, will he finally admit that he bilked his memorabilia business partners and the general public? Or will he admit what Strahan already has, that the Giants routinely faked injuries during their SB 2 most recent wins?

    As the 345 Park Avenue home team turns

  5. Cutler is very intelligent, and more importantly, open-minded. Probably part of the reason Bears fans didn’t like him. I think he could be a great announcer. Not down on Romo at all, but intrigued by the Cutler hiring.

  6. I just have this gut feeling that Romo is going to choke, and Cutler actually kills it.

  7. Very Slow News Day, but if their tv careers are like their playing careers, Romo will be awesome in the regular season then choke in the post season.

  8. This is an incredibly subjective case, as a number of good and bad things make up “commentating.” Chances are, they’ll both be hated by a majority of fans for “going against their teams.”

  9. Who cares? I watch football for the play on the field and not the announcers..best ones are the ones that shut up for the most part and don’t try to take over the game with nonsensical chatter.

  10. Romo landed the softer higher profile gig but polishing apples for Jim Nantz isn’t necessarily the better one. Cutler has a quick mind and a sharp tongue, he is far more likely to be entertaining.

  11. Two of the most underachieving quarterbacks in the last 10 years giving us brilliant expertise on what good quarterbacking is?

  12. Viewers outside of Dallas will grow sick of Tony Roma. It will be a serving of plain vanilla ice cream every week and we will all be expected to love it. In contrast, Cutler is very intelligent and may have the capacity to be spontaneous.

  13. Depends on what you like in a booth personality: ‘dumbo’ or ‘analytical reporter.’

    Dumbo probably wins among football fans, so Romo will probably get higher survey scores.

  14. thompgk says:
    May 7, 2017 4:52 PM
    LMAO at the Cowboys haters

    They’d vote Hitler over Jason Witten in the Hall of Fame if that was a choice


    Hitler won a few playoff games before falling to America in the World Bowl.

  15. Well, Cutler is going to have to shave. No one is going to want to watch a grizzly bear with neck beard. So….he better start early to avoid razor burn. If not…no thanks!
    I think he might be more entertaining than you think, compared to Romo who will smile and try to show off his dimples. Aw Shucks.

  16. My vote would be Romo. He’s always been more candid and comfortable speaking to the media in my opinion

    Hate the Cowboys but I honestly think Aikman and Moose are some of the better announcers out there currently calling games. They’re smart, well spoken and informative

  17. How you’re perceived as a player usually has no bearing on how you will do in the booth or in front of the cameras.

    Example….Alex Rodriguez was not well thought of as a teammate and the perception was he is fake….but I saw a few games with him in the booth and he was a pretty good baseball announcer.

    Tiki Barber was not only supposed to be fantastic in the booth he was supposed to be an all around charismatic personality able to do news stories etc…..at least that was the hype right before he retired. ..turns out he was terrible in front of the character and his ex teammate Michael Strahan is essentially having the post football career everyone said was Tiki’s destiny.

  18. This one’s easy, Cutty has zero pressure on him. He can be himself. No preconceived notions about anything. In fact, where’s all the write-ups about Jay learning on the fly and crashing/burning? Yeah.

    Romo’s got the “clean boy” image idolized by Dallas. Jay’s, well, Smokin’ Jay. Perfect.

  19. For the ten millionth time cutlers reputation is not reality. Did Patton always smile at his troops. No he slapped malingerers across the face just like cutler did to J. Webb.

  20. I think Romo will do better. Cutler always looks like someone just ran over his dog.

  21. Which one of these two can actually break down plays. Romo is a boring human being. So is Nantz. Both Cutler and Romo are complete novices. I think both will suck. Cutler has the best chance of not being so generic.

  22. Cutler was always known as a smart guy. Vanderbilt education. He also seems very opionated. He probably would transition very well to the broadcast booth honestly. Not saying Romo would be bad, but the easy guess is Cutler would transition much easier.

  23. They both could be very successful if they recognize that there’s just as much preparation required for a game when you’re working in the booth as there is when you’re on the field.

    Maybe more, actually, because you have to prepare for both teams, not just your opponent.

  24. Romo will be trying too hard given his top level gig, and because of that will be handed softballs from Nantz which will make him sound hokey. Not as hokey as the analysis by Phil “if you score more points you usually win the game” Simms, but vanilla analysis none the less, and Romo won’t have the chance to have personality.

    Cutler, with not as high profile a position as Romo,and shown over the years that he does have strong opinions and not afraid to show his emotions for better or worse, may have a bit more of an edge and opinion in the booth, somewhat like Fouts on CBS.

  25. Wow. I was expecting this to be a Romo landslide. I personally think Cutler will be better and think he doesn’t deserve the hate that he gets, but I thought he would be buried.

  26. Since the NFL becomes more like the WWE every year, Cutler will be a great villain announcer. He can say things that really make people mad, like “man the Bears suck” and “how in the hell does Don Capers still have a job?”

  27. I feel like Jay Cutler will look disinterested most of the time, sulk when he does not get enough air time and completely piss off his co-workers within a month. But due to is high salary, management thinks he is a great leader.

    Feels like deja Vu…

  28. I think Cutler will surprise people in the booth. He has a former tv personality (The Hills) wife in Kristen Cavallari. Who still has some connections that could work with him. And Cutler was actually pretty good on The League for a couple episodes. I could see him having fun with this and passing it on.

    Romo likes to say something and flash that ear to ear grin. Which won’t play in the booth.

  29. Good chance that both of them will make few technical mistakes about football but both will be a boring as watching concrete dry.

    Why all the channels keep picking athletes to try and entertain us as we watch the game is beyond me. Where are the modern Cosells and Maddens?

  30. “They’d vote Hitler over Jason Witten in the Hall of Fame if that was a choice”

    It’s early in the morning and this already has the worst quote on the internet today written all over it!

  31. Am i the only person more excited for the beginning of Cutler and Romo’s announcing career than i am the actual games being played? this is gonna be great!

  32. I wonder if this is a Roger Goodell deal with him making the broadcast companies hires these two in exchange for some $$$$ #EliteBusinessMindGoodell!!!!

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