Andy Reid acknowledges “Catch-22” for Alex Smith

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The Chiefs have made a significant investment in rookie quarterback Patrick Mahomes. But they still plan, at least for now, to entrust the starting job to veteran Alex Smith. And they hope that Smith will be willing to help tutor the man who eventually will take over.

“The thing you know about our team, and it really doesn’t matter what the position is, guys are willing to help,” coach Andy Reid told reporters on Monday, at the conclusion of the team’s rookie minicamp. “That’s a ‘Catch-22’ by [Smith] knows [Mahomes is] going to be right behind him. . . . [Smith] sure can help and he will. That’s how he’s wired. But he’s also going to get himself ready to roll.”

The Chiefs have officially commenced the process of getting Mahomes ready to roll.

“We saw him come in and improve every day that he was here with his verbiage and his footwork,” Reid said. “Does he have a ways to go? Absolutely. But the nice thing about him is that we found out that he likes to work and that’s the big thing. . . . He had great questions. He studies hard. If he doesn’t know it, he’s going to ask you and then he’s going to go do it. He doesn’t make the same mistake over and over. That’s a plus.”

Reid also has seen leadership qualities in the rookie.

“Great quarterbacks make everyone around them better,” Reid said. “They take charge of that huddle and if an alignment is not right, which you saw him out there moving guys around, you’ve got to be able to do that. You’ve got to make all the guys in that huddle better.”

Mahomes also needs to focus on making his footwork better.

“He’s getting his drop down,” Reid said. “That’s a tough deal even if you’ve done it in college. That’s not part of that offense [at Texas Tech]. To get the drop down, according to the play, which each play has a couple different options where you can go with the football, you have to read the coverage on top of it and the last part of it is that you have to know the guy that you’re throwing to.”

And so it’s going to take time, which Mahomes and the Chiefs have. It’s also going to take help from Smith, which Reid believes Smith will be willing to provide. To a point.

10 responses to “Andy Reid acknowledges “Catch-22” for Alex Smith

  1. Still comes down to play. Their styles are drastically different, so unless Reid wants to change the style he runs, Smith should be safe- unless he plays terribly, which he hasn’t really in the past, so there’s that.
    Reminds me of the Favre/Rodgers situation.

  2. Alex has a “too-conservative” nerve that prevents him from realizing his full potential. He has gone as far as he can.

    He is extremely intelligent and will make a good QB coach some day. And maybe even a HC.

    Honestly the KC offense looks better on the rare occasion that Alex is calling the plays.

  3. Sucks to be Alex Smith. If he stays as Mahomes’ tutor, when his contract runs out he’ll be like 35/36. Who on Earth is going to hire him at that point?

    Smith is only 32/33 right now, if he’s smart he gets his agent to find him a new team quick to preserve his long-term career. otherwise his final couple years in KC will be the last of his career.

  4. For Alex Smith to still be in the league after 11 seasons is remarkable. No slight to him but think about it: 6 different o/coordinators and 3 different head coaches in San Fran (he is on his 2nd oc in KC) so 8 oc’s and 4 head coaches in 11 years! Guys like this wash out of the league at half that but Alex Smith keeps on kicking.

    He isn’t a poser qb (someone who pretends and likes the money and the fame but not being under the microscope of scrutiny) Sam Bradford, Jay Cutler.

    He doesn’t pose elite physical gifts like Colin Kaepernick or Michael Vick but is underrated as an athlete.

    He has survived due to his even keel demeanor, competitive spirit and his best attribute is to play within his limits. So many qb’s are out there trying to make plays and win the game themselves when Smith just seems to go out of his way not to lose the game. Ignorant pundits will say he is too scared to pull the trigger but look at his win-loss record, it’s elite.

    The dude has been bringing a knife to a gun fight for the past 11 years and all he does is win. It’s pretty amazing when you think about it. Alex Smith limits the offense with his lack of deep arm strength and conservative approach but he gives the team a great chance to win with his execution and ability to not turn the ball over and make bone headed plays.

  5. There is former Chiefs QB who also started out in San Francisco. His name is Joe Montana. He might be able to help too.

  6. Smith is done at KC. He may start until week 5 or your Bye, but it is over for him sooner than later. What did you get out of him. One playoff win? Man, that is Tim Tebow Territory.

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