Cardinals have high hopes for T.J. Logan

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The Arizona Cardinals already have arguably the best running back in the NFL. They’ve added another one who can make the position even stronger.

Fifth-round rookie T.J. Logan, who played college football with Mitchell Trubisky and Ryan Switzer at North Carolina, generated the fastest 40-yard dash at the Scouting Combine among all running backs, at 4.37 seconds. His speed has prompted G.M. Steve Keim to offer up a colorful metaphor.

“When he gets in space, he’s so explosive it’s like he’s a got a rocket in his rear,” Keim recently said on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM.

“T.J. Logan was a guy that we had focused on and coach [Bruce Arians] and I had talked about since the Combine,” Keim said. “Not only did his foot speed and explosiveness excite us, but the things he can do in our offense where we ask our backs out of the backfield to catch the football.

“When you watch tape of T.J., he really jumps out at you with the flare routes and some of the things that he does in space with his straight-line speed, his explosiveness and his ability to return kicks. He is a guy that we had been focused on for quite some time.”

Logan will join dual-threat tailback David Johnson, who arguably has gotten too much work in his first two NFL seasons. With Logan present, Johnson can get a little more rest and a little less exposure to injury.

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  1. Logan is a slightly shorter version of the two backs Carolina drafted early. You can flip a coin over which of the three will have the best NFL career.

  2. seahawkboymike says:
    May 8, 2017 5:15 PM
    Cardinals have high hopes of winning 8 games this season too.

    It’s only May and The Cardinals are already in your head.

    How’s that O-line coming?

  3. Seahawks have high hopes of maybe even beating the Cardinals this season too. God knows they were incapable of doing that in 2016.

    For some reason, Carson Palmer absolutely owns the Seahawks in their home stadium. Not sure why, but it’s pretty funny.

  4. I’m more interested in his kickoff and punt return skills because last season special teams was abysmal. Cost Big Red 4 games at least!

  5. It seems like drafting a RB in the first round is foolish. Yes Gurley, Elliot, and the guys this year are great talents, but it’s not inconceivable that the guys picked in rounds 2-7 won’t have better careers. I know you can do that for almost every position, but it seems like RB more than most positions.

  6. I agree with eramming, their special teams were terrible. They really need to improve in that department. Having a burner KR/PR besides Patrick Peterson should be helpful.

  7. 3 of the Cardinals picks were solid kick or punt returners in college, and 5 will boost the special teams defense. Keim learned last year not to ignore special teams, which incredibly cost them at least 3 and as many as 5 games last year.

  8. If he can do more then run it to the 10, or the mighty Gold Standard for them, the 20 yard line, on KO. Then TJ should be a marked improvement over Ellington, and every other inept Kick returner, Cards had fielded last season, really in the past 4 years.

    TJ Logan the bar has been set for you…..📉

  9. Some guys just have straight line speed, but this kid is an intelligent runner. He has football speed. He’s also a good blocker, a good receiver, and a tough kid. The Cards got a steal.

  10. Kam,
    if the Cardinals are trash, how come the Seahawks couldn’t beat them last year?

    Also, why do you and the rest of the 2012s hide from these message boards for several weeks after the Seahawks get dropped on their asses in the postseason?

    it’s OK if you are nervous about the Cardinals, I would be too.

  11. Seahawks have high hopes of maybe even beating the Cardinals this season too. God knows they were incapable of doing that in 2016.

    And yet, they were the team to win the division. Some HCs keep their eyes on the big picture while others crow about winning one battle while losing the war, at least when they’re not throwing their players under the bus

  12. Yes, Pete Carroll did not throw Richard Sherman under the bus by trying to trade him the second after his knee injury. By the way, I have a bridge I’d like to sell you.

  13. So…John Schneider letting teams know that Richard Sherman approved him trying to broker a trade after the season was over (at an exhorbitantly high enough price that it was guaranteed nobody would trade for him) equals “Pete Carroll tried to trade him the second after his knee injury”, which occurred somewhere in the 2nd half of the season.

    Can’t think of a better example of why “Cardinals thinking” results in failure every year. Well done.

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