Could Max Unger injury spark a trade?

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With center Max Unger out at least through the start of the regular season, the Saints have time to adjust on the fly. So here’s an idea floated by Eliot Shorr-Parks of Trade running back Mark Ingram to the Eagles for center Jason Kelce.

As Shorr-Parks notes, rumors have persisted that Kelce is available. Although Eagles executive V.P. of football operations Howie Roseman has said Kelce will remain with the team, Shorr-Park points out that the Eagles like Isaac Seumalo, who could move from guard. The Eagles also have Stefen Wisniewski under contract.

Ingram remains the starting tailback in New Orleans, but with Adrian Peterson in the fold Ingram could be expendable. That would require taking a leap of faith that Peterson can stay healthy, and that he’ll still be effective at 32.

The good news for the Saints is that the timing of the injury gives them plenty of time to find a replacement. Whether the ultimately replacement comes from the current roster or beyond it remains to be seen.

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  1. Why would New Orleans trade its starting running back and give that position to an older back who is more susceptible to injury? Peterson has played in 20 games total the past three seasons.

  2. While Ingram is not David Johnson when it comes to catching passes out of the backfield, he has improved enough for a deal like this to make sense.

    With plenty of tape of Wentz handing off the ball to Sproles, Ingram’s improved pass-catching skills, and the versatility of Smallwood and Pumfrey, the Eagles wouldn’t necessarily be telegraphing their playbook to opposing defense based on who’s on the field.

    The main question is do the Eagles want to compromise the stability on the line that Kelce brings?

    Since they re-signed Wiz, which not a single beat writer in Philly thought they would do, I have thought that Roseman would keep his eyes open for a situation like this.

    I’d be surprised if he doesn’t at least look into it.

  3. A trade like that mentioned involving Ingram would be idiotic, to put it nicely. Trading away security at RB to bring a top starter at C, when the C position will only be suffering for a couple of games, does not make sense. Being vulnerable at Center for a game or two is far less a concern then being vulnerable at RB for the entire season. Especially considering the Saints could utilize a high percentage of run plays with Ingram still there to hide the vulnerability at Center (and help protect Brees) until Unger returns. And then there’s the conflict at Center this trade would bring when Unger returns from injury. This trade idea is absolute nonsense! If the Saints do that, I would hope someone gets fired directly after doing it.

  4. Yeah, they have a starting center that might miss a few games so they should trade their #1 back for another starting center instead of trust their depth or find a decent stop gap in free agency. Some Eagles blogger is dreaming.

  5. Have fun trading with the Eagles. They will probably come away with your second round pick for a backup.

    The Saints aren’t going anywhere, just play a backup for a couple of games.

  6. Maybe they should trade Ingram AND Peterson to bring in two starting centers just to be safe?

  7. Eagles fan hopes the Saints would do this. I’m concerned about the diminutive stable of RBs on the roster.

  8. Translation: We need to dump another contract in order to keep paying Brees…dumping Graham’s didn’t solve the problem.

  9. Jason Kelce? You could probably get a better player from the udfa class. Kelce, was not who the Eagles thought he was after he got his contract. A weak Center is a position that can be easily masked with good guard play and I wouldn’t trade Ingram for Kelce. Mentally yes, Kelce is worth his weight but he just seems to lack that mean streak and gets overpowered with bigger lineman. I would however, toss the Eagles a conditional late round draft pick (7th rounder that could move to a 6th) depending on playing time. The Saints use multiple backs in their offense and Ingram will play an important role with Peterson and Kamara. Not to mention he has a manageable cap hit at 3.7 mill/ same as Peterson. I don’t think Ingram is going anywhere this season. Kelce has supposedly been on the block for more than a season, there is a reason why he isn’t being moved.

  10. This trade is nonsense. The Saints are without a center for the preseason, so they should trade their starting RB?

  11. If the Saints made this trade, they’d have a $15 million a year cap hit tied up in centers for the next three seasons.

    Sounds like a great deal.

  12. Ingram remains the starting tailback in New Orleans, but with Adrian Peterson in the fold Ingram could be expendable.

    With all due respect, anyone who has watch Adrian Peterson over the last couple years has to realize that he is no longer capable of being the main back. Frankly I will we shocked if he can replicate the success of Tim Hightower, who found a late career resurgence in NO.

    I’m assuming the guy who reported on this must cover the Eagles, since it makes a whole lot of sense from their perspective while it looks absolutely stupid from the perspective of the Saints.

  13. Translation: We need to dump another contract in order to keep paying Brees…dumping Graham’s didn’t solve the problem.
    Brees signed a team-friendly deal last year for 19M per. Try keeping up with the times

  14. While AP may have retained some of that superior innate physical ability, I’d be amazed if that knee cartilage held up all year as an every down or even 2-down back.

  15. The Saints like having a 3 pronged RB style. I don’t see them giving up the strongest of those 3 RBs for a position you can find on the streets.

  16. Kelce and a 6th for Saints 4th..problem solved..The go sign Manigold is stupid. He’s hurt for of all..and there’s a reason he is still unsigned. If the Saints are all in this year. Kelce makes sense

  17. Brees signed a team-friendly deal last year for 19M per. Try keeping up with the times
    He signed a deal that allows them to pay off the money they over-promised by extending him for 3 years with no base salary. That lets them give him $18M for doing nothing, either by being cut after 2017 (and paying it all at once), or by sitting on the bench with no base salary while his bonus accrual is paid out $6M per year. Alternately, I suppose they could designate him post-6/1 of 2018, pay $6M in that year, then the remaining $12M in 2019, but make no mistake, Brees has never been team-friendly when it comes to getting his money.

  18. No starting center for 2 or 3 games is no big deal unless your QB is not very mobile and throws about 40 passes per game!

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