Louis Murphy no longer facing charge for carrying concealed weapon

Getty Images

Former Buccaneers wide receiver Louis Murphy was arrested at Tampa International Airport earlier this year after a loaded gun was discovered in his backpack when he went through security before a flight.

Murphy faced a felony charge of possession of a concealed firearm as a result of the arrest, but the matter has been resolved. Prosecutors dropped the charge by issuing a letter of release last Friday.

Murphy’s attorney Darryl Rouson told Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times that his client was “extremely regretful” about what he termed Murphy’s inadvertent mistake. Rouson said that Murphy has taken a gun safety class since the arrest, which he says came about because he forgot he put the gun in his bag to keep it out of reach of his daughter.

Murphy was released by the Bucs last November after an extended absence due to a knee injury. He’s free to sign with any team, but there hasn’t been any word of interest this offseason.