Todd Bowles has high hopes for the 2017 Jets


Owner Woody Johnson may view 2017 as a rebuilding year for the Jets, but coach Todd Bowles doesn’t.

Our ultimate goal is to get to the Super Bowl,” Bowles said over the weekend, via Andy Vasquez of “Obviously, we have to take steps. We have a lot of guys we have to get acclimated chemistry-wise right away, but our goal is to win regardless of whether we have younger guys or older guys.”

It sounds a lot like the comments quarterback Josh McCown made last week on PFT Live — comments that deviate from Johnson’s message that “progress” will be good enough.

“Our goal is to win,” Bowles said, “so progress for me is being a lot better than last year and getting to the playoffs and getting to the Super Bowl. That’s the ultimate progress. There is progress and steps between that — obviously we want to win a lot more games than last year and we want to go to the playoffs, and that’s what we’re coaching and striving to do [is] to go to the playoffs, so that’s my goal.”

The goal may not be realistic for now, but one thing we’ve learned after watching season after season of football is that any team can turn things around dramatically for even the worst teams of the prior year. So, yes, the Jets can make it to the playoffs.

Stop laughing. Seriously, stop it. They can.

49 responses to “Todd Bowles has high hopes for the 2017 Jets

  1. LOL

    Do it now…Change the team name to the NY Delusionals.

    I mean, I have never seen anything like this in sports history.

    The arrogance is fascinating to watch. They simply think they are above everything.

  2. “Stop laughing. Seriously, stop it. They can.”

    When I stop laughing, major secondhand embarrassment and shame is going to kick in for Todd Bowles. He was a great DC for Arizona, and I still wonder if he can really coach a team because the Jets are so dysfunctional. But let’s be real, he’s probably gone after this season, and the cycle of pain will continue for the Jets.

  3. 1. What is a HC supposed to say? “We suck. We are tanking the season”.

    2. The Jets really do need to tank. They have no QB and a weak team. If they go 5-11 instead of 2-14 they will not be able to draft the top QB. Then they will have to pay up to trade up, like the Rams for Jarred Goff. Giving up that many picks to get a QB, when the roster stinks means the team will continue to stink.

    The owner must be driving this. Force the GM and HC to tank. Otherwise, it’s treading water for years to come.

    And don’t tell me that going 6-10 is good, that you can get Tom Brady in the 6th round. It’s far more likely you get another Mark Sanchez in the 6th round than a Tom Brady.

    A top QB prospect may have a 50% success rate. As you drop down, you are more likely to end up with a so-so or worse QB. I’d much rather tank (2-14) and have a 50% chance at a good QB, than go 5-11 and have a 10% chance at a good QB.

  4. Only way its gonna happen is if the Patriots somehow are disqualified from play this year.

    And I wouldn’t totally count that out from happening so that those jelly owners can have a shot at getting a trophy.

  5. Why does he have high hopes? Just baseless speculation or perhaps founded on the fact they’ve cornered the market on third string quarterbacks.

  6. I feel bad for Bowles, he is fighting with a short stick and would be lucky to finish at .500. I dont know what his health issues are but its probably better for his life in the long term to leave after this season. Hopefully he will get another shot at being a head coach where he is given a fair chance to succeed.

  7. Damn, you now owe me a new keyboard! I just spit all my coffee over it laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Not even a Jets fan, but I find it frustrating when people mock NFL teams for saying they want to win. 32 teams are fighting for the SB. Only 1 team wins. Ultimately, 31 teams have a failed season. I find nothing wrong with Bowles statement.

  9. tylawspick6 says:
    May 8, 2017 10:47 AM

    Do it now…Change the team name to the NY Delusionals.

    I mean, I have never seen anything like this in sports history.

    The arrogance is fascinating to watch. They simply think they are above everything

    WTH are you talking about? If you haven’t ‘seen anything like this in sports history’ you should start paying a little attention because the rest of us routinely see it from multiple teams every year. Where’s the arrogance in Bowles’ statements? As Pats fans we have enough trolls pretending to be one of us trying to make us look bad. As an actual fan of the team why do you feel compelled to help them? superchippyrandygronk87wib4life’s trolling is amusing in a sad pathetic sort of way. Your posts are just an embarrassment to all longtime Pats fans.

  10. We’ve all become so accustomed to the NJJ being a doormat and a laughingstock that it’s difficult to take them seriously. However, there are signs that things may be turning around.

    In the offseason, they cut several highly paid underachievers and a huge locker room cancer.

    On draft night, their greatest success was to NOT draft a QB at #6. Unlike Chicago, they realized the folly of moving up to draft a QB suited for a career as a backup. They also had a couple decent picks.

    Of course, their biggest problem is their clueless owner. Things will never change as long a “Trust Fund” Woody owns the team…

  11. Teams go up and down all the time in the NFL.

    The NFC East champion for FIVE years in a row was in LAST place the year before. Last to first five straight years.

    The Panthers went from 7-8-1 to 15-1 to 6-10 in 2014-2016. Nothing that surprising there. The Broncos went from Super Bowl champions to 3rd place in the AFC West and out of the playoffs the next year (last year).

    I am NOT a Jets fan. I don’t have high expectations for them. But it wouldn’t surprise me if the Jets or ANY team team in one season go from 5-11 to 11-5 or go from 11-5 to 5-11.

    I don’t get the idea of tanking to get a QB. The last Super Bowl winning team that made it there and won on the strength of a QB drafted in the top 10 picks of the first round were the Giants in 2011 (the Broncos won DESPITE Peyton Manning’s QB play in 2015). Before the Giants in 2011, the Giants in 2007 won a Super Bowl with Eli Manning as Super Bowl MVP, but he had a wholly ordinary 2007 season and wasn’t the reason the Giants made the playoffs that year.

    Before Eli Manning in 2011, the last time a team made it to a Super Bowl and won on the strength of a QB drafted in the top 10 was in 2006 (Peyton Manning).

    Ben Roethlisberger was drafted 11th. Russell Wilson was drafter 75th. Drew Brees was drafted 32nd. Aaron Rodgers was drafted 24th. Joe Flacco was drafted 18th.
    Tom Brady was drafted 199th. The Manning brothers are the only Super Bowl winning QBs in this CENTURY who were drafted in the first TEN picks of the draft.

  12. Definition of unrealistic optimism – having high hopes for the Jets in ’17.
    I think that they are the favorites to come last.

  13. Super Bowl? Really? It would be one thing to say “We want to win right now”, or “We have a group of guys we can win with”, but you’re going to go THERE?

  14. illumination666 says:
    May 8, 2017 11:30 AM
    The Pats have the easiest division in football.

    You could move them to any division in either conference and still be able to say that truthfully.

  15. jimmylikesthat says:
    May 8, 2017 11:02 AM
    All they need is swagger

    Ravens had swagger last time they played NE in the playoffs. So did Seattle and Atl, for all the good it did them.

    Seriously, one of the dumbest words ever used to describe a team. Even dumber as a screen name.

  16. Here are some reason the Jets have no shot at making the playoffs:
    — The owner. He is clueless.
    — They don’t have a good QB.
    — They have over paid guys on the defense who can’t even show up for work on time.
    — Joe Namath sold his soul to the devil to win the Super Bowl in ’69.
    — They suffer from being second class citizens in NY because of the Giants.

    Throw in the Patriots and Dolphins are way better than they are and the only chance they have is as a wild card. But there are too many teams in the AFC who will be competing for wildcard spots that are better than the Jets, too.

  17. Every year the afc east does this. It’s like they’re all in a dream where the patriots aren’t in the division and then get a brutal wake up call when the season actually starts

  18. The amusing thing is that the Jets made it to an AFGCG more recently than the Bengals, Browns, Dolphins, Bills, Chiefs, Raiders, Chargers, and everyone in the AFC South not named the Colts. So what are you guys all laughing about?

  19. Bowles like any competitor is shooting to be the best. Can’t blame him for that.

    But he might want to reference Rex Ryan and setting unrealistic expectations.

  20. illumination666 says:
    May 8, 2017 11:30 AM
    The Pats have the easiest division in football.

    Says the fan of a team in the NFCW, the worst division in football over the last 10 years. Since all divisions are 12 and 12 against themselves, according to CHFF the measure of one division’s strength against another’s is Avg Wins Per Team. Over the last 10 years by division they have it as follows.
    AFCE: 8.425
    NFCE: 8.25
    NFCN: 8.25
    NFCS: 8.075
    AFCN 7.925
    AFCW: 7.725
    AFCS: 7.675
    NFCW: 7.40

    Over the last 10 years division winners average 1.363 divisional losses, NE has averaged 1.5. For 4 years in a row the Patriots have lost as many times in 6 division games as they have in 10 to the rest of the league. No matter what drivel gets posted the quantifiable facts say the AFCE isn’t NE’s blessing but rather the Pats are the AFCE’s curse. But then illumination/aarons knew that already. Stay mad little bro.

  21. I like Bowles, and what else can he really say? President Trump would probably pick up a milllion voters in NYC if he made Woody the ambassador to Antarctica and then didn’t let him come back.

  22. simplegodfather says:
    May 8, 2017 11:33 AM
    Jets, once a upon time went 5-0 with Fitz starting QB…

    How did that work out for them? Or for the Vikes last year? There’s 16 games in a season, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

  23. illumination666 says:

    The Pats have the easiest division in football.

    That’s like saying the sun is hot.

  24. Luckily for Todd Bowles coaches aren’t drug tested at this time, although this might prompt Goodell into mandatory drug testing for coaches too.

  25. “The Pats have the easiest division in football.”

    That would be the AFC South.

  26. Looking at their schedule there appear to be 2 winnable games (at Cleveland and home vs Chargers). The chances are they will one only one of those games——final record 1-15

  27. Everyone piling on the Jets just needs to be careful. When you dump your insults on a team it opens you up to bigger harassment if you lose to said team.

    Just like in the movie White men can’t jump…..”You got beat by a slow,white, geeky chump”.

    Bowels didn’t say this in a arrogant way. Be careful with your insults. Hurts more when you get beat.

  28. Breaking News:

    In order for the team to not get to delusional on their expectations ownership has filed an application with the NFL to change their name from the New York Jets to the New York Cessnas.

    Team owner Woody Johnson said “That should help us realize who we really are and not create a level of professionalism impossible to reach by this team”

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