Will Mike Williams show for Chargers workouts without a contract?


Last year, Chargers defensive end Joey Bosa, the third overall pick in the draft, showed up for the team’s rookie minicamp and then stayed away from all activities until he had a signed deal. The stance resulted in a lengthy holdout as player and team haggled over issues like offsets on guaranteed money and signing-bonus cash flow.

This year, the Chargers made receiver Mike Williams the seventh overall pick in the draft. And so an obvious question emerges regarding whether another contract kerfuffle (hey, if Steph Curry and Kevin Durant like the word so do I) is coming.

The question becomes more obvious given than CAA represents both Bosa and Williams. If CAA takes positions regarding Williams similar to those taken regarding Bosa, the two sides could become entrenched, again.

Of course, CAA also represents quarterback Philip Rivers, who may be inclined to push a little harder behind the scenes to have his newest weapon available throughout the process of preparing for new of his few remaining seasons.

However it plays out, the fact that CAA was directly involved in Bosa’s holdout makes it reasonable to wonder whether the next top-10 pick for a franchise that needs all hands on deck to win the battle for the L.A. market will show up for rookie minicamp, offseason workouts, or training camp without a contract.

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  1. Or: perhaps we can figure that all parties involved have learned from what happened last offseason, and this year things will go smoother?

  2. As long as the Chargers don’t try to pull a fast one like they did Bosa, things should be fine. If I remember correctly they weren’t giving Bosa what he’s supposed to get, trying to push it back a year on one of the payment portions. Which they made worse by not responding to an email until 21 days later, and then attempted a hatchet PR move on Bosa’s camp by saying they gave him “their best offer,” which was them trying to spin the fact that they actually haven’t drafted that high in a long time and were giving their “best offer” without context and slander Bosa.

    To only give him what he was supposed to get in fairness to everybody else that was a top draft pick, a year later. Yes, lets pray that they learned or Phillip Rivers won’t be the only player they’ll lose by time he’s retired.

  3. If the Chargers force this guy into holding out they are really dumb. It would run counter to their lame “Fight For LA” theme.

  4. Mike Williams’ $$$ is none of Phillip “The Interception Machine” Rivers’ business.

  5. Chiefs fan here, hate the Chargers. But Williams is the best WR in this draft, and a future star.

  6. I enjoyed the drama last year.
    I say give it another try.
    Try to squeeze this guy, see what happens.
    Set the tone.
    Show who’s boss.


    Not a Charger fan, especially after the move.
    I hope they go 7-9 along with the Rams forever.

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