Card company says some Takkarist McKinley autographed cards not authentic

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Giants quarterback Eli Manning has spent time recently defending himself against a lawsuit alleging he passed off fraudulent memorabilia to collectors by claiming it was game-used, something Falcons first-round pick Takkarist McKinley and the card company Panini appear to be trying to avoid.

The company wrote a post on their blog announcing that some of the cards they have touted as featuring McKinley’s autographs don’t actually feature McKinley’s autograph. They said the inauthentic autographs were discovered by “extensive research and working closely with McKinley’s representatives,” and that the company would exchange the cards for ones guaranteed to be authentic.

“While this is an extremely unfortunate situation, Panini America officials have agreed to work with McKinley and his representatives to rectify the issue by offering to replace any McKinley autograph cards from the aforementioned products with versions featuring authentic McKinley signatures.”

Brian Gray of Leaf Trading Cards told Darren Rovell of that McKinley also signed cards for his company and that they have been confirmed as authentic. He also shared other instances of players using other means to produce autographs, so this may not be the last time the provenance of memorabilia comes into question.

18 responses to “Card company says some Takkarist McKinley autographed cards not authentic

  1. The lesson to be learned by these episodes is this: Unless the player personally hands you a piece of uniform or equipment as they walk off the field, assume its fake. Unless a player or celebrity signs something in your presence assume it also to be fake. The player, the card companies and memorabilia purveyors have brought this on themselves. Once again its the fans who lose.

  2. This is an easy puzzle to solve. Authentic McKinley autographs have 4-letter words in them.

  3. this guy is way to emotional and doesn’t know how to keep his composure. Reminds me of a Greg Hardy just not the illegal stuff…….yet. Kid is a joke and had someone else sign the cards for him because his hand was tired. Hand tired? Take a break. Don’t screw your fans. I don’t see this kid being mentally stable enough for the NFL

  4. May not be authentic. Yeah, its called Autopen! These memorabilia shills get the guy to sign his name a few times on a tablet, it goes into the computer and wahla! Put the card/jersey/whatever underneath, gets printed on in ink so “golly gee this must be real”… Been going on for years.

  5. whatjusthapped says:
    May 9, 2017 8:46 AM

    Ok, I’ll bite, who is Takkarist McKinley?

    I’d say let him play in the NFL first before trying to make money in memorabilia.
    Mckinley is an edge rusher from UCLA. He’s a rookie who appears to be trying to cash in on his rookie card. Rookie cards are typically the most sought after and valuable players cards. I don’t believe he can wait a year to take advantage of this particular type of memorabilia.

  6. This guy hasn’t done much but make himself the center of attention at the draft and attempt to fraud people with his rookie card. Nice pick, Falcons. Way to start your Super Bowl runner up hangover year off on the right note.

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