Colts start rebuilding scouting department


Colts General Manager Chris Ballard started reshaping the team’s scouting department after the draft by letting go several holdovers from the Ryan Grigson days and he’s starting to bring in some of his own people to replace them.

Seth Wickersham of ESPN reports that the team will be hiring Brian Decker as a player personnel strategist. Decker previously worked for the Browns. He was hired when Mike Lombardi was the G.M. in Cleveland after Lombardi met Decker and heard about his role in overhauling the way the U.S. Army selects Green Berets. He worked for the Browns after Lombardi’s departure, but left after Sashi Brown was put in charge of football operations last year.

In addition to the Decker hire, the Colts have reportedly found two men to head up player personnel. Kimberley Martin of Newsday reported Monday that Rex Hogan would leave his job as the Jets’ director of college scouting to join the Colts and Albert Breer of reports Tuesday that the deal is done.

Both report that Seahawks exec Ed Dodds is also expected to join Hogan in Indianapolis as a vice president of player personnel in the reconfigured front office.

7 responses to “Colts start rebuilding scouting department

  1. I heard they weeded out the Grigson hires by putting up a mirror in the staff room and firing anyone who charged their own reflection.

  2. These are the same people who hired Joe Philbin to be Indy’s offensive line coach, right?

    The same Joe Philbin who was the head coach of the worst offensive line of all time, right?

    Joe Philbin, the same box of used tissues that allowed the dumbest football scandal of all-time; BullyGate?

    Yea, they need to rebuild everything north and south of Andrew Luck.

  3. The same Joe Philbin who helped develop Aaron Rodgers and win a SB with the Packers? Yea, just terrible

  4. you can slash the “scouting department” off the end and thats what should really be going on. this is perhaps the softest team in the entire nfl. not one team that sees colts on their schedule is scared of that date. i honestly think they need to tear down that ridiculous runner ups banner and burn it.

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