Could the Patriots eventually choose Jimmy Garoppolo over Tom Brady?

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On the three-year anniversary of the decision of the Patriots to select quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round of the draft, Tom Curran of CSN New England has offered up a suggestion that, if it ever happens, would resonate for longer than three decades.

Curran believes that, eventually, the Patriots could choose Garoppolo over Tom Brady.

“[T]he Jimmy over Tommy possibility remains real,” Curran writes. “More probable than not? Not quite. But with the draft passing and Garoppolo remaining in New England, the Tom Brady Doomsday Clock inched closer to midnight.”

Within the next 10 months, much more clarity will emerge. The Patriots could trade Garoppolo before the annual deadline that arrives the Tuesday after Week Eight (although that’s highly unlikely). The Patriots could, for example, win another Super Bowl and Brady could yield to Mrs. Brady’s increasingly intense advice that he should walk away while on top.

They could tag and trade Garoppolo at the outset of the next league year. They could tag him and squat on him for another year, at a salary of more than $22 million. They could simply let him walk away in free agency, accepting a compensatory pick in 2019. They could sign him to a Band-Aid deal that pays him good-not-great money to remain the backup to Brady for one or more additional years.

Or the Patriots could, in theory, decide the time has come to make Garoppolo the starter and move Brady. And if Brady makes it clear that he plans to keep going and going and going, the Patriots will be the ones who eventually will have to pull the plug.

“The impression I’ve gotten from Brady is that the quarterback position in New England will have to be pried from his cold, dead hand,” Curran explains.

Regardless, it’s hard to imagine it ever coming to that point. With five Super Bowl wins and the oddsmakers making the Patriots the obvious favorite for a sixth, Brady has built up the kind of equity that transcends the commoditized nature of football, where players come and go based on the nonchalant whims of those who continuously make moves in the best interests of the team. For those who own the Patriots, Brady has become a member of the family; the Krafts may never be inclined to push Brady before he decides to walk away, and coach Bill Belichick may never be able to persuade them otherwise.

Still, a Brady-or-Garoppolo decision is likely looming. It’s nevertheless impossible to imagine Garoppolo ever winning that showdown without the kind of circumstances that propelled Brady into the starting job 16 years ago, including Garoppolo winning his first Super Bowl before Brady is forced to win his next one somewhere else.

For more from Curran on this topic, check out Wednesday’s PFT Live. Curran will join us at 8:35 a.m. ET on NBCSN and NBC Sports Radio.

51 responses to “Could the Patriots eventually choose Jimmy Garoppolo over Tom Brady?

  1. Dumbest idea on the internet and I hate the Patriots with a passion. I would take 3 to 4 years firing on all cylinders over a guy whose had a couple of hot games to his credit.

  2. Brady is a great QB but is replaceable and I look at past times when Brady was injured/suspended and how the Pats did.
    (Not the best ever…too hard to choose over history and my belief, flawed as it is, is that Belichick is what makes the Pats win those close games. The defensive game planning and his use of RBs and play calling. Brady makes it work but isn’t as influential as Belichick in the wins)

  3. oh, come on, TB’s in his 40’s. you don’t need to be so naked wth your need for clickbait.

  4. It’s happened before. Joe Montana was traded to make room for Steve Young. Brett Farve was traded to make room for Aaron Rogers. Peyton Manning was released to make room for Andrew Luck. Rarely do guys go out on top like John Elway did.

    If Garoppolo does have the goods, then it might make sense to move Brady a season or two (or more) early in order to make room for the QB of the next dozen years.

  5. Considering what they turned down for him, Garoppolo better be something special. For all we know, he can be another Aaron Rodgers or Tony Romo or he can be another Brock Osweiler or Ryan Mallett.

    Of course New England would know that better than we would

  6. contrary to what everyone says in ne i believe they know the retirement timeline and if they win it next year brady is retiring that is the ne way keep it under wraps

  7. Bill Belichick, the de facto GM, and Brady, will leave when they are damn good and ready, and odds are they will retire together.

  8. In fear of creating some sort of jinx in saying this but… Brady’s been hurt once in 16 years. It only took Jimmy G a game and a half before he was hurt and out.

    I’m not convinced.

    Big shoes.

  9. Oh. My. God. You are actually stupid enough to think that Dak and the Cowboys will be relevant next season. The Cowboys will be lucky to even make the playoffs. Next season will be a crash and burn year. Bookmark this post, come back at the end of the 2017 season and behold.

  10. Brady is GOAT but Jimmy will eventually be GOAT and when GOAT Belichick retires his replacement will be GOAT. Kraft is GOAT, blue suits are GOAT, Kraft cheese is GOAT, fluffernutters are GOAT, NPR is GOAT, Mark Wahlberg is GOAT. But the letter R sucks!

  11. Fact 1: the Patriots were humiliated in 2 SB prior to the arrival of TB12.
    Fact 2: With the help of TB12 the Patriots went from humiliation to playing in 7 more SB and winning 5.

    As a Bostonian I say TB12 can be the New England QB for as long as he wants. even if the Patriots turn into the Browns.

    in other words, true New England friends will agree that this is one stupid article.

  12. Brady may be the guy who built the house Bellicheck lives in, but I’m telling you, if the guy starts to suck, he’s out. The Hoodie makes no exceptions.

  13. Belichick would, Brady should know that by now. But Kraft has a heart and wouldn’t let it happen. Tom will know when he’s not good enough anymore, he won’t need an intervention. Hopefully he stays on to backup and mentor his replacement.

  14. As long as he has the protection, I can see him playing for several more seasons.

    Granted that the Falcons were out of gas, but Brady was spectacular in the fourth quarter and overtime of the Super bowl

  15. If the Falcons defense hadn’t conked out in the 4th quarter and enabled Brady to look like Superman–in other words, if we had been left with the impression of first three quarters Brady–then this talk of Garoppolo taking over might be taken more seriously. Maybe the guy has one more SB in him playing in a weak AFC, but Father Time will arrive sooner than most think for Tom Brady.

  16. The article is well written an contains, clearly, valid points.

    Honestly though, I think that this is the one topic where Mr. Kraft could step in… albeit privately; with Coach Belichick. The loyalty to the franchise, from Brady, has been unwavering. For him to be jettisoned in any way would completely undermine the concept that the Patriots have established… that of team first. Yes, the decision would be for the team, however, the loyalty to it after all these years might just be the one area where Mr. Kraft “bends” the status quo.

    Regardless, I feel quite confident that it will involve ALOT of frank discussion, privately, between the three.

  17. The Patriots operate using a long term perspective, hence sustained success. It’s the reason they have not traded Jimmy G.

    The moment Brady is not Brady they will make the move. That moment, unfortunately will come sooner rather than later. Father Time is undefeated. Always has been – always will be.

    That said: WE LOVE TB12!

  18. Yeah, that’s gonna happen. Tom wants to play another what, 7 years? It is unlikely he can maintain his brilliant game that long but you never know. Meanwhile, JG will be gone after next season. Pats wont pay him and besides, the guy wants to play. Pats should score nicely in a trade for him. Personally, Matt Cassell was better and we saw how he turned out away from the Pats System.

    Good luck with Prince Tom. I hope he doesnt stick around so long as to throw shade on his legacy ala Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas, to mention a few. But Brady is a jock, doesnt know what else to do except make bed mattress ads. Sad.

  19. Man, why even think about it? Live in the now. I can’t stand Brady or the Patriots but let his fans enjoy the ride. Everyone’s career comes to an end, but there’s no similar articles about Carson Palmer, Drew Brees or Eli Manning, yet all those guys are are much more likely to get benched at this point.

  20. Oh, please. Yes, there will come a time when Brady is no longer the starting QB for the Patriots. Time passes, people age.

    However, the guy just won his FIFTH Super Bowl THIS YEAR. He’s still primed and healthy and quite capable of winning a SIXTH ring. He’ll step aside when he knows he can no longer perform, so stuff your nonsensical speculations.

  21. I remember the call-in radio shows after Garoppolo picked apart Miami in game 2. He only played a half before he got hurt but he scored (and made it look easy) every possession. He threw short, long, scrambled, audibled. As everyone giddily noted that week “He looked like Brady out there!” (except for that scrambling part… “he looked like Rogers!”)
    My point is, that week there was a lot of chatter about Jimmy taking Tom’s job. And people were, if they admitted it, excited. Jimmy is fun to watch too.

  22. You roll with Brady for as long as he’s productive. Look at the statistically crappy final year of Peyton Manning’s career. He STILL won a Super Bowl. If he breaks down, or if he suddenly asks for too much money (unlikely), then you consider moving on. There are no signs anything is imminent on that front.

    What about Garoppolo then? What about him? He’s a good backup, which is what you want in case Brady gets hurt. Unless he becomes disgruntled or you receive a great offer for him you maintain status quo there, as well.

  23. Garoppolo already has two rings with the Patriots, with the potential to earn a third this season. The Patriots are in an enviable position here – in addition to having the GOAT as their starter they have a backup with championship experience. There’ll be no rocking the boat here, Jimmy G will patiently wait his turn, amassing one and maybe more rings until the time he takes over for Brady.

  24. “Could the Patriots eventually choose Jimmy Garoppolo over Tom Brady?”

    When pigs fly.
    Brady is the one player that departs on his own terms.

  25. It’s not really that Patriots fans know Garropolo will be great, it’s just we believe in the Patriots system. A system so great, a high school QB can start in it and win games. If Garropolo can play within the system, no reason to believe he won’t have success.

  26. fakebookfreddy says:
    May 10, 2017 6:11 AM

    Personally, Matt Cassell was better and we saw how he turned out away from the Pats System.

    Matt was a pro bowler with KC in 2011. He is also still in the league as a backup, so he has fashioned a pretty good career for someone who didn’t play in college and was a 7th round draft pick. I would did OK coming out of his time with the Pats

  27. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    May 10, 2017 12:07 PM
    It’s not really that Patriots fans know Garropolo will be great, it’s just we believe in the Patriots system. A system so great, a high school QB can start in it and win games. If Garropolo can play within the system, no reason to believe he won’t have success.
    Then you wouldn’t have a problem with trading Brady away.

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