Dak Prescott gets more control of the Cowboys


Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott recently said the offense has just “scratched the surface.” That same sentiment apparently applies to Prescott’s ability to lead the team.

“Dak has earned that with what he did as a rookie,” tight end Jason Witten said Monday, via Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “He is the quarterback. That voice needs to be heard. He’s earned that. He has had a great offseason and how he has approached it. As he moves forward he will be more comfortable with that. . . .

“For all us, you try to empower him and help him and he’s done a great job. I can’t say enough great things about how he’s gone about it so far.”

Prescott, for his part, understands the situation.

It’s my first offseason,” Prescott said, via Brandon George of the Dallas Morning News. “I get it, kind of running the show. In the locker room in the summer, working out with Jason Witten and Sean Lee, you’re going to naturally kind of let those guys have it. For them calling me out sometimes to the group, it’s been good. . . . I got to thank all the vets of kind of doing a good job of kind of giving me a little bit more to say and some things to do, it’s important.”

It’s definitely important. As former NFL and college coach Charlie Weis explained it last week on PFT Live, leadership is the most important factor that determines whether a quarterback succeeds at the professional level. Prescott has clear and obvious leadership skills — and the Cowboys have their next franchise quarterback through a process that was as seamless and painless as it could have been.

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  1. I wonder if he remembers being sacked by Johnathan Allen back in college?

  2. This is part of developing a young QB. I have said many times, teams like Steelers, with Big Ben, and Seahawks with Wilson, have added more and more to a young QBs, skillset, you can do that when you have a good running offense, and it helps to have a great defense.

    The Vikings had Theodore coming off a great Rookie Season, and AP coming of the commissioners exempt list, they choose to stunt his growth and over focus on AP getting touches, and not prgoressTeddy which is why he got into a 2nd year slump, putting up similar numbers even though he played the full season.

    The Cowboys have a great chance continue growth to the offense and young team. They may miss the playoffs and be around .500% this season, but it will do them much better in the long run, especially with Eli being older, and Washington being afraid to commit to a franchise QB.

  3. I really do like the guy, and I’m rooting for his success. Doesn’t it seem like maybe it’s been a little too easy for him in his first year? Don’t get me wrong, he deserves every bit of the credit and accolades he’s received. I just feel like the entire team was really good and they made him, not the other way around. Anyway, cheers Dak.

  4. not a cowboys fan, but i like Prescottand wish him nothing but success. so much unecessary drama in the NFL these days, it’s nice to see a longshot have success and stay humble.

  5. Dak Prescott might be the only Dallas Cowboy I’ve ever respected.

    How many players have ever forced Jerrah to change direction?

  6. Dak, from the lines of the movie Tales from the Hood, “You’re about to be knee deep in the “

  7. Any successful QB assumes more responsibility in their 2nd season. It’s a natural progression. Yet, haters have no control. A sports writer makes note of this natural process and… Here we go again, Que the haters in 3…2…1…

  8. Dak is gonna be fine lol everyone keeps saying “defenses study film over the offseason so dak is gonna choke” How do you think dak was so good last year he obviously studied film too so it’s not gonna make much of a difference except for the fact that dak has been working during the offseason to get better and will expose defenses with more ease next season.

  9. Seems like a nice kid. I wish him well. Hopefully he didn’t have his best year already.

    Now if the “feed me” clown could lose that silly spoon thingy and act like a “grown man” they have a good chance to play in Feb.

  10. Dak and the rest of the Cowboys have been working out together this off season, even before the volunteer practices–just getting ready to whip some ass.

  11. Kcchefs58, When your team can literally draw thousands in another city then come back and say something. If the Rams hadn’t folded your team would still be fighting for bragging rights in Missouri.

  12. Whats the reason that these people say Dak is going to be bad?????Because they say so…bad reason.They say he Fell into a good situation and cannot elevate his team,can’t make players around him better.Did they even watch him play last year??Quit comparing him to kap..please it really makes those that do it look really dumb.

  13. Teams will make adjustments to him, which will provide openings. He will need to be able to take advantage of those openings – if he can, he will continue to succeed. That is where Kaepernick failed – I expect that Prescott will be much more successful. (I’m a 49ers fan, btw.)

  14. I wish Prescott the best, what I know of him, he seems like a nice enough fellow. However, the build up from the press and the Cowboys reminds me of Colin Kaepernick. He’s had one season of decent play. Let’s see what he does as the rest of the NFL has a chance to disect his game before telling us he’s the next Brady.

  15. Dak’s first big mistake is thinking he’s in control, remember this!!!

    The Jones’s are the team, your just the eqipment

  16. Yes, opponents have a year of tape on him and will play a stronger schedule. And he’s gained a year of experience, knows the offense, and watched tape on opponents. That’s a wash.
    He’d have a harder time if opponents could focus on stopping his passing, but of course Zeke means they can’t. There’s no sign he will be a second-year head case like Kap or develop overcaution or jitters.
    Nothing is for sure, but I’d predict on balance he will be at least a little better this year than last year, and that’s pretty scary if you’re in the NFC East.

  17. If you look at the film he gets a little jumpy when he faces a full out blitz. Hopefully he can clear that up if not he’s in for a long season.

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