Eagles signing defensive lineman Charles Walker, who left school early

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There was a time when some people thought Charles Walker might have been a first-round pick. But after leaving football last year because of a concussion — and a subsequent problem — that didn’t happen.

But he’s still going to get a chance, to play and to tell his story.

According to Field Yates of ESPN, the Eagles are signing the Oklahoma defensive tackle after he went undrafted.

Walker left the Sooners team in the middle of last season after a third concussion, earning him some criticism from a hypocritical coach. He was also diagnosed with depression after he left the team, but his doctor sent a letter to all 32 teams, and he said during the pre-draft process that his motivation shouldn’t be questioned.

“I am excited and anxious to get back on the football field because now that my depression is under control with the medication [Prozac] that I am taking,” Walker wrote, via NFL.com. “I have never been more HUNGRY to get back after it. To strap up my pads and leave it all on the field. Play in and Play out.”

Whether teams backed away from Walker during the draft for reasons medical or personal, the reality was a talented player slipped through the cracks, and the Eagles are going to take a look.

9 responses to “Eagles signing defensive lineman Charles Walker, who left school early

  1. Good low risk signing. I hope it works out for the kid. Just make sure your doctors stay on top of this kid.

    If this kid does anything stupid you know there will be an article on how football brain injuries made him do it.

  2. Depression is a very serious illness and the Eagles have successfully dealt with players who have this issue. Its a low risk high reward signing but either way the kid will get treatment. The Oklahoma coaches are a bunch of cretins and treated Walker poorly because he left the team. He didn’t “quit” on them he left the team to be treated for an illness those yahoos didn’t understand.

  3. The pressure to perform will be 100x greater in the NFL. Keep your head high and give it your best. Best of Luck and welcome.

  4. Depression can be serious but it can also be treated. That would not be the biggest concern to his future if he is taking the treatment seriously. The concussions on the other hand… there is not much he can do about that.

  5. …From a hypocritical coach… hollow words coming from a hypocritical blogger. Glad he got the chance,

  6. Actually there is a strong correlation between depression and concussions. People with concussion history are at greater risk for depression. Furthermore, playing NFL football clearly is going to put him at risk for more concussions… not sure this ends well.

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