Ezekiel Elliott wants to be a “more dominant” second-level runner

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Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott said recently that he thinks the team just scratched the surface of what it is capable of doing while going 13-3 during the 2016 season and his fellow 2016 rookie sensation has identified one area where he can do more.

Running back Ezekiel Elliott led the league in rushing during his first NFL season and had the most runs of 20-plus yards of any player in the league to help him get to that spot, so it wouldn’t seem that he had problems getting to the second level or making things happen once he got there. Elliott sees room for improvement, though.

“I just want to work on being a more dominant, second-level runner,” Elliott said, via the team’s website. “I think a couple of times last year I could’ve been more elusive when I got to the second level. I just want to focus on altering my runs.”

Assuming the Cowboys offensive line maintains a similar level of performance, Elliott should find himself with plenty of chances to show off his skills at the second level. If they are more impressive than last year, Elliott should be seeing a lot of the end zone in 2017.

20 responses to “Ezekiel Elliott wants to be a “more dominant” second-level runner

  1. A lot of ” talk ” coming out of Dallas from two rookies from last season.
    I smell their clock will hit midnight

  2. So Dak gets asked to assess his rookie season, and responds with “I think we just scratched the surface”, Zeke gets asked a similar question and responds with “I want to be more dominant”… and you chalk this up as two young kids chirping.

    The Cowboys hate is going to reach new levels once the team gets back into the Super Bowl. May not be this year or next, but Dallas’ time is coming.

    Think about this: As dominant as the Patriots have been they’ve only now tied the Cowboys with five Super Bowl wins. The pedigree is there and history always repeats itself.

  3. As a Cowboys and Zeke fan I say – Great work on your craft more and stop doing stupid stuff!

  4. @ “Think about this: As dominant as the Patriots have been they’ve only now tied the Cowboys with five Super Bowl wins. The pedigree is there and history always repeats itself.” ——————————————————————————-
    When was the last (century) of those SB wins?

  5. We need to do a better job of managing his carries that way he can be more involved in the passing game. He is an excellent receiver out of the back field. So glad Dunbar is gone.

  6. With all of the interior lineman getting Left Tackle money wait until Frederick and Martin are due. Those guys will both be the top paid at their position and will be on their way out of big D.

  7. Elliott had a great year and is extremely talented, but RB is a short lifespan position in he NFL today. RBs are the same sizes are 35 years ago, but D linemen are 30-50 pounds bigger, and LBs and DBs are 10-20 pounds bigger. Hopefully Elliott will avoid injuries and the wear and tear that breaks down RBs.

  8. @mysterytonite we’ve already locked Frederick up for the next 6 years…Martin extension will get done this year. But good luck in hoping that the OL gets broken up.

  9. No one DB can bring Zeke down one on one in the open field, heck even some LBs and DTs struggle with it. Always makes the first man miss but does not shy away from contact. He made great strides during his rookie campaign and I fully expect him to keep improving the more time he has in a pro program.

  10. Yes Yes…Dallas, you just keep making sure that Elliott gets his 300+ carries a year….that’s why the smart teams who are in the playoffs every year (NE, GB, Pitt, Sea) never draft RBs in the first round….the ROI for a first round pick should be longer that 5 years…lolz😂

  11. Safeties and DBs won’t take hm on high, they’ll be driving shoulders into thighs and knees. Some, like Emmitt Smith and Walter Payton, had long careers mostly unscathed, but that’s not the way to bet.

  12. All I hear is a lot of hope and change from you guys. You are all hoping that things change for the worse in Big D. Keep dreaming cause we’re gonna be ballin again soon.

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