Michael Oher turns himself in after assault citation

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Panthers offensive tackle Michael Oher turned himself in to Nashville police this week, after he was cited for the misdemeanor assault of an Uber driver.

According to WSOC, Oher had been ordered to appear for booking Monday.

An Uber driver claimed last month that he and Oher got into an argument over the fare during their shared ride, and that he put his hand on the veteran tackle’s face, which was followed by Oher knocking him to the ground.

(Regardless the details, hands to the face doesn’t seem like a good idea for any driver of a 300-pound person.)

The Panthers have given the obligatory statement of awareness, but haven’t said much else.

They’ve also worked this season to give themselves plenty of cover in case Oher doesn’t return. He missed most of last season because of a Week Three concussion, and finished the year on IR. Since then, the Panthers spent big free agent money on left tackle Matt Kalil, and used a second-round draft pick on right tackle/guard Taylor Moton, who could push for a starting job.

17 responses to “Michael Oher turns himself in after assault citation

  1. If the report is true that the Uber driver took the first physical action by “putting his hand on Oher’s face” then the driver committed assault and Oher simply defended himself.

  2. (Regardless the details, hands to the face doesn’t seem like a good idea for any driver of a 300-pound person.)

    So, you’re implying that you condone whatever action Oher took…good to know.

  3. This shouldn’t take long for him to be cleared if the Uber drive acted first. Seems like straight forward self defense, and if you ask me Oher was pretty nice about it. You put your hands ON my face, getting pushed down will be the best end result you can hope for. More likely I’m going to make it my business to incapacitate you by any means necessary.

    Too many life changing possibilities to let that kind of action go unchecked. It’s a split second for the hand on the face to turn into a grip on the neck or a devastating gouge of the eyes. No thanks.

  4. What kind of person grabs a man’s face, gets thrown to the ground and kicked for it, then goes to the police to file charges? What kind of police department actually charges the guy who was defending himself? Are the accuser and officer both white? or both stupid? The Uber driver drew first blood. Ridiculous.

  5. I wonder if the Uber driver is a scrawny little runt and the next story we see about this will be the one that describes the civil suit against Oher.

  6. I want to know what this Uber driver looks like that he had the guts to put his hands to the face of a guy who is 6’4 – 315lbs….

  7. RegisHawk says:
    May 9, 2017 1:15 PM
    (Regardless the details, hands to the face doesn’t seem like a good idea for any driver of a 300-pound person.)

    So, you’re implying that you condone whatever action Oher took…good to know.


    Yes, condone 100%

  8. What strikes me odd is that the incident arose over a dispute over the fare. If true, this indicates Oher has no clue how Uber works. Another oddity: This was Oher and 3 of his posse on their way TO a restaurant, and 2 guys in the posse asked the driver to stop at a GAS STATION to use the bathroom. Why not wait until arriving at the restaurant? The bathroom there would almost certainly be cleaner. Guess they couldn’t hold their liquor.

    I don’t think Oher will get into any real trouble. It’s just that the whole thing seems like something out of a “World’s Dumbest Partiers” episode.

  9. Its time to fish or cut bait with Oher. I have never heard of a player being in the concussion protocol this long. He is a liability rather than an asset and he should but cut if he is not going to be an asset to the team. The Uber driver incident just drives the point home more.

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