Solomon Wilcots out at CBS after 16 years

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Yet another change is coming to the CBS NFL broadcasts, as announced by the person affected by it.

Via the Cincinnati Enquirer, Solomon Wilcots has disclosed via Twitter that his 16-year run as an analyst with CBS has ended. Wilcots will continue to handle the Cleveland Browns’ preseason games.

Wilcots, 52, spent six seasons in the NFL from 1987 through 1992. He played for the Bengals, Vikings, and Steelers.

Earlier this year, Tony Gonzalez left The NFL Today, Tony Romo was hired to replace Phil Simms as the No. 1 game analyst, Simms replaced Gonzalez, and Bart Scott was replaced with Nate Burleson.

39 responses to “Solomon Wilcots out at CBS after 16 years

  1. That’s a shame; Wilcots was among my favorites. He added insight; and his voice inflection let you know what he was really thinking; he was adept at sharing his most pointed thoughts adroitly.

  2. Too bad, he was one of the people who was OK to listen to.

    I believe he still works at NFL Sirius radio.

  3. Enjoyed him much more than Deirdorf (thank god he retired) and Fouts (hopefully soon to retire). Articulate and objective. Hope he continues his on air career somewhere else.

  4. There is one thing about all these networks letting people go from their NFL department that is worrisome. Are they not making enough money broadcasting NFL games to cover the cost of their contracts with the NFL? If that is the case, the next time the NFL and networks renegotiate their contracts they may not be willing to pay as much to carry NFL games and since network contracts are pretty much the biggest single source of revenue for the NFL smaller network contracts could lead to smaller salary caps. That worries me.

  5. So many others, who should be gone, before him! As a Bills fan, always got a kick out of him calling them the “Beeels”
    Enjoyed his analysis and comments.

  6. One of the better former players in the broadcast booth. Unfortunate he’s out. Maybe ESPN could put him in to tame Gruden down and make Sean McDonough not have to talk so much and be awful (#putmikepatrickin)

  7. Wilcots was a very solid analyst. Him and Kevin Harlan were one of the most underrated duo’s calling games IMO.

  8. Trump economy has struck NFL ESPN/CBS coverage hard. No tweet to save them.

  9. The above commenter made a good point “How does Jim Rome have a job”?
    Maybe they just need someone to make bombastic comments without any credibility during radio breaks.

  10. He was good. But you know what they say: out with the old in with the new, but then again they also: say if it aint broke don’t fix it. CBS blows.

  11. He was just okay, nothing special. He was on the CBS fifth team and below Simms, Fouts, Greene, and Gannon. In other words, he probably called a lot Cleveland and Jacksonville games. Solomon was never quite ready for prime time.

  12. thetwilightsown says:
    May 9, 2017 2:31 PM

    And yet Dan Fouts is still crushing earballs weekly #headscratcher


    This was my immediate thought as well. Keep Wilcots, ax Fouts instead.

  13. Simms & Fouts = awful. Gannon is annoying but has potential, same with Tasker and Beurleine. Greene does a nice job. CBS has decent play by play guys in Nantz, Eagle, and Harlan, who all happen to be decent with hoops too, but the others are iffy. There aren’t too many play by play guys out there like Al Micheals and Doc Emrick though (regardless of sport).

  14. silverhornet says:
    Enjoyed him much more than Deirdorf (thank god he retired)…

    Do yourself a favor then buddy, don’t turn on a University of Michigan football radio broadcast. He’s been the color analyst since 2014.

  15. High character individual and good announcer.

    If criqui and tasker still have jobs… you know they have naked pictures of industry heavyweights.

  16. I really liked Solomon Wilcots. I met him once when he was working for a sports station in Cincinnati and talked to him for a little bit. He was extremely nice and just seemed like a regular guy. I always thought he was articulate and insightful in the games he worked. I’ll miss him. Hopefully he gets another gig somewhere.

  17. He did seem like a decent guy.
    My only knock was his inability after all those years to learn how to pronounce any word with an L in it.

    It would grate on my nerves to hear him say the Buffalo “Beeyos”

  18. He’s still got the Cleveland preseason games…
    Poor bassturd!

  19. Good comments about Jim Rome. Rome is the the guy we all remember from high school who desperately wanted to be cool, hip and popular but instead was lame beyond words. Eye rolling lame mainly caused he tried way too hard. To his credit he made a career of appealing to the exact same type of folks. Lame.

  20. Do these networks understand that real genuine nice and talented people like Wilocots are what viewers love the most? Being a good guy and likeable is HUGE!!!

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